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Tonina Baranović

Financial consultant / Finance professional 

Work experience

Apr 2014Present

Financial consultant /business consultant 

Adacta d.o.o.

Responsibility for finance, accounting and controlling  in ERP implementation process.

Legal requirements compliance (Tax, IFRS and HSFI).

Adequate support to companies accounting policies and procedures.

The role of Financial Consultant requires the ability to work with Accounting & Finance managers to clearly understand the requirements and objectives for the ERP implementation. Financial Consultants work directly with the client to understand their overall Financial Process & Reporting requirements to ensure that the ERP system meets the overall needs of the organization. Develop an understanding of customer’s financial requirements and objectives then translate to ERP. Lead client implementation of ERP software to enable streamlined coordination of order-to-cash cycle, including inventory management, cost accounting, and financial accounting processes within a single application. Train end users on application functionality and application-integrated programs. 

Jul 2013Jan 2014

CFO and Head of accounting 

Krzno d.d.

As  chief financial officer i was accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company,  including the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

Responsibility for financial statements of the company, preparation, cooperation with auditors, monitoring, implementation and coordination of all changes in accounting and tax regulations and its implementation in company’s accounting policies.

Risk management operations of the company.

Liquidity management.

Responsibility for relations with banks, potential investors, insurance companies, tax authority, treasury management

Cash flow management, develop financial and tax strategies, cash forecast ad cash balances.

Plan and analysis, defining strategic and operative plans and their implementation.

Preparing investment studies and business plans for applying for Government funds. 

Develop performance measures that support the company's strategic direction.


President of the MB

Krzno d.d.

While the emphasis of this role is finance, it includes responsibilities for managing a breadth of staff functions and requires both strategic and tactical roles.

.Responsibility to Supervisory Board and General Assembly for development and implementation of business strategy(long and midterm business plans, strategy implementation and its execution); daily responsibilities for all parts of the company-purchasing, sales, R&D, HR with emphasis on finance.

Organizing and leading Board meetings. 

Organizing company’s articles of association. 

Practical experience in commercial law in Croatia. 

Defining company’s  internal policies and procedures. 

Purchasing- managing relations  with business partners, researching new sources of raw materials and sales.

R&D – authorization of new product lines, profitability and feasibility studies, production organization

Sales – contacts with key buyers, negotiations, defining financial terms

Finance – contacts with banks, insurance and leasing companies, production financing activities, reporting; plan and analysis, audit, budgeting, investment studies, business plans, budgeting, forecasting 

HR – conducting interviews with employees , development of current employees 



Audit senior 

Audit senior ensures successful completion of assigned audit engagements, from start to finish, inclusive of preplanning and wrap up activities. Depending on assigned engagement, reports to one or more member(s) of the Internal Audit senior management team. Manages and directs daily activities of more junior auditors assigned to assist the Supervising Auditor during an engagement. Applies risk and control concepts to scenarios encountered and identifies any potential issues. Communicates identified issues with Internal Audit senior management to ensure any potential concerns are addressed in a timely and effective manner.  Identifies and communicates issues raised, offering recommended solutions relevant to business and risk .Ensures audit conclusions are based on a complete understanding of the process, circumstances, and risk. Develops audit programs and testing procedures relevant to risk and test objectives. •Obtains and reviews evidence ensuring audit conclusions are well-documented .Ensures adherence at all times to all applicable department and professional standards .Communicates assigned tasks to engagement team in a manner that is clear and concise ensuring high quality, accurate, and efficient results. Organizes personal effort along with those of junior auditors to be risk-based, productive, and efficient at all times . Ensures adequate focus on personal professional growth relevant to taking on more challenging assignments, in line with standard audit career progression – proactively seeks relevant Education and training opportunities.

It includes analysis of financial statements, IFRS ; forensic accounting; IPO: experience in financial institutions-banks, leasing companies, investment funds and manufacturing

During this period i was conducting internal trainings for employees.




Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Specialist knowledge in finance and accounting,organisational management and strategy


BA in Finance 

University of Zagreb, Faculty of economics and business, major in Finance 

Emphasis is put on finance, including financial institutions and markets, financial markets laws and regulations, risks and insurance, monetary analysis, liquidity management, fiscal policy, public debt and international taxes. 



Croatian - native 


Understanding C2 Excellent 
Speaking C2Excellent 
Writting C2Excellent 


Understanding B1Basic
Speaking B1Basic
Writting B1Basic


Understanding B1Basic
Speaking B1Basic
Writting B1Basic
Social skills and competencies

Leadership – experience in being responsible for the whole company

Team work and team leading – leading teams within a company, team work with executive directors and other team leaders

Great communication skills

  • At the position of the President of the MB- on daily basis  in direct contact with business partners, banks, employees, external associates and governmental institutions, other board members, SB members, shareholders
  •  Upward and downward communication and reporting – downward to employees budget and plans, implementation of new ideas; and upward to Supervisory Board and General Assembly execution of strategy, plans, budgets
  • Developed working as auditor – direct connection between client and audit team

Presentation skills– presentation of the company/ project to potential and existing business partners

Experience in handling crises situations -  faced with different delicate situations within the company and in the outside world

Managing  different terms and conditions; understanding the “big picture” and ability to notice and analyze details, innovative; practical , passionate about the job that I am conducting

Organizational skills  and competencies

Time management - multitasking and prioritizing

Good at working under pressure and in limited time frames.

Organizational skills – organization of business of the whole company, prioritizing, goal oriented.

Analytical approach to problem solving, decision making and operative execution of those decisions.

Problem solving and decision making

Technical skills and competencies 

In my professional experience I gained technical skills in

  • commerce law, company law and other relevant legal regulative
