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Project Management

Proficient in defining project goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are needed, and associating budgets and timelines for completion. Implements plans, along with careful controls to stay on the "critical path". Revises plans as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. Controls the development lifecycle and is responsible for managing risks throughout the project.


Manages the process of innovative change effectively. Remains on the forefront of emerging industry practices. Innovation is linked to performance and growth through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, and competitive positioning. Innovation is acting on creative ideas and bringing them to life. Innovation is mobilizing a business by being receptive to new ideas and technologies, having the ability to get things done quickly and successfully.

Analysis/Problem Solving/Process Improvement

Complies with and helps to enforce standard policies and procedures. Identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for change. Ability to draw on ideas from across disciplines to reach a deeper understanding of the problem.


The most important quality of leadership, a quality for which you want to be known, is extraordinary performance. With extraordinary performance, you can achieve extraordinary results. These results then serve as an inspiration to others to perform at equally exceptional levels. Challenges others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model and mentor. Inspires coworkers to attain goals and pursue excellence. Effectively utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential. Encourages more junior team members to take responsibility for their development within the company.