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- Can work directly for your organisation or as an external consultant using an ABN

- 7+ years of experience including as a student, primarily in customer-focused, results driven roles in the commercial sector

- Graduated in 2014 with Bachelor of Science Majoring in Sustainability and a Minor in Business Entrepreneurship

- Assisted 5 Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Cleantech, IT, and consumer goods as a Management Consultant leading to company growth and profitability

- Represented 14 companies as a Brand Ambassador, often exceeding company goals and expectations

- Volunteered with various organisations including a UNESCO project, Conservation Australia, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, the Sunshine Coast Environmental Council and several university-based groups.

I see sustainable growth and innovation like two peas in a pod. They work together - complimentary and inseparable. Innovation drives performance and growth. The opposite is also true, less waste means more productivity. Higher productivity and reduced expense means higher growth capabilities for the organisation overall. Sustainability and innovation work together to achieve the key goal of becoming more efficient and resilient.

Efficiency is the capacity to achieve a desired outcome with minimal waste or expense, whereas resilience is the ability to withstand shocks including economic, regulatory and social. On the individual business level, resilience can be broken down into a few key features. Namely, improving processes and systems that impact performance, managing risk through corporate responsibility initiatives, adhering to regulatory compliance, and most importantly reducing a harmful footprint.

I am continuously seeking to develop my skills, education and experience in innovation and sustainability. One quote that often comes to mind in the pursuit of more sustainable practices is by Thomas Edison and simply outlines that "there's a way to do it better. Find it".

Work experience

Causeway Innovation

Jul 2012Present

Associate Consultant

At Causeway Innovation we help businesses and regions to grow through innovation. We work with our clients in confidence to grow their business through strategic planning and networks, so that they can focus their time where it's needed most. To date, our clients have included IT Services, educational software, energy efficiency, online tourism, food and beverages, agribusiness and manufacturing.

Working on an ad-hoc basis, I have a lead role in client projects in areas such as market research, economic and competitive analysis and the development of business roadmaps.

Other areas I have worked on include assisting to develop an Innovation Masterclass, developing Causeway's key services, and helping to grow the Causeway business and brand.

Marc Edward Agency

Jan 2011Sep 2013

Brand Ambassador

MEA is positioned as a niche consumer promotions and marketing agency specialising in marketing to young adults.

I Worked in sales and marketing representing companies such as Nikon, LG, Calvin Klein, and Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton (LVMH). I was recognised for my ability to meet and exceed sales and marketing targets.

Ecospecifier Global

Jan 2011Sep 2011


Ecospecifier is a leading certifier of sustainable products, with an online database of over 6,700 building-related ecoproducts based on environmental and health impacts.

I created a marketing, sales, and training package to be used by the company’s clients. The info-pack was created under a broader marketing strategy based on trust brands to optimise and educate the end user on the benefits of Ecospecifier Global's eco-friendly and health-conscious certification rating systems.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Apr 2011Sep 2011

Census Officer

Managed data collection for an area of approximately 500 households Delivering and collecting forms and reporting on a regular basis.

Youth Leader Magazine

Jan 2010Feb 2011

Coordinator and Writer

Award-winning Youth Leader Magazine is a media project under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. UNESCO is in charge of implementing the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD 2004-2014) goals. Youth Leader showcases individuals that excel in creating positive change towards humanitarian and social equality, and improved ecological integrity throughout the world.

During my time at YL, I sourced, interviewed and wrote articles of influential entrepreneurs globally including India, Japan, and Australia related to sustainable development. The articles were published in the Asian, Indian and Global editions. I also increased awareness of the UNDESD goals and values through presentations in my local community and university.

Supa IGA

Jan 2007Sep 2009


Supervisor-Sunshine Coast Supervising a team of up to 12 staff members in the front-end department(registers) Managing business and safety procedures. As a team, our department won IGA National Customer Service Award 2007.


