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Success story user Carrie

It’s a great way to share my professional life online.

Carrie is an Information Technology Technician. Her role involves installing new computers, troubleshooting technical problems, and working with outside companies on various IT projects. She is a constant student of her craft and is passionate about learning new software, earning new certifications, and keeping current and engaged.

The Challenge

Carrie began her career not as a technician, but as a librarian. After becoming involved with some inspiring information technology teachers and professionals, she discovered that her love for technology was greater than her love for libraries, and she made the decision to transition into the Information Technology industry. To help in the transition, she needed a CV that would clearly showcase her IT technician qualifications and the relevant skills she acquired as a librarian.

The Solution

Carrie uses VisualCV to showcase her professional trajectory and accomplishments by hosting her resume online. By sharing her online resume via LinkedIn and social media, she can connect with colleagues and potential employers with a visually appealing display of her career achievements and certifications.

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