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Work experience

Oct 2000Present

Creative Marketing Director

R&R Insurance Services, Inc

Award-winning, full service commercial and personal lines insurance firm with a continuous appetite focused on organic growth. R&R is the largest independently owned insurance broker in Wisconsin, with 160 employees, 4 locations, $22M in revenue and more than 35,000 business and consumer customers.

Marketing Milestones at R&R Insurance:

  • Firm’s revenue has doubled and brand equity is second-to-none since the onset of the marketing efforts. Marketing integrated into sales processes to consistently achieve quicker account entry, and ultimately drive revenue.
  • Revitalized firm’s on-line identity with enhanced website functionality and search engine optimization, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and various other social media platforms to expand brand recognition and service reach. Digital marketing footprint also includes thirty-nine highly personalized microsites featuring sales teams in their passion of choice.
  • Open rates exceeded 11% with data-driven campaigns to 21,000+ email addresses by leveraging test & learn approach to influence message direction. Harvesting feedback and monitoring discussions were essential for the creation of meaningful consumer engagement.
  • Facilitated tightly orchestrated drip campaigns to thousands of prospects that provided a consistent brand experience across all touch points using problem solving, solution-oriented content that enhanced corporate brand management and emphasized products, resources and services.
  • Innovated software/process proposal solution to extract policy information into a professional and user-friendly format enabling a staff of 60 customer service agents to easily create branded sales proposals in one-sixth the time.
  • Developed corporate-wide CRM solution while integrating guidelines into sales processes for mining data and manage databases to enhance existing relationships, develop prospects, retain business and drive revenue.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Direct firm’s marketing objectives in concert with corporate strategic plan
  • Ensure consistent consumer experiences across all branded touch points
  • Control an annual marketing budget in excess of $850,000
  • Embrace analytics to maximize return on marketing investment

International Marketing Manager

Everbrite, Inc

Fortune 500 image solution company offering state-of-the-art engineering, design and manufacturing to leading brands worldwide.

  • Managed international marketing directives for emerging P-O-P markets in Europe, South America and Asia, and served as the liaison for international distributors and off-shore manufacturing units.


Continuous Education Courses
  • Brand Camp 2010
  • Brand Camp 2011
  • Adweek's 2010 B2B Social Media Conference
  • E-Mail Marketing - AMA
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Seach Engine Optimization - AMA

Leadership Training
  • Personal Leadership Coach  - 2004 to 2007
  • Quality Enhancement Training, W. Edwards Deming Program


Email engine used for e-communications campaign
HTML, Web Content Management
Multiple web platforms, content management
Adobe Creative Suite
Includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
Microsoft Office


Donald Levings

I have had the pleasure of working with Traci Catalano since she started at R&R Insurance Services, Inc. almost 11 years ago. We she was hired, the department she now manages was in it's infancy. She has overseen it's growth so that it is now an extremely important part of the success of the agency. Traci has been instrumental in the "branding" of our agency so that we are known throughout the Midwest as The Knowledge Brokers. She has accomplished this by using all types of marketing including T.V., radio and print advertising, always keeping us on the innovative cutting edge using the altest media platforms such as social media.  Traci develops programs to give me more time on the street so that I can grow my block of business.. She has been extremely helpful to me in putting together marketing campaigns that give me the tools to contact individuals and businesses in hopes of turning these potential customers into clients. She exudes professionalism at all times. In addition, she allows me to bounce creative ideas off of her, giving me valuable feedback on what, from her perspective, will or won't work depending on the potential audience/prospect. It has been a pleasure working with Traci. I think that if you ask her co-workers, they will universally agree that we are fortunate to be able to work with someone like her.

Pete Frittitta

Being in sales, I know how important it is to listen to your client. It is critical to ask your client the questions that are pertinent to arriving at the level of understanding that is needed to be able to consult them. When I work with Traci Catalano, I am the client. I have a great appreciation for her genuine interest in my needs and her patience, both with herself and me, in gaining that necessary level of understanding.

