Tony has generated significant value to clients and companies by enabling business growth, maximizing variance on return for assets, expanding market share and cost efficiencies. Hundreds of companies and departments have benefited from the direction and input provided by Tony. Business leaders and managers have been empowered to make informed decisions when developing or implementing strategy or responding to tactile issues, small and large. Those that have benefited from Tony’s influence and solutions enjoy greater business resilience for the environments in which they operation and profit from dynamic business decision-making.

Some examples include, a client investment of USD$300 million successfully engaged and implemented Tony’s review plan to ensure developing threats were contained, production and assets maximized and a clear, workable plan for expanding the business was developed that has served the company well in the wake of a series of critical developments affecting this investment. Faced with a major crisis, a company was able to draw upon Tony and his team to get an accurate perspective on events affecting the life safety and security of staff. This timely and succinct guidance was immediately implementable and appropriate action, without wastage, was taken to preserve their investment and perpetuate business operations. This was instrumental in creating a competitive advantage due to their ability and confidence in executing strategy where others failed or were forced to expend unnecessary resources for lesser effect.

The mechanism in which Tony’s experience and expertise has been transferred has been many and varied. Push communications to key decision makers or select managers, exclusive or collective workshops and seminars, mentoring and peer review, consultation services, project management, position papers and technical forums. No two engagements are the same for clients or the transfer of knowledge in order to achieve the desired results, with each mechanism crafted from the guiding requirements to achieve the maximum value and benefits desired. Tony remains highly sought by clients for value solution development, business enhancement sessions and is regularly featured as a speaker in technical and industry conferences along with media engagement and contributor. Innovation remains a distinguishing factor for Tony and his high value benefit to organizations.

Most people compliment Tony on his engaging and easy communication ability. His significant practical experience and diverse expertise underpins his effective message and value proposition. Thanks to a comprehensive commercial career and unique military background, he possesses significant, diverse knowledge further reinforced by numerous projects delivered around the world. Supported by strong, measurable business acumen, Tony remains valued as a thought leader by companies, clients and industry groups.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2005 - Jan 2009

Regional Security Director Asia Pacific

Mar 2004 - Apr 2005

GM National Operations

Commercial Security Company
Mar 2003 - Mar 2004

Team Leader Protective Security Detail

Commercial Security & Risk Management Company
Jan 2002 - Mar 2003

Security Manager-Project

Private Investment and Production Company
2001 - 2002

Security Manager-Project

Public Listed Production Company
Apr 1990 - Jul 2001

Team Leader

Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)


2008 - 2008

Business Continuity & Scenario Planning

Fulcrum Risk Services
2008 - 2008

Performance Management & Appraisal Skils

PACE Organization Dynamics
2007 - 2007

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist

Anti-Terrorism Accredidation Board
2003 - 2003

Cert IV

Private Institution
1996 - 2001


Australian Defence Force
1987 - 1998


ADF School of Languages

Technical Resources and Presenta