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Work experience

Nov 2012Jun 2015

Research and development engineer

Four Pilliars Enterprise Co,Ltd

Searching for suitable materials for adhesive  product development

Formula design an trial in lab

Physical properties test and study

Product transfer from lab trial to mass production

Clients visits and exhibition participation


Sep 2010Jun 2012


National Taiwan University Chemical Engineering Department

 Process synthesis engineering skills including analysis and software operating.

Divided-wall column studying.

Sep 2006Jun 2010


National Taiwan University Chemical Engineering Department

Process engineering and unit operation.

Basic chemistry and physics study.

Engineering mathematics and other useful analysis skills.


          As  the  eldest  child  in  my  family,  I  have  two  little  sisters  who  are  respectively  7  and  8  years  younger  than  I  am.  My  father  is  a  businessman  who  works  a  lot  on  running  his  own  company  while  my  mother  works  in  China  and  live  there.  Thus,  I  had  to  take  care  of  my  sisters  while  I  was  in  junior  high  school.  Because  of  the  experience  of  taking  care  of  them,  I  grant  the  sense  of  responsibility  since  my  childhood.  I  am  also  deeply  affected  by  my  parents’  life  style,  I  take  job  as  a  very  important  part  in  life.  I  know  I  will  devote  to  my  work  and  always  do  the  best  just  like  what  they  did.
          During  my  high  school  period,  I  met  a  very  good  English  teacher  and  she  initiated  my  interest  in  English.  Not  only  did  I  pay  lots  of  attention  in  class,  but  also  I  studied  English  magazine  everyday  in  order  to  enhance  my  listening  ability.  Keeping  studying  English  magazine  while  in  college,  I  also  attended  the  GEPT  and  Toeic  test.  I  passed  the  high-intermediate  level  of  GEPT  and  got  925  on  my  Toeic  test.  To  further  improve  my  oral  ability,  I  chose  an  American  professor  as  my  advisor  in  my  graduation  school.  With  his  help,  I  improved  a  lot.  Not  only  can  I  used  English  to  discuss  the  problem  and  progress  on  my  research  with  him  fluently  but  also  I  finished  my  thesis  defense  with  English.  After  all  this  I  felt  quite  confident  about  my  English  ability.
          I  studied  in  the  chemical  engineering  department  of  National  Taiwan  University.  Due  to  the  heavy  load  our  major  courses,  I  am  well  trained  about  the  chemical  engineering  basic  knowledge.  These  majors  include  unit  operation,  transport  phenomenon,  thermodynamic  and  reaction  engineering.  There  are  also  chemical  field  courses  such  as  physical  chemistry,  organic  chemistry  and  analytical  chemistry.  I  took  engineering  mathematics  and  material  science  in  engineering  field.  All  of  these  above  provided  me  a  well-rounded  education  of  chemical  engineering.  Other  than  that,  I  took  many  general  knowledge  courses  and  the  program  design  classes  of  information  engineering  department  due  to  my  own  interest.  Besides,  to  improve  my  language  ability,  I  took  Japanese  class  in  NTU.  I  tried  to  equip  all  the  skills  I  will  need  in  the  future  in  college  and  now  I  am  well  prepared.
          I  thought  it  is  necessary  for  me  to  study  in  graduation  school  because  there  are  more  to  learn  in  chemical  engineering  field.  After  passing  the  graduation  school  qualifying  test,  I  entered  the  process  synthesis  engineering  lab.  In  order  to  have  a  deeper  look  into  the  core  of  chemical  engineering  -  process  design  and  process  simulation,  I  made  the  decision  to  join  this  group.  The  topic  of  my  research  was  “The  design  of  the  divided  wall  column”.  It  is  about  how  to  save  more  energy  in  the  most  commonly  used  chemical  engineering  unit  –distillation  column.  Using  Aspen  Plus  as  my  simulation  tool,  I  can  simulate  the  unsteady  state  condition  of  the  distillation  column.  Due  to  lacking  of  reliable  design  methods  so  far,  I  designed  a  short  cut  method  to  determine  the  stage  number  of  the  divided  wall  distillation  column.  I  was  very  interested  in  my  research  and  devoted  a  lot  into  it.  When  I  graduated,  I  had  a  very  complete  thesis  about  my  whole  research.
           After few job interviews, I entered Four Pillars as my first job. Not only because I love doing research and studying latest information, I am also interested in developing products that people use in daily lives. I learned a lot in Four Pillars. I worked on masking labels and printable primer search. Despite the trial and error part, studying is the key to develop the product. When it comes to mass production, what really matter are the details: the drying temperature, the tension online and many factors which not until I am at the site can I find problems based on my own experience. It’s the part I love the most, to see the scale-up happens and finally make it to the market. Due to it’s a small scale company, I have to contact suppliers by myself instead of our purchasing agent. Through these experiences, I knew better about how to deal with them and more details of the materials. Besides, I’ve been on business trips to China for client visits and labelexpos. There are always shorts to improve and the client’s feedbacks are the direction for us to fix those shorts. Meeting with clients pushed me and my products to a better level and most important of all is to see the market. With the client visits and labelexpo as well, I know better about what’s on the market and what others achieved. Those are great experience for me when I worked on my projects, because they’re the connection between lab and market. With the work experience in Four Pillars, I am now much better know the whole picture about being a product development engineer.


Computer softwares





TOEIC score 930

GEPT Mid-High level passed


JLPT level 4th passed

Able to understand basic Japanese(Based on the exam center)