Beyond that very critical piece though, I thoroughly enjoy engaging Traci and her creative, razor-sharp mind.  She also has a great sense of humor. She comes up with ideas that I haven’t thought of, and of course, that’s what she’s there for as our Creative Marketing Director! It’s nice when things work the way they’re supposed to!

Dan Wolfgram

I have worked with Traci Catalano for the past 10+ years from a marketing perspective.  Traci manages the entire marketing process for our entire agency.  She has been instrumental in promoting our agency and developing/promoting our brand "the knowledge brokers".  She has done this via ad campaigns, brochures, and most recently, social media.  She also works on specific marketing campaigns with our sales staff.   I especially like working with Traci because she can figure out a way to "get stuff done".  Her creative approach to marketing is refreshing.  I love brainstorming with her.  I can bounce ideas off of her and she can take those ideas and really make them blossom, with measurable results.  We are lucky to have Traci here.

Ken Kraft

Traci understands marketing communications and advertising extremely well.This encompasses the understanding and management of budgetary requirements, project creation and planning, branding advertising, and ROI on specific projects.

We have doubled our revenues in the past five years.While some of this has been accomplished through acquisition, one cannot underestimate how the branding efforts have contributed and positioned R&R for continued growth in the years ahead.But Traci’s value doesn’t end here.She has an outstanding ability to see the big picture and freely offers her opinion.

The above are more tangible traits that Traci possesses.But the intangibles - great attitude, work ethic, and loyalty are among those that make Traci stand out.

Frank Maurer

Traci understands how to brand R&R in the various methods that we use in attempting to have the public know who we are and what we can provide. She uses every method possible in extending our brand and that will include letters, email, bios, blogs, social media, traditional publications, brochures,etc. The list truly is endless. Knowing where to advertise is one part of reaching our audience but the next critical step is creating something that grabs the attention of the reader.  Traci has a very creative side to her that seems to be intuitive. She combines that trait with her writing skills and creates excellent material for use in all of the ways in which we try and reach prospects. She has worked with a number of producers and has proven she can transfer her knowledge into multiple business areas.  Her attention to detail comes through in this process and in the end her work product is very thorough.




Inbound Marketing Certification


Certfied Hootsuite Professional

Hootsuite Software

Certified Trade Show Marketer

Northern Illinois University Outreach



  • Bravely raised $500 for charity by jumping out of a plane in 2004
  • Drove cross-country from Chicago to Los Angeles five times
  • I’m an identical twin
  • Studied abroad in Switzerland, Fall semester 1986
  • French, Spanish, German and Japanese language courses


History, Reading, Travel, Gourmet Cooking, Scrabble! Trivial Pursuit - any board game - I'm in!

Dynamic Strengths

  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Out-Of-The-Box Thinker
  • Keen Listener & Communicator
  • Initiator of Technology
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Translate complex processes into easily understood, actionable items
  • Sales Culture Advocate
  • New Business Development


  • Board Member - Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation
  • Member - Tempo International
  • Member - American Marketing Association
  • Mentor - Carroll University Marketing Student
  • Mentor - Waukesha County Technical College, Marketing Intern Student
  • Past volunteer marketing committee memberships with The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts; UPAF's - Fund Appropriations Committee and United Way of Waukesha County


Marketing Executive, strategic,consultative and tactical branding support for executive and sales teams to execute marketing plans that generate revenue, engage customers and enhance brand equity for sustained periods of organic growth.

Known for creative initiatives that open doors and drive revenueInsightfulness using a framework that balances creativity, data and technologyKeen listener and communicator who can inspire staff to embrace marketing concepts and technology to become better brand advocates

Collaborator who can break down complex processes into tangible, understandable bits putting stakeholders at ease

Creative, passionate inspiration with really great ideas

Pivotal Strengths: Out-of-the-box thinker; exceptional technical aptitude, social media advocate; e-marketing specialist; collaborative; energetic; honest and loyal