University of the Sunshine Coast


Bachelor of Science, Sustainability and Business Entrepreneurship

Majority of courses completed at USC and a few externally through Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Structured degree based on three-pillar resilience and innovation. That is, environmental, social and economic capability of organisations:

o Environmental courses completed include environmental law and resource economics along with a range of environmental sciences such as climate and hydrology

o Social courses completed include international relations and global justice studies, systems theory and futures studies

o Business courses completed include macro and micro economics, business establishment and growth, and information communication technologies.


Colin Graham, Director

"I first met Tony when he was an entrepreneurial student and was keen to engage him at Causeway shortly after launching in early 2012. He is a great person to work with - he is smart, a creative thinker, hard working, persistent and gets things done. Tony is very mature and I am able to talk with him as a peer and generate solutions to business issues. He is a positive and ambitious young professional stepping out in the world and I have no doubt he will succeed"

Michael Duggan, Manager

"Tony is a strategic thinker with a strong grasp of both business and sustainable development. I was fortunate enough to work with Tony during his time as an intern with Ecospecifier Global and found Tony both resourceful in achieving project outcomes and professional in his conduct. Tony integrated well into our Team and extended our capacity to provide a new sales and marketing package to our clients. I would strongly recommend Tony as an asset to any business."

Retha Scheepers, Professor

I have known Tony for four semesters as an entrepreneurship student at USC. Tony developed intellectually at a rapid pace and showed remarkable insight into business development, entrepreneurial networks and teamwork. He has the ability to work comfortably with his peers, entrepreneurs and business leaders and approaches tasks in an honest and enthusiastic manner. He is confident, committed and calmly handles conflict situations. I’m convinced he would be a great asset to a business or organisation who can provide him with growth and leadership opportunities.

Stephen Meyers, Professor

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Tony Sheppard. It was a privilege to be involved in Tony’s education in the sustainability sciences. As a mentor and instructor in sustainability science during 2010-2011 at the University of the Sunshine Coast, I was greatly impressed by Tony’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn and support others. Tony consistently demonstrated a capacity for establishing positive work relations with colleagues and lecturers. The university work Tony presented was of the highest quality and a measure of his determination to succeed and make a difference. Specific attributes, skills and evidence of Tony’s abilities in an educational context include: • Consistency/reliability in meeting university deadlines and commitments • Ability to work with initiative and due regard for objectives and priorities • Willingness and capacity to assume responsibility and leadership • Ability to work effectively in both a team environment and autonomously • Well-developed ethics of integrity, decisiveness and diplomacy. I would highly recommend Tony for any position he applies for and wish him well with his future endeavours.

Chris Edwards, Manager

"Tony is a dream employee. He is diligent, well presented, articulate and has a fantastically strong work ethic. Tony consistently achieved results above and beyond his targets and yet remained a humble and collaborative member of the team. Tony is an honest, down to earth and likable young man who displays a maturity beyond his years. He uses his initiative, is naturally self motivated and perhaps most importantly employs common sense in his solution driven processes. I would be more than happy to field any further questions regarding Tony's experience, skills or quality of character and cannot recommend Tony enough for whatever endeavours he should choose to pursue in the future."

Nusrat Azim, Assistant Director

"Tony Sheppard actively worked with Youth Leader magazine as one of the Coordinators and writers. He has been a very reliable team member delivering quality work on a steady basis and keeping deadlines well. Over the time he ranked among the top team members. His rapid and clear communication made work an ease and his membership a significant contribution to the team’s progress and success. On top of enabling a fluent work process, his friendly ways contributed to a rewarding team experience for everyone. We hope to count him among our team for a long time, and no less cheer him on in pursuing his priority professional paths. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me."


Sustainability Scholarship 2013
Awarded a Sustainability Scholarship in 2013 by a local bank based on academic merit for sustainability courses

RYLA 2009

Awarded Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA) 2009, representing district 9600 on the Sunshine Coast.


Leadership and project management

Sales and marketing

Negotiation & persuasion

Rate of learning

Technical skills

Looking to develop technical skills associated with practical sustainability measures

Microsoft Office & Apple suites

Business acumen