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Transferrable Skills

        Intellectual Skills - Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Using information resources, gathering information, categorizing data, analyzing data, comparing, contrasting, and combining information and data, checking for accuracy,identifying patterns, problems, causes, defining needs, determining priorities, forecasting possibilities and outcomes, conceiving solutions to problems, goal setting, determining measures of progress and success, and evaluating program effectiveness.

        Resource Management Skills - The ability to work cross-functionally as evidenced by skill sets in corporate management and leadership, financial operations & budget control. Obtaining and seeing to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials needed to do certain work. Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.

        Organizational Skills - Leadership & interpersonal capabilities demonstrated in developing, leading and training a highly skilled and successful team. Conceiving & communicating ideas, coordinating work, handling details, managing group efforts, resolving conflicts, identifying problems & proposing solutions, managing resources, budgeting, setting priorities and balancing competing needs, balancing organizational/public/social needs against individual needs, keeping appropriate parties informed of plans and progress.

Communication Skills - Excellent communication skills with a commitment to ensuring superior customer service, resolving issues and concerns in an immediate and proactive manner. Effective speaking, writing, listening, conveying information, explaining ideas, feelings and emotions, understanding nonverbal communication, persuading, reporting, leading meetings & group, discussions, interviewing, and visual presentations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Multi-Site Manufacturing and Production
  • Results Driven Business Management
  • Strategic Analysis and Cost Reductions
  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Domestic / International Sourcing
  • P&L and Budget Control
  • Process Improvements
  • Project Management
  • Staff Development

Professional Assessments

Keirsey - KTS- II Career Temperament Report

Guardian - Supervisor (ESTJ) Expressive - Observant - Tough-Minded - Scheduled

As a Guardian, you enjoy working as a valued member of a team, wheather you are leading it or following a credible leader. You like to work with people who carry their weight. You appreciate having clear-cut responsibilities and being recognized for your dedication and achievements. Your natural traits are those that employers have traditionally valued - and successful companies still respect. You are responsible and loyal to an organization once you've signed on. Your natural attention to the cohesion of community life, or "corporate culture" in your compnay, agency, team, or troop is critical to the organization's ability to realize its mission.


Expert in combining, financial and business planning, with tactical execution to optimize long term gains in performance, revenues and profitability. Breadth of experience in quality and manufacturing operations includes lean concepts, root cause, team concepts total preventive maintenance, set-up reduction and standard work. Leadership philosophy promotes employee participation in creative problem solving to contribute to organization success.

Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Freelance Management Consultant

Mozaic LLC

Operations Assessment - enabling clients to reengineer business processes using workflow and other technologies to redesign and improve operations.Best practices and a continuous improvement process are essential for competitive advantage. My hands-on approach allows you to plan, design, execute, and measure solutions focused on your business goals.

Contracted to analyze business practices and recommend future direction of the procurement function within this commercial printing organization.

  • Conducted organizational assessments and action planning sessions with senior management.
  • Assisted in implementing key initiatives to reduce cost through the entire supply chain. 
  • Developed strategic partners, performance management, vendor certifications, and EDI capabilities.
  • Focused on negotiations to reduce total "spend" dollars of $10.3 Million.
  • Provided a strategic emphasis on moving from traditional procurement to one of "value-add".
  • Realized $500,000 in annualized savings by cultivating partnerships and negotiating long term contracts.
  • Implemented supplier expectations, certification and management program; procurement policies and procedures; strategic outsource initiatives; and coordinated with vendors to reduce cost through continuous improvement
Jul 2004Dec 2007

Senior Operations Executive / Production Manager

Missionary Oblates

Challenged to revitalize a non-performing operation and effected a successful culture change throughout this $35 Million Catholic Non Profit Direct Mail Fundraiser that focused all personnel on product quality and service delivery plan execution.

  • Initiated multiple process improvements and created more of a “can-do attitude” spirit among employees to improve productivity to product and industry standards.
  • Increased productivity by 54% through the establishment/measurement/ monitoring of  performance standards in first year.
  • Improved capacity by 50% and reduced headcount by 30%.
  • Established and executed daily tracking procedures for daily production output, cost of poor quality and financial tracking for labor cost resulting in consistent daily production output, production cost below budget and prior year.
  • Negotiated cost reductions for outsourced services saving $300,000 annually.
  • Introduced new technology which increased production capabilities while saving $60,000 annually.
  • Initiated Kaizen to develop new order fulfillment process resulting in a reduction of delivery times from 30 days to less than 7 days. (400,000 orders annually)
  • Greatly enhanced customer satisfaction; increased order-processing efficiencies; reduced shipping errors and strengthened product quality and brand value through the plan's implementation. 
Feb 1998Jul 2004

Vice President of Operations

Magnet LLC

Recruited as key member of the management team at the largest manufacturer of printed magnetic items in the United States, to provide leadership, strategic planning, design, and execution of business development strategies to grow the core and non-core business.

