Tony Piccolo

Tony Piccolo

About Me

Tony Piccolo is an aquatic biofuels specialist and one of the first to support developing countries address their energy needs through the use of fish waste and algae. Having coined the term aquatic biofuels, his pioneering research led to the first paper on the subject which has been published in Biofuels International, as well as several online publications; Food Security Network (FSN), the Global BioEnergy Partnership (GBEP), and the GLOBEFISH website of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Known for his compelling presentations, Tony has generated excitement in the United Nations and the development community about this promising new area of research. It is the combination of Tony’s passion for renewable energy and his natural ability to build relationships and partnerships that enables him to build global communities that are exploring and promoting the sustainable use of aquatic biofuels in the developing world. With over 20 years experience and the ability to speak 3 languages, Tony has worked in many programs within the UN system, from the Sustainable Development department where his passion for energy dawned, to the Fisheries department. A natural networker, he regularly connects with colleagues and collaborators from the USA to Australia and from Honduras to Viet Nam. Tony is active in building and developing aquatic biofuel communities globally both on and offline. His blog on aquatic biofuels has stimulated lively discussion about this new area of resesarch, and through the establishment of an United Nations working group he is garnering support to explore the topic on a global scale. With degrees in environmental studies and his continuing studies in energy and sustainable development, Tony continues to explore this area which can provide real solutions to the incredible energy challenges faced by countries around the world. Learn more about Tony’s pioneering work by visiting

Work experience

Work experience

Tony Piccolo

Via Giovanni Miani 38 - 00154 Rome, Italy   Tel: +39 6 5728 7235 - Mobile: +39 338 1965884

                                                                                                      [email protected]

Aquatic Biofuel Specialist

Building Relationships and Partnerships • Strong communication and presentation skills • Research and Writing

Tony Piccolo is an aquatic biofuel specialist and one of the first to support developing countries in addressing their energy needs through the use of fish waste and algae. His passion for renewable energy led him to write the first paper on Aquatic Biofuels and subsequently coin the term.  Tony’s presentation on the subject to the UN – FAO community consequently led to him securing funds and creating a cross-departmental working group on the subject.  

Speaking three languages and having travelled to over 25 counties on 5 continents, Tony has a natural ability to communicate across cultures and to build relationships within organizations and across the renewable energy community both on and off-line.

Through his research and writing and through his blog Tony continues to explore and promote the sustainable use of aquatic biofuels in the developing world.


Passion for Renewable Energy

  • Conducted ground breaking research which led to coining the term Aquatic Biofuels. The term is now a used in the United Nations (UN), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) environment when referring to biofuels deriving from water resources.
  • Generated interest and enthusiasm in aquatic biofuels as a sustainable renewable energy resource through writing articles, making presentations and starting a working group within UN – FAO.
  • Committed to ongoing research by continuing studies in an International MBA in Energy and Sustainable Development program after having received a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Studies.

Building and Managing Relationships and Partnerships

  • Initiated and secured funding for cross-departmental projects and activities by building relationships with key experts across departments, both within UN-FAO and within the development community.
  • Built and nurtured relationships with global partners of the GLOBEFISH  project through conference attendance, presentations and meetings with key decision makers, resulting in increased members and partners.
  • Secured buy-in and built public/private sector relationships with governmental organizations and the private sector within the “FishInfoNetwork” (FIN) to centralise online information systems through effective communication and negotiation
  • Ongoing building of relationships and communities across the globe – from the US and Africa to South America and Asia, through my blog

Resource Management

  • Saved US$20,000 annually by transferring a database from an off-site location in Switzerland to in-house location in UN - FAO. Developed the new database and improved its layout, making it more user friendly.
  • Saved US$10,000 annually by identifying cost effective in-house web development resources. Moving the management of the GLOBEFISH website to UN – FAO.

Strong Presentation and Communication Skills

  • Introduced and stimulated interest on the subject of aquatic biofuels as a result of a presentation on the subject given at the UN - FAO to the UN community.
  • Secured funds as a result of the interest generated through my presentation and was requested to build an UN – FAO website on the subject of aquatic biofuels.
  • Stimulates and encourages cross cultural communication by inviting people across the globe to visit and contribute to his blog, and connect via on-line networks.
  • Increased participation and membership from university researchers, the private sector and governmental organizations through the development of compelling on-line and print media, publications and newsletters for the GLOBEFISH UN – FAO programme.

Research and Writing

  • Written articles on aquatic biofuels featured in several publications including Biofuels International Online, UN – FAO in-Touch webpage, Eurofish Magazine, and UN – FAO cultural magazine CASA
  • Continues to write about his on-going research on aquatic biofuels as well as reporting on latest developments on his blog


United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN – FAO) 

Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

                                        August 2005 – present

Communication, Web and Partnership Development Associate                                          ROME, ITALY

Comitato Assistenza Italiani - Co.As.It                                                                     May 2004 – June 2005

Programme Development, Promotion and Management Specialist                                    ROME, ITALY

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN – FAO)                     

Fisheries and Aquaculture Department                                                          October 2002 – March 2004       

Communication, Web and Community Development Associate                                        ROME, ITALY

United Nations World Food Program (UN – WFP)                                          June 2001 – December 2001

Project and Team Leader                                                                                                          ROME, ITALY

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN – FAO) 

Sustainable Development Department                                                        June 1990 – September 2002

System and Global Communication Associate                                                                        ROME, ITALY


University of MaltaRome, Italy

International MBA in Energy and Sustainable Development, Class of 2009

Open University – Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours, in Environmental Studies, Class of 2004

Diploma in Environment and Development, Class of 2002


  • Mother tongue:          English, Italia
  • Fluent:                          French
  • Fair:                              Spanish
  • Hold dual Italian and Australian citizenship
  • Travelled in over 25 countries and 5 continents
  • Passionate about food and wine. Taught cooking classes to fellow food and wine enthusiasts.