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Given my pursuit of professional growth opportunities I am seeking a challenging position in federal government affairs.

Professional Summary

Lobbyist who has been employed in the federal government affairs arena for over seventeen years. Possesses a comprehensive understanding of the federal legislative and regulatory process, and leveraged resources and advocacy positions through active participation in coalitions. Achieved objectives on priority issues by interacting with officials from the Executive Branch including the Office of Management and Budget and the Council on Environmental Quality, both Chambers of Congress as well as various regulatory agencies. Strategic thinker who conceives of and implements legislative advocacy campaigns aimed at producing specific results. Strong team leader who strives for consensus, experienced coalition-builder, and facilitates group efforts to achieve advocacy goals.  

Tony Wagner's Publications

Work experience

Textile Rental Service Association

Textile Rental Services Association: Nov. 2008 - July 2009

Director, Federal Government Relations

Uniform & Textile Service Association (UTSA): June 2006 - Nov. 2008

Director, Environmental & Government Affairs

In November of 2008 the two associations merged. Since I was employed by UTSA at the time I transferred to the merged association, which kept the TRSA name. Between both UTSA and TRSA I've worked in the textile rental / industrial laundry industry for three years. 

Implemented the Board of Directors' agenda on priority issues such as President Obama's "cap-and-trade" plan and pending bills in Congress on climate change, labor-related legislation, workplace safety and OSHA reform, conservation initiatives, and a wide range of environmental issues.

Managed the process to prepare a UTSA Witness for testifying before a House Subcommittee on the industry's workplace safety program.  Coached the Witness, drafted testimony, developed talking points, and closely coordinated with Committee staff.

Developed a lobbying strategy related to the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a House / Senate bill dealing with labor-related issues introduced in the both the 110th and 111th Congress.

Executed a legislative campaign aimed at preventing the EFCA from a Senate floor vote. Actively participated in the Steering and Lobbying Committees of an influential business group called the "Coalition for a Democratic Workplace." Engaged in coalition-building, actively participated in meetings with House and Senate staff, and developed and refined the association's legislative strategy.

Facilitated a "grass tops" / "grass roots"  letter writing campaign in order to mobilize the TRSA membership to contact Members of the Senate to express opposition to the EFCA. Developed an "Action Kit" containing sample letters, a briefing document, and a sample op-ed.  A website was also established to facilitate letter generation.  Summary of the  results of the two week campaign:

  • 1,000 letters were sent to House and Senate members.
  • 85% of Senators and 35% of Representatives received letters.
  • 300 individuals participated - from front-line workers to CEOs. 

Spearheaded an industry-wide effort to be "green" by eliminating a detergent from the industry's operations in favor of environmentally safer alternatives.  This industry-wide action was recognized by EPA which presented the association with a "Champion" award.

Managed TRSA's Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program an industry-wide "green" initiative that promotes the conservation of water and energy as well as reducing the industry's carbon foot print and pollution discharges.

Developed two e-publications tailored to certain segments of the industry. 

TRSA: "The Washington Advocacy Insider" a monthly e-newsletter which showcases one topic per issue.

UTSA: "The Leadership Advisor" a bi-weekly e-newsletter tailored to CEOs.

Developed a wide variety of advocacy-related materials such as:

Oct 2004Mar 2006

Corn Refiners Association

Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

The Corn Refiners Association has represented the corn refining industry since 1913. Its members, including ADM and Cargill, produce a variety of products corn-based including starch, high fructose corn syrup, and ethanol.

During the 108th and 109th Congress directed the Regulatory Affairs program, regularly briefed the Board of Directors, implemented advocacy strategies, and participated in coalitions.

Lobbied Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency officials to advance the association's agenda on food safety, national bioterrorism policy, air quality, and clean water issues.

Collaborated with EPA on an association-driven air quality initiative and managed industry efforts to obtain certification under the EPA's EnergyStar Program.  Performed the day-to-day oversight of these initiatives which included the development of materials, negotiation with EPA officials, and overall coordination.

Jan 1992Jan 2004

Team Leader & Director 1998-2004

Director, Regulatory Affairs 1997-1998

Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs 1994-1997

Manager, Regulatory Affairs 1992-1994

The American Chemistry Council is a well-established trade association which represents companies such as Dow Chemical, DuPont, and Merck. ACC members produce a wide variety of  products including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and plastics.

During the 102nd to the 108th Congress strategic campaigns, proactive lobbying, teamwork, and comprehensive advocacy approaches produced results on legislation such as the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, appropriations, and Water Resources Development Act.

Developed and implemented a lobbying campaign on Clean Water Act reauthorization which involved extensive interaction with House Committee staff, Members of Congress, “grass-roots” networks, and broad-based industry coalitions.Lobbying efforts were instrumental in the passage of the bill in the House.

Influenced public policy through meetings with officials in the Administration, the Office of Management and Budget, the Council on Environmental Quality, Congressional offices, House and Senate Committees, and various federal regulatory agencies.

Water Team Leader and member of ACC’s Senior Management Group for five years.Directed the Team’s lobbying and advocacy activities, supervised five multi-discipline staff, developed stratgic plans,  and managed budgets. Directly involved in association-wide decision-making, priority setting, strategic planning, and policy determination.

Employed the Balanced Score Card approach to measure individual and overall Team performance against the strategic plan.

Appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, Ms. Gale Norton, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Ms. Carol Browner, to serve as an expert advisor on two Federal Advisory Committees that shaped environmental public policy and provided guidance to federal agencies.

Association spokesman on water issues, facilitated member company meetings, delivered presentations and public speeches, and interacted with the press.Prepared materials such as legislative testimony, one-pagers, position papers, and regulatory comment packages.

Oct 1990Jan 1992

U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency

Chemist, Metals Analysis Branch

Member of a select team of civilian and active duty Army scientists that carried out the U.S. Army's Southwest Asia Health Assessment Project which investigated the potential health effects of the Persian Gulf War oil well fires on U.S. soldiers in stationed in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Awarded the U.S. "Achievement Medal for Civilian Service" for exemplary performance in carrying out the Agency's mission during the Gulf War. 

Chemist responsible for testing air, water and hazardous waste samples. Analyzed environmental matrices using Mercury Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption techniques.



Masters Thesis

“Impact of Heavy Metals on Potemogeton Pectinatus (Sago Pondweed)

in the Heron Lake System”

Presented results at an American Chemistry Society National meeting and received an award for outstanding poster.