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In today’s difficult job market, working with a career management company like Toronto Pathways or choosing to go it alone can easily mean the difference between finding a quality, well-paying position or taking many months of fruitless searching. Based in Toronto, Ontario, for many years, Toronto Pathways eliminates many of the hardships that today’s job seekers run up against, such as sifting through credible and non-credible postings online and getting one’s resume in front of hiring managers. Today’s career professionals often need to take a variety of approaches in finding a new job if they want to be successful. Too many rely solely on navigating online job boards and listings, significantly limiting their options in doing so. Effective job searching requires a combination of networking, marketing oneself through social media, combing through websites, and sending letters of interest to specific staff at hiring employers. However, even dedicating large amounts of time and energy to all of these approaches still does not guarantee an individual a job. This is where Toronto Pathways can make a huge difference. Toronto Pathways serves professionals with a minimum of three to five years of experience in information technology (IT), accounting, the medical health care field, marketing, manufacturing, and many other areas. While these job-seeking professionals come from many different areas of their respective industries, they all feel ready for a change due to unemployment, underemployment, or a desire to move forward or seek other opportunities within their career paths. In order to help them achieve these goals, Toronto Pathways maintains close ties with many of North America’s leading employers, including Canon, Ontario Power Generation Inc., the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Microsoft, Citibank, and the Ford Motor Company. To contact a Toronto Pathways job search specialist and career management expert, visit to complete the free job search evaluation section. You will be contacted shortly to set an appointment to meet with a director at the downtown Toronto location at 350 Bay Street in the heart of the Financial District.