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Our customer service resume samples will help you create the perfect customer service resume for your next job application.

Customer service is a great career starting point that teaches you valuable skills. But before you start your career, you need a resume that stands out. This page is full of customer service resume examples, along with the correct resume format to use for your application.

Customer service positions are competitive - typically companies receive many applications for open jobs. For that reason, it is essential to have a high quality resume that stand out from the others.

This page will provide all the resources you need to make an excellent customer service resume that will get you the interview. It includes examples of successful customer service resumes, the correct format to use, and a template you can use yourself to get started. Click on the example and you can customize it to fit your job application. Get started to land an interview and get the job you want sooner!

Customer service resume format:

A customer service resume is written in “reverse chronological order.” This means that your most recent work experiences are at the top of the resume, and move downwards. Customer service resumes don’t need to be extremely fancy - but should be well formatted. Many people submit very basic resumes to customer service positions, meaning that a well-formatted resume will stand out.

Customer Service CV example

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Customer Service Professional — Customer Service Professional

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