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Work experience

Aug 1992Dec 2012

Operations/Logistics/Safety/Personal Fitness

United States Marine Corps

UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS 1992-2013Assault Amphibian Crewman - (93-94)Assault Amphibian Crew chief  - (94-96)Assaut Amphibian Section Leader - (96-99)Assault Amphibian Platoon Sergeant -  (00 - 06)United States Marine Corps Company Logistics Chief-  (06-08) (Two Combat deployments in this billet)United States Marine Corps Company Operations Chief (08-11) (Two Combat deployments in this billet)

United States Marine Corps Body Composition Program Coordinator (00-13) (Personal Trainer)


Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy

Completed all three levels of Professional Military Education as required for promotion to Senior Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks. 

Certified Personal Trainer

The Cooper Institute

Areas of focus during education at The Cooper Institute:

-Personal Training Education - Live

- Functional Fitness Training

-Military and 1st Responder Exercise Leader

Apr 2013Present

Bachelors of Science

American Military University

Currently enrolled in graduate studies (MBA with a concentration in finance).

Aug 1987May 1989

High School Diploma

Garland High School

Garland High School 


Sales Consultant
Greg May Honda Waco, Tx
Honda Sales Consultant/Finance Manager Trng
Currently employed with Brandon Honda out of Tampa, Florida. As a Sales Consultant, during my first 20 days with the company I sold 17 new or used cars utilizing the training acquired from the Titan Dealership Services Formal Sales Course.
Company Operations Chief
As the Company Operation Chief, my primary responsibilites were to assist the Commander in all of the following:   -Plan, direct, and assist in the deployment and tactical employment of MAGTFs (Marine Air Ground Task Force) and any subordinate infantry and reconnaissance units.    -Responsible for the discipline, morale, and welfare of the Marines in my Unit.   -Evaluate intelligence; estimate the operational situation; and formulate, coordinate, and execute appropriate plans for offensive/defensive maneuver, reconnaissance, fire support, nuclear, biological and chemical defense, directed energy warfare, communications and operational logistics and maintenance.    
Body Composition Program Coordinator
As the Body Composition Program Coordinator, my primary responsibilities were to:   -Establish healthy weight and body fat standards that ensure all Marines are physically capable to perform their duties.    -Contribute to the health and well being of every Marine by continuously monitoring weight, body fat, diet/nutrition, and physical fitness conditioning.   -Motivate all Marines to set the example by maintaining the established body composition standards.    -Ensure those Marines who do not meet established standards are counseled accordingly, and given the opportunity and proper guidance to achieve the standards through the Body Composition Program and Remedial Physical Conditioning Program (RPCP).        
Company Logistics Chief
As a Company Logistics Officer, my primary responsibilities were to:   -Providing operational logistical support and managing the overall logistic processes in support of mission objectives. -Leveraging existing networks and expanding others. -Anticipating mission needs and operational requirements and offering alternatives and advice; and evaluating, redesigning and implementing logistics processes for mission support.   -Prepare logistics and support plans, deployment timelines and budget requirements for planned or new operations. -Manage logistics operations, including, material and personnel.   -Coordinate logistics activities with procurement, finance, humanitarian affairs and other substantive units.   -Develop and implement logistics support policy, procedures and methodologies to the common benefit of all mission units.


Seeking a position where extensive administrative/managerial experience and formal education, as well as interpersonal and organizational abilities will be utilized in a challenging, growth-oriented environment. Top performer with exceptional interpersonal, communication and public relations skills that allow the development of strong rapport with individuals on all levels. 

Over 20 years in positions of increasing responsibility within the U.S. Armed Forces, encompassing the following areas: 

  •  Operations Management                      -   Personnel Administration 
  •  Program Development                          -   Manpower Deployment
  • Inventory Management                         -   Budget Administration
  •  Training Development                          -   Liaison Activities
  •  Public Relations                                     -   Records Management 

-Designed, implemented, and managed numerous training programs; conducted seminars and briefing sessions.

-Developed, initiated, and evaluated new procedures, policies, and internal controls; assessed and resolved complex operational problems.

-Supervised office and field staff; coordinated work flow.

-Worked closely with senior-level management in long-term strategic planning.

Professional Achievments

-Assisted the Battalion and Company Commander through four tours of combat while participating in contingency operations associated with Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom.

-Built, trained, developed, and inspired a high-performing staff chagred with serving over 3500 Marines and civilians over the course of the last 10 years.

-Filled leadership void and revitalized staff morale, transformed culture of complacency into one that emphasized service excellence,  consistency, efficiency, and organization.

-Assisted numerous clients in developing fitness and nutrition programs and losing weight and body fat.

-Received numerous accelerated fitness reports (assessments from superiors with regards to work performance and results). These reports are available upon request.

-Managed and directed from inception several group exercise programs with expertise in Spin, Step, Pilates, Endurance/Marathon Training, and Circuit Training.


To obtain a management position with a progressive organization that will effectively utilize my acquired expertise and experience.To obtain a position with an organization where I can maximize my multilayer of leadership, management skills, quality assurance, program development, training experience and administrative skills.To secure a position that will provide a challenging and respectable career as well as room for advancement.



Marine Corps University

Body Composition Standards

Marine Corps University

SC102 Human Anatomy and Physiology

American Military University

SPHE320 Nutrition Development and Implementation

American Military University

SPHE315 Training and Conditioning Course

American Military University

American Red Cross CPR

American Red Cross

United States Marine Corps Logistics Chief

Infantry Log Chief Course

United States Marine Corps Operations Chief

Infantry Operations Chief Course

Ground Safety Officer

United States Marine Corps Ground Safety Course
Apr 2013May 2013

Sales Consultant Training

Titan Dealer Services