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Justin Pearce


Passionate, dedicated and COMMITTED  

Hello! My name is Justin. My friends calls me Jay. I am passionate about Fitness, Circus Arts and helping inspire others to succeed at their goals. As an arts educator, juggler and performing entertainer I have traveled the world performing and teaching circus arts for a diverse range of people from all different backgrounds. I have found my passion for helping others through movement and fitness has become a huge part of who I am.  Currently living  in North Seattle, I am inspired to continue my journey as a coach and trainer with a specialty in Personal Fitness, Goal Achievement and Circus Training.  I am currently enrolled in the NASM CPT program as well as the Corrective Exercise Specialist and the Behavior Change Specialist programs to further enhance my wide range of  skills and past training in body mechanics so that I can be the best I can be at helping others achieve their fitness goals.  I also have relevant experience in sales, exceptional customer service and I have a passionate drive to succeed at my goals. I am confident, capable and motivated to help create a fun, positive environment that  encourages people to be the best version of themselves. Personal training is a career that I am very happy to have as a opportunity to fulfill my own mission of being healthy, motivated and someone who helps others bring their goals into action. I enthusiastically look forward to becoming a valuable member of your team.

Relevant Skills

•One on One Coaching  and Group Education with diverse groups of people. 

•Passion for Physical Fitness, Inspiration, Life Coaching skills useful for helping others achieve their goals. 

• Strong background in Sales experience,  Exceptional Customer Service in diverse situations, Customer Care Manager and awareness of how best to serve customers.  

•Bookkeeping, Money Management  and Computer Savvy 

•Social Media promotions and Confident with Fitness Technologies 

•Attention to Detail and Highly Organized 

•Driven, Motivated, Reliable and Quality Multi-Tasker

•Motivational Interviewing and Good Communication Skills

•Team Player and Creative

•Positive and Enthusiastic Attitude

•Other fun skills: Physical Comedy, Acting, Clown, Juggling , Mime, Unicycle, Stilt-Walking, and Fire Art Performance Troop Leader

Education and Training

Timberline High School


Graduated High School in 2000

Sports played in High School- Football and Golf

Dell Arte International School Of Physical Theatre


A physically and emotionally demanding  theatre school that trains the actor, creator, poet in Commedia Dell arte, Dance, Melodrama, Clown and Physicality. Tai Chi. Body Mechanics. Alexander Technique. Calisthenics. 

Workshops and Further Education


I have continued my training since graduating form Dell arte by my own personal researching, training, and online schooling. Additionally I have attended intention based Juggling,  Circus and Flow festivals,  as well as taken numerous workshops in this subject of Performance, Health, Business, Communications and Fitness.

NASM CPT, CES and BCS Program


I am currently enrolled and actively in training in the NASM CPT Certification, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Behavior Change Specialist Programs. 

Studying body mechanics, comprehensive fitness program design,and the goals and objectives of the OPT model. The psychological concepts behind behavior change and the ability to apply a progressive, structured, and systematic approach to behavior change.  The advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully work with clients suffering from musculoskeletal impairments, imbalances, or post-rehabilitation concerns and the deep understanding of movement assessments, inhibitory techniques, muscle activation techniques, and common musculoskeletal impairments.

RElevant Work experience

Bartender And Server

OldSchool Iron WOrks

Bartender, server and performer for a specialty themed bar and restaurant. High end sales, professional attitude, money management, and house keeping duties. 

Customer Care Manager and Sales Associate

Uncle Ikes 

Full time Customer Care Manager helped sales associates understand product and company knowledge, and over watched the sales floor for any opportunity to give exceptional service. Also was in charge of money management, shift changes, lunch scheduling and general tidiness of work space. 

Arts Educator, circus coach and Clown

Circus Cascadia

Teacher and fun facilitator for the Portland, Oregon based Non Profit Circus Cascadia!

Our misson is to help participants of all ages build the skills and confidence necessary to unleash their creative potential thru teaching circus arts!

Afterschool and Summer Camp Circus instructor and Guest star. Teaching, Performing, and helping facilitating the children shows.

Circus Arts Educator and coach

Motion Magic

After school and summer kids camp circus arts educator. Leading workshops in clown and many other forms of circus fun. Performed in shows as well as choreographed acts for the children to perform.

Workshop Coordinator

Pacific Fire Gathering

Coordinate and create a working circus arts workshop schedule for a 3 day festival highlighting local and international talent in a wide range of circus skills. Using spreadsheets, social media,  and team networking, Pacific Fire Gathering now has a groundwork for workshop structure  and has grown into a popular Northwest flow and circus retreat.

Clown and Juggling Flow Arts Instructor

Self employed 

I have been a special guest instructor and M.C  at many Juggling and Flow Festivals around the Globe. Performing and teaching Clown based prop manipulation as well as Juggling, Dance and Stage Presence to many different age groups. Some recent Festivals include: Cascadia Music Festival, Portland Juggling Festival, Humbodlt Juggling Festival, Fire Drums, Madskills Prop Gathering,  Kinetic Fire Gathering, Pacific Fire Gathering and Ignight flow Festival.

TOur Guide 

Maui Mtn Riders

Van driver and tour guide for a major tourist destination activity. Duties included following daily manifesto, listening and meeting clients needs, safety briefings, creating a safe and fun environment, learning and informing clients of fun facts about the area, keeping a tidy work environment and daily documentation.

Sales  Associate

Hot topic

Sales in a high paced mall work environment involving customer service, money handling, stocking and cleaning. 

Additional INformation RELEVANT to Position Offered

Some of my other work experience includes:

•Backpacker Hostel Supervisor,  Sales, Retail, Tour Guide, Specialty Store Clerk, Customer Care Manager

•Bar Back, Server, Bartender

•Security, Carpentry/Construction

•Customer service is a strong point and I am familiar with handling fast paced work environments in the public's eye with great interpersonal communication skills.

•I have held management roles and know how to learn on the go, all while helping create a positive team based environment.  

•Clean driving record and clear background check.

•Willingness to get all certifications necessary for company compliance.

•Open Availability with the exception of Sundays. Ideally would prefer early morning or weekday shifts.  

Professional References, Photos and More Information available upon request.

Please feel free to contact me for a interview or to further answer any questions you might have. Thank you for you time and consideration.