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Ground – Breaking, Results Focused, Service Oriented, Professional; these are a few adjectives used by former managers, staff, peers and clients to describe Tonya Haynes.

With more than 25 years corporate experience, Ms. Haynes has breadth and depth of experience leading teams of 4 to 200, turning around ineffective organizations and call centers in addition to mapping and executing customer retention and engagement initiatives that increased client satisfaction levels. Tonya Haynes experience includes five years at middle management and 10 years at executive level.

Tonya’s leadership skills, customer focus, financial acumen and understanding of how to develop and shape data to move a business forward were sharpened working for Fortune 500 companies, such as; Mattel Toys, Hughes Aircraft Company, NBC/Universal and Automatic Data Processing (ADP). These positions of increasing responsibility definitely prepared Tonya for the 2002 launch of her company, Phoenix Business Development Group.

“Phoenix Business Development Group supports Executives, Human Resource Managers and Decision-Makers know instantly if their organization is on track or not! "

Through our methodology of AssessAlignCustomizeExecute, we guarantee;

• You understand your business’ strengths, weaknesses and growth areas• Your goals and objectives are positioned to dovetail with expected outcomes• Your team is ready to compete and win based on their unique skill sets• You can measure, manage and track the financial and non-financial performance of your most valued assets; PeopleProcessTechnology Tonya Haynes received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills is headquartered in Redondo Beach, California where she resides with her six sons and their dog.


2011 State of California Awardee for "Excellence in Technology Training" by California Resources and Training


Workflow Automation
Business Unit Start-Up/Turn-Around
Survey & Evaluation Creation
Business Intelligence
Business Strategy
Business Analysis

Work experience

Jun 2002Present

Chief Efficiency Officer

Phoenix Business Development Group

Tonya Haynes launched Phoenix Business Development Group in 2002. Phoenix Business Development Group is an organizational development and management consulting firm supporting Executives, Human Resource Managers and Decision-Makers achieve their goal of driving the helm of an efficient, effective, streamlined, profitable organization.

Business Process Improvement| Organizational Effectiveness| In-depth Assessments| Performance Management| Dashboards & Balanced Scorecards| Workflow Automation| Custom Evaluations & Surveys

“We help our clients engineer their organization for optimal performance!”

Under Tonya Haynes leadership

-Sales increased 81.8% over prior year

-Gross Profit increased 82.3% over previous year

-Net Income increased 95.1% over previous year

-Expenses were kept level at <25>

-Rating scale 1 (low) – 5 (high): Client satisfaction levels are an overall 4.9


oIdentify potential clients

oCreate and maintain positive client relationships

oCapitalize on up line opportunities

Accounting & Finance:

oEnsure invoicing is accurate and timely (<45>

oPerform follow – up on all AR, AP matters

oIdentify, Create, and Develop key performance indicators for daily, weekly and monthly reporting of Sales, Performance and Customer Feedback

•            Marketing & Branding:

oDevelop, integrate and report on performance of marketing strategies

oIdentify relationships that will support the brand of both company and service initiatives

oResponsible for maintaining marketing budget

Customer Relationship, Engagement & Retention:

oSetup and execute quarterly calls to existing client base

oCreated end to end customer feedback and evaluation method

oFollow – up on all client concerns

Business Development:

oDeveloped new business within the Non – Profit and governmental sectors

oInitiated new service segments in the areas of; Professional Development, Business Development, Paid Speaking opportunities

oCapitalized on marketing and branding opportunities within the social marketing arena

•            Technology Infrastructure:

oImplemented and integrated remote, collaborative software to ensure that the consultant team is directly connected and can access needed resources

oEnsure server and network infrastructure is able to accommodate company growth

oMaintain and control capital budget

Aug 2005Jun 2007

Client Services Director

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

- Oversee the overall positive outcomes for garnishment processing for custodial/non-custodial parents throughout the U.S.

- Manage the "garnishment and payroll" needs of 200 major clients throughout the Northern and Mid-Western regions.

- Ensure that 45 Account Managers are proactive in their ability to address, follow-up and follow-through on the concerns of their assigned client base and their employees.

- Datamine, Collect and Create customized reporting that proves the performance of the Client Services Group.