  • Rebuilt management team, restored customer confidence, and cultivated positive relationships with business partners.
  • Redesigned and instituted new operational infrastructure, saving $800,000.
  • Implemented ISO 9002 certification process.
  • Reduced Workers Comp from $313,000 to $44,000 and completed one-year without lost time accidents.
  • Reduced "cost of goods" in each succeeding year, with total budget of $24 Million annually.
  • Reduced production cycle resulting in the prestigious "1999 Star Supplier Award" from Advertising Specialty Industry.
  • Recognized for 100% on time delivery with 56,000 orders annually.
  • Increased quality through "top of mind awareness" programs; and reduced adjustments from 2.4% of revenues to .7%.
Mar 1983Jan 1998

Regional Director of Operations - Midwest Region

Performed "turn-around" management for this regional operation, expanding a non-performing business unit servicing four regions to become a $100 Million operation, with full service, targeted, direct mail marketing

  • Directed regional operations with full P&L management responsibility for multiple plants serving four states.
  • Led the "ground-up" development of a new plant including design, site selection, construction and staffing; and facility opened on time and under budget without service interruption.
  • Implemented TQM initiative, resulting in customer-focused environment.
  • Directed 18 managers and supervisors in a region where revenues increased from $40 to 100 Million; and operating income increased from $4 Million to $9.6 Million.
  • Oversaw acquisition of major competitor and provided strategic short and long range planning, budgeting, cost analysis, equipment R&D, and associate development.
  • Re-engineered operational processes, which resulted in a $2.6 Million labor savings.
  • Introduced new technology that increased production efficiency and resulted in value added service at a 30% cost savings; and initiated strategies to maintain fixed cost growth at 0% from 1992 to 1998.
  • Re-engineered the quality assurance department saving in excess of $200,000 annually.


Feb 2008Nov 2008


Currently pursuing BSBA, 75 semester credits acheived.


Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

Villanova University


Terry Martens

"I had the privilege of working with Tony at Advo, Inc. and found him to be very professional with a work ethic rarely seen these days. He made the Milwaukee region a great success and model for the other regions. I would recommend Tony to any company looking for cost savings measures and great leadership. He would truly be an asset to any company." 

March 12, 2009

Terry Martens , Customer Data Manager, Harte-Hanks worked indirectly for Tony at ADVO

Tom Gorgonne

"I first met Tony when I was VP of the Central Division at ADVO where he worked in Dallas for the company, he was sent to my division to assist the company in a major acquisition/transition for the Chicago area where he did fantastic job. I quickly recruited him to become the Regional Director of Operations based in Milwaukee, because of Tony's talent and skill we were able to transform his facility into a beta site for new technology throughout ADVO. Tony motivated and directed his highly trained and selectively recruited staff to act as a "gene pool" for the company. Under Tony's tutelage we built a new, state of the art facility, introduced digital technology, hiring and training techniques, TQM, and innovative labor utilization, to name a few accomplishments that set new standards and were introduced throughout ADVO's 19 facilities. Tony is a natural born leader of boundless energy, enthusiasm, integrity, responsibility, great communication skills and can function both tactically and strategically with outstanding effectiveness. I later recruited Tony to function as VP of Manufacturing of Magnet LLC in a turnaround situation where the company was transformed into highly efficient, automated, service/quality oriented company and industry leader. The company was taken from an unprofitable position to becoming a cash generator which allowed us to make several acquisitions over his tenure. Tony was responsible for every facet of the operation with the exception of Sales and Finance where he acted in a true team spirit which also allow those areas to improve greatly. I have never given Tony an assignment or project where he did not exceed my expectations. I truly feel that any company associated with him would benefit regardless of the industry they were in because Tony applies his skill and intelligence to master whatever he focuses on."

March 21, 2009

Thomas Gorgonne, Sr. VP and COO, The Magnet Group managed Tony at Magnet LLC

Tom Bowlds

"Tony and I worked together on a day-to-day basis and on numerous projects and initiatives. He was always extremely well regarded in terms of his operational knowledge and is a very results oriented individual. He takes pride in his work and was always well respected by his peers."

March 19, 2009

Tom Bowlds, Finance Director, ADVO, Inc worked directly with Tony at ADVO

Mike Quinn

"Tony is a truly inspiring leader who shows a passion for driving new business solutions that maximize operational efficiencies. His ability to simplify the most complex systems and deliver clear, concise best practice solutions makes him one of the most effective managers I have worked for in my career. He brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to his executive roles and he is always well-respected by his team. It would be a privilege to work with Tony again in the future."March 20, 2009

Michael Quinn, Senior Director Information Technology, The Magnet Group reported to Tony at Magnet LLC

Tony Bevier

Tony Putnam is a strong leader. He instills passion and loyalty through his dedication and integrity. Tony leads by example and expects nothing less than 100% effort from his team.