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Radio Production / Programming


Music Production

Video Directing / Production


Determined, hard-working individual, looking to gain experience in the Radio industry


          In January 2009, I was blessed with a phone call telling me that a track that I produced would be used as the backdrop for a new version of a radio program's theme song. That track. which featured local Baltimore rappers, 100 Grand man and Supe of the Love Meds, would become the theme song for 92 Q Jams "Hooligan Express" hour, hosted by on-air personality, DJ Squirrel Wyde.

        This was a big accomplishment for me because it not only was my 1st record to be played on the radio, but it helped spread my sound out to other local rappers who are looking to work with up and coming producers such as myself. The opportunity brought me more potential clients.

          Despite my passion for music, my real passion is focused towards radio, especially in the area of production. I have written and recorded  public service announcements and commercials not only for school related events but just for fun.

         I have had the opportunity to do audio projects on different recording software such as Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, and Fruity Loops, just to name a few. So I have an advanced knowledge of how to get good sounding audio quality out of any project i work on.

          Throughout my work history, I have maintained good attendance and will come in even on off days if needed.

Work experience

Feb 2009Apr 2009

Student Volunteer

Morgan State University Telecommunications Department
  1. Wrote and produced a public service announcement, promoting  the MSU TELC Career Fair
  2. Helped set up for Morgan State University Telecommunication Career Fair
  3. Voluntarily helped Chance Music Group LLC (CMG LLC), whom were one of the many vendors present at the Career Fair
Sep 2008Dec 2008

Student Intern

Morgan State University Office of Admissions and Recruitment
  1. Wrote scripts for Public Service Announcements tbe broadcasted on WEAA 88.9FM radio station
  2. Wrote Public Service Announcements directed towards high school students who are undecided on what college or university to attend Morgan State University


Aug 2006Present

Morgan State University
Aug 2005May 2006

Aug 2001May 2005

High School Diploma

Baltimore City College High School


Audio Engineer
Between conducting audio projects for school and helping local rappers with producing their songs, I have gained a lot of time dedicated to mixing audio levels and frequency. Though I feel I am not at the level I should be as far as mixing, I have a knowledge of when an audio track sounds clean and when it sounds terrible. I strive to have the most crisp, clean , well mixed audio quality when I work as an audio engineer.
Using FL Studio (Fruity Loops) to make instrumentals
Fruity Loops is the program I use to compose my instrumentals with. I use anything I need, such as keyboards, drum machines, samples, and effects, and I import them into this program to help me expand my creativeness. I have used Fruity Loops to create beats for not only  local Baltimore rappers, but rappers from North Carolina all the way to Indianapolis. I have also used Fruity Loops to create my own instrumentals for Public Service Announcements and Commercials.
Working Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition is a recording program that I have used too many times to name. When I first gained interest in doing work with audio signals, Adobe Audition was the program I started out with and still use to this day.
Working Pro Tools
As a student at Morgan State University and being a freelance audio engineer for many local rap groups, I have been exposed to how to work with Pro Tools. I have basic knowledge of what to use to get the job done but I feel with more opportunities to work on this program, I will become a professional one day.