- Guarantee that processes are streamlined, working effectively and in a timely manner between the Client Services Group, Call Center, Garnishment Processing, Legal Department (internally/externally), Production Control, Client and Custodial/Non Custodial Parent(s)

- Present data/reporting and finding to EVP Level Management and at staff meetings

- Appraise/Reward/Correct and develop team of 45 Account Managers

- Awarded an average Score 3.8 by my statff on the Q12 360 Appraisal which well exceeded the minimum requirement of 2.5

- 50% travel (2 weeks out of each month)

Oct 1997Apr 2002

Help Desk Operations Manager

Aerospace Corporation

When I first arrived in October 1997, the Customer Support Organization was a consistent source of distress for the 7,500+ internal customers it served. As the representative of the I.T. department and the liaison between the client community and staff, I spent the next three months performing in-depth assessments, surveys and evaluations, presentations and meetings to understand the requirements of all concerned. At the end of three months I presented a 4 phase, 8 month plan to turn around a business unit that at that time was destined for outsourcing.

My Challenge: Creating a customer support and solution infrastructure that served the technical needs of 7,500 decentralized clients in a diverse server, networking, hardware and software environment.

Phase I: Data Capturing (30 Days)

•Performed a series of lunch & learns with clients and I.T. organization to gain insight into strengths, weaknesses, growth areas

•Researched, Identified then implemented Automatic Call Routing Technology to capture call activity, durations, skill levels, resolution rates and abandon activity

•Identified and Integrated Problem-Tracking/Ticketing system to gain uniformity to call/problem types, priorities, categories; track strong performers, automate and improve manual process/workflows; build our online lessons learned database; use smart problem solving module for gaining better ROI for new Reps

•Customized surveys/evaluations for submission to I.T. Management, Staff and Clients; Input data and shared outcomes of where we are in addition to goals. Measure, monitored and tracked each step

Phase II: Staffing (90 Days)

•Create job profile for personnel that have hard/soft skills, culture fit and experience

•Work with Human Resources to update and create job descriptions, set-up interviews, onboard staff

•Built an interview an on-boarding process that included representatives from each organization within the I.T. department in addition to 2 representatives from client community

•Developed customized training program that became “gold” standard within company

Phase III: Sustainability & Growth (60 Days, concurrently w/P1 & P2)

•Developed Service Level Agreements between business units and created standard priorities (codes 1-6), better defined categories and measurable timeframes

•Built a representative team of managers from each area and one client rep who met daily to discuss successes, failures and improvement plans

•Designed streamlined workflows, automated processes and moved offline information onto online platforms

•Built cross functional training teams to support; e-Mail support (Outlook Exchange, Lotus Notes), Networking/ Server Infrastructure, UNIX, CITRIX and Virtual Private Network (VPN) environments

•Grew one-tier inbound call center to three-tier solution and support infrastructure consisting of 15 centrally located and 10 remotely located Technical Support Professionals

Phase IV: Personalization, Customization and Continuous Improvement (60-90 Days, concurrently w/P2 & P3)

•Automated Survey and Evaluation process that distributed to caller after each ticket closed

•Developed Career Laddering and Specialized Teams within Solution Center;

oTeams - Root Cause, Network/Server Infrastructure, VIP Support

oSteps - Quality Assurance, Break Fix, Request Desk, Team Lead, Supervisor, Manager, Director

•Added self-serve client options: Ticket check, Access to survey/evaluation results, web-chat, e-Mail inbox

•Added skill-based routing and Callback routing options to ACD

•Designed workstation setup to apply ergonomic and collaborative/team environment

•Solidified Vision, Mission, Values in writing

By the end of Phase II client satisfaction had improved 43% and by the end of Phase IV the Solution Center(new name) was no longer a concern.

Nov 1995May 2000

Help Desk Manager


Led a team of four Technical Support Professionals on the night shift, supporting an environment that took 30K inbound calls a month for more than 30K employees both domestically and internationally.

The night shift was responsible for balancing both inbound/outbound calls to users, in addition to performing implementations, testing and managing projects within the technical, network and server environments.

·Tested and integrated problem – tracking system (Remedy)

·Implemented network monitoring system (HP Openview)

·Lead Manager for testing, integrating and implementing remote control software (SMS)

·Teamed with Networking support team to upgrade and install server infrastructure

·Responsible for managing, providing performance reviews and preparing team of four Technical Service Professionals to succeed

·Maintain monthly business unit performance reporting



Jan 2001Dec 2003

Bachelor's of Science

California State University, Dominguez Hills


Apr 2011Apr 2014


Supplier Clearing House


Department of Defense