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Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Product Manager

China Telecom

Product Planning and Portfolio

In China Telecom

·1)Work out the company’s mobile device planning, market strategy, advertisements scheme, selling strategy, selling volume estimation for 2010 and 2011, with sale department, to match the CTC whole plan.

·2)Key products selection from manufactures.

·3)Take participant in selling channel strategy and the cooperation details with nation-class agencies.

·4)Provide consultant and technical support for other divisions on mobile devices field.

·5)Communicate with manufactures to discuss their product portfolio and strategy. Distribute the latest direction of CTC.

Key Working Processes for Department

In China Telecom

·1)Standardize working processes :

oa)Process for Key Product Customization

ob)Process for Key Product Quality Control

oc)Regulation on Quality Control after Launching

od)Regulation on Software Version after Launching

oe)Management for the 3rd party Software

·2)Take participant in

oa)Regulation on Library-Entrance Products

ob)Regulation on Product Testing for Library-Entrance

Technical Requirement and Execution

In China Telecom

·1)Standardize technical Requirements.

oa)Technical Requirements for Customized Products on Android Platform

ob)How to Backup and Restore Personal Information via SD.

oc)Technical Requirements for DMSS Phones.

od)Testing Requirements for Key Products.

oe)Testing Requirements for Entrance of Product Library.

of)Testing Requirements for International Roaming.

·2)Answer the questions of requirements from manufactures.

·3)Research the new technology and user experience.

·4)Quality control of key products.

·5)Testing on library-entrance products.

Program Management for Key Products

In China Telecom

·1) Program management for key products of Moto(XT800/ME811/XT882), ZTE(R750/N600/R518) and Lenovo (Lephone). Control the whole life of the products, including planning, product hardware/software specification, schedule, requirement, user experience, quality and risk before launching. Handle complaints and software upgrade after launching.

·2) Competitor analysis and report, estimate the selling volume and product cycle.

·3) Monitor and analyze the sell-out volume.

·4) User survey and complaint collection.

·5) Whole life quality control for key products.

DMSS(Dual Mode Single Standby, a.k.a World Phone)Specification

In China Telecom

·1) As the owner for the whole DMSSprogram, define the requirement and the technical specification.Address the key features on CDMA roaming experience.

oa) Auto-switch network mode,

ob) Auto-insert suffix number,

oc) **133 call-back and etc.

·2) Communicate with manufactures to lock down the schedules for DMSS phones.

·3) Support the marketing department to contribute the selling point in advertisement.

Cooperation with Other Devisions in CTC 

In China Telecom

·1)Cooperate with Overseas Development and Network Maintenance Divisions on international roaming test.

·2)Evaluate and draftthe marketing and technical development strategy for Rev.B mobile devices.

·3)CDMA 1X advanced technology.

·4)Research DMSS technology.

·5)Display the accurate call duration by FWIM command in CDMA network.

Training sub-branches’ employees

In China Telecom

Six times to train the employees on new technologies and new products.

Apr 2005Dec 2009

Senior Software Engineer

Motorola (China) Technology Corporation

Feature Prototype on Android Platform

·Responsibility: Cooperate with product marketing department to investigate and analyze the end users’ requirement; Design new business flow and implement the feature prototypes.

·Description: Prototypes on Android phone platform features to provide new user experience, including:

1.Wireless Synchronisations between phone and PC.

2.In a typical home environment, by using DLNA, inter-connecting all the wireless devices

3.New book reader which can provide the real time and global annotation.


Feature Development on E6 and Keywest

Development Team Leader

·Responsibility: Lead team to develop security related components of the phones.

·Description: Feature development on E6 and Keywest (2 phones based on LinuxJava platform).


WM-DRM and MTP Development

Software Engineer


In Motorola

·Responsibility: Requirement Analysis, Developing, Testing, and Integration.

·Description: Develop and integrate WM – DRM (Windows Media Digital Rights Management) and MTP (Media Transport Protocol) module into Motorola LinuxJava Platform.

Apple iTunes DRM Integration

Software Engineer


In Motorola

·Responsibility: Requirement Analysis, Developing, Testing, and Integration

·Description: Integrate Apple DRM module and player into Motorola EzX Platform.




Green Belt

Motorola Six Sigma
Jul 2002Apr 2005


Northwestern Polytechnical University
Sep 1998Jul 2002


Transport Management



Product Manager

China Telecom Terminal Management Center, Beijing

·1) Product planning, define the portfolio and the whole life for products.

·2) Define working process and management rules for department.

·3) Define the mobile device technical specification for China Telecom.

·4) Program management for Star product.

·5) Cooperation with Sales and Service departments.

·6) Support other departments of China Telecom for new technology and new business deployment.

·7) Provide training courses to sub-branches.

Senior Software Engineer

Motorola (China) Technology Corporation,Beijing

·1) I joined product development department from 2008, focusing on the cooperation with marketing on new features planning, research and development for Android phones.

·2) Software development on phone security, certification management, security architecture, DRM, multimedia synchronization, multimedia catalog, multimedia encoding and decoding and etc.


My objective is product marketing management.

·1) 6+ years working experiences on mobile devices

·2) Solid background on product defining, planning, customization, development, program management, testing, technical specification, marketing and sales.

·3) be familiar with and focusing on mobile device marketing.