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I have been teaching children, youth, and adults since I was 14 years old. I have backrounds of instructing swimming, guitar, art and yoga. These combined experiences have led me to greater exploration of my own actions and how they affect others. I know that to be a good teacher, you must be a good student.


To be a full time yoga instructor in many studios, and become a crucial part of the yoga community in Toronto and the GTA.


Caroline Kings

Kyle and I have been friends since childhood, and we both had an interest in yoga since our teen years. Once he started doing his teacher trainning we began practising together - meeting up in various places of nature to further connect ourselves with mother Earth. It was then, while we practised several times a week in the early mornings at the waterfront in Toronto and in the Rouge Valley that I bean getting spiritually involved with yoga. Kyle strengthened my practise and my connection to my own practise. Now, I still use the tips and tricks and think the same mantras he has taught me in my yoga practise! He was very insightful and can teach various styles of yoga - ranging from a hard workout to a relaxing, meditative and spiritual practise. I'll never forget the summer we spent together in the forest, I learned so much about yoga, and about myself!


REFERENCES: Samantha Daveena (Personal assistant) Phone: (647) 864-3810

Kyle and I worked together to bring yoga classes to trinity Bellwoods park during the summer of 2012. It was my very first public teaching opportunity and Kyle made sure that it was an experience I would never forget. He did a great job at organizing the marketing for our class. He created flyers and a Facebook page to make sure we had students at each class. His wonderful personality also worked magic, as he keeps a great groups of friends and acquaintances who were always happy to try out a class with us.

Kyle is always casually chatting with new people all over the city, spreading his inner joy, and love for yoga. He would be a great personality to lead any yoga class as he has proven himself to be a humble and highly relate able individual. I'm sure that one class is all that is necessary to see Kyle’s deep vibrant, and natural ability to encourage any student to aspire to their highest potential. He is someone I look forward to working with again in the future.

Ruth Rutalya (Peer in Yoga teacher training): Email [email protected]

I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle at a place of spiritual worship nearly two years ago on my birthday. We didn't know it at the time, but we were to meet up a couple of months after that at Yoga teacher training. Kyle has a deep curiosity and reverence for things internal and unseen. He is in constant commune with nature and brings a profound element of joy to his interactions with others. Kyle was a large part of enhancing my experience at Yoga teacher training and we often bantered about our different life experiences and spiritual views while always maintaining a love and respect for one another. I am currently teaching at Chopra Yoga Toronto and am constantly expanding and evolving my practice and passion for yoga.


My current interests and passions include:

Health and Nutrition: Organizing seasonal meal plans and descovering new superfood engriedients from all over the world. Learning about the functions of the body work in order to be at its peek performance (breating conciously, brining suficient amount of clean water for proper detoxification, combining amino acids and essential fats for proper brain fuction and joint, antioxidant to eliminate free radicals, eating organic whole foods for the best fuel.) Proper exercise including cardio, stretching, strengthening and stress reduction techniques.

Healthy lifestyle: Being consious of every action we take to all beings on this earth. To watch how we speak and act upon our family members and friends. Buy local and organicly grown products. Limit the amount of waste we produce. Take care of our enviornment. Care and sent love to others we have never met.

Work experience

May 2010Present

Event Yoga Instructor/ Kirtan

Joy Yoga

Available to teach Ashtanga or Vinyassa style yoga classes at events such as birthday parties, festivals, camping excursions, indoor gatherings, dance parties, healthy/ raw food dinner parties, private group classes. Pricing depends on duration and location of yoga class. Some mats provided.

Hold Kirtans with up to 20 people. Traditional chants such as "asato ma sat gamya" sung with instuments like guitar and shruiti box.

Classes have taken place in Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario, various events in Toronto, Beaches of Los Angelos, California, and Tulum and Palanque, Mexico.

Jan 2013Present

Yoga Instructor

Snap Fitness

In a gym setting with a studio to fit 30 students. Duties include signing in students at beginning of class and writing in attendance at end. Class length: 1 hour.  Students range from ages 30-60. Teach a core focused class with many planks and balancing postures to music. Very good feedback, students attend religiously. Taught once a week.

Jan 2013Present

Energy exchange

Moksha Yoga Bloor West

Cleaning mats, blocks, blankets, and studio after each class. Mopping floors and keeping maintenance of studio. Reception: Signing in existing students, and signing up new students. Accepting phone calls and answering emails. 

Jan 2013Present

Assistant,Substitute and Energy exchange

The Yoga Sanctuary

Assisting postures with the presence of a senior teacher. Substituting when the senior teacher is unable to teach.Cleaning props and replacing merchandise. Reception: signing in and accepting new students. 

Jan 2013Present

Yoga Instructor

Redwood Hot Yoga Studio

Teach the warm Vinyassa class 3 times a week: I teach a classic Vinyassa class with 5-10 sun salutations with 45 minutes of standing poses and 30 minutes of cool down period.Students difficulty range from beginner to intermediate. There are anywhere from 5-15 people attend these classes.Responsible to keep students happy and safe during class time. Also to warm up and clean studio after use.

May 2012Sep 2012

Yoga Instructor

Joy Yoga

Traditional Ashtranga style classes were held in both High park, and Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto. Classes were held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6pm. Classes consisted of 5-15 people, ages 20-40. One other instructor was always present to assist (Samantha Daveena or Amanda Franko). Cost of classes were $10 per person. Mats were provided.

On wednesdays there would be a indian influenced band that played instruments like tablas, shruti box, guitar. They would sing chanting music to the students while they practiced.

Apr 2010Jul 2011

Yoga Instructor

Joy Yoga Studio

Vinyassa style classes were taught in an at home setting with one other instructor. The living room was converted into a full yoga studio. Classes would mostly consist of ages 20-40 with a maximum of 8 people per class. Classes were held on weekends. $10 dollars per person. Blocks, bolsters, mats and straps provided.

Oct 2008Jun 2011

Assistant Art Teacher

Arts For Children and Youth

Managed and organized art related crafts (Mural projects, Beat-Boxing workshops, Music making programs) and activities for children and youth (ages 5-18) to underprivileged areas of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Instructed and supervised up to 30 children in accompany of Artist Manager.

Responsible for preparation and organization of related activites; Managing paint, brushes, paper, drop sheets, est.

Jan 2007Aug 2008

Assistant Swim Instructor

B+C Aquatics

Responsible for safety of 4 children in the pool during swimming lessons.

Taught levels 1-12 Red Cross to children ageing 1-16.

Kept notes of the progress and reports for parents and instructors.


May 2011May 2012

250 Hour Teacher Training

The Yoga Sanctuary

-    Certified under the Yoga Alience

-    Focus on traditional Ashtanga philosophy and postures

-Learning abilities; leadership qualities, teaching skills, mindfulness of breathing

-Compassion and wisdom to commit non-violent actions internally and externally

-    In depth training of anatomy; Muscles organs and different systems of the body

-     Philosophy of the Bagavad gita and the vedic texts

Oct 2010Dec 2010

Yoga Instructor

The Yoga Sanctuary

-Teaches yoga to youth and families struggling with poverty, abuse and addiction

-Helping youth to heal from past traumas, to create a life that is inspired, and joyful

-Program is based on solid evidence that yoga helps with physical well-being, depression, anxiety, and trauma