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lead reporter
lead reporter for my school news, proven to my teacher and my peers that i can be a leader within the classroom and help others with reporting bits for our broadcast
took time to interview students, teachers, and coaches this year for journalism peices that eventually turned into reporting peices
news anchorwoman
school news anchorwoman for my high school, 2010-2011

Rights & Responsibilities

A news student should show the traits of: trustworthiness, respectfulness, honesty, drive, patience, and shoul strive to be a leader in as many ways as possible!


Responsibility is a major trait that I had to obtain during the many situations of my leadership role. I had to make sure that all the tasks given to me were in the best quality, arrived on time to the editer, and were something that i would fully be proud to call mine as soon as I saw it on our schools moniters. I used responisbility in and out of the classroom because I have to make sure that I'm respresenting my many activities, that I'm involved in, in a positive light. Responsibility isn't just doing a job set before you. It's overachieving in whatever the task is that's given to me and making sure that months or years from now... I would be proud of my work because of all the energy I put into it!


in school activities:

~school news group, lead reporter, and anchorwoman

~Varsity level choir group A Capella

~Varsity softball player

~F.C.A., future christian athletes

out of school activities:

~youth church group member

~youth church band member, singer

~technician for a physical therapist

Personal Initiavtive

My own personal works of initiative that i took this year were: learning some brand-new programs on the computer(self taught) like:premiere pro, made videos for the varsity/JV softball and football teams to overview their best players, best plays, and just a look of their overall season, stepped forward as a lead reporter and was able to lead other students in the news group.

Goals for Next Year

Next year my goal is to be noticed by at least 2 colleges because of my softball, news, or choir programs! I'm striving to get a scholarship for one or more of these things because these extracurricular activities are something that I might possibly want to pursue outside of high school. I have proven to myself, my peers, and my adult leaders that I can do anything that I set my mind to. If I wanted to make a video for a sport at my school... I could do it. If i wanted to teach myself a peice of music and sing it with a group of other choir students... i could do it. If I wanted to help my softball team get a number of outs in a game... I could it.

I can set my mind for anything and I know that my goal for next year WILL be reached.

My Highlight

The pressure of having to accomplish a project on my own was invigourating, yet stressful. I offered to make a highlight video of the East varsity softball team for their banquet. I am ironically on the team, as well as being apart of the school news group, Blue-i News. I so badly wanted to take pride in my work as I countinued to lean over the keyboard with a headache starting to take over me. This is my baby, MY video, my pride and joy. I had to prove to my news teacher, Mrs. Henderson, and my softball coach that I was able to balance my work and do a great job on ALL the tasks given to me. I had been working a total of 13 hours in one week, along with going to school and begining to look over notes for finals. My eyes burned from the brightness of the computer screen, but I longed to finish. I was almost done with the last half of my project, I just needed to finish pulling together all the audio and video... so everything could fall into place. Yes, almost finished! Just one more thing... done! The overwhelming pride set it as I took a peaceful moment to close my tired eyes. I had never been so satisfied of something as i watched my final product roll across the screen. Satisfaction was the only word to describe it. It was complete, and i also felt that a part of finding myself had been accomplished. I found something I loved to do and I knew I was good at it. What a feeling!

best work:

shown above is my link to one of my youtube videos, this video is an overview of all the film/footage i got from our high schools games. i was able to show this at one of our schools functions as "the main event" in front of my whole student body.

above is my link to my youtube video, where i got footage of my schools choir program and there recent project

above is my link to my youtube video of my schools news crew going to WFAA channel 8 news station and our adventure

Self Summary

~High school student, hardworking, obedient, positive attitude, great social skills, and responsible with many activites involved in:

      ~ Wylie East Blue-i News

      ~ East varsity softball

      ~ East varsity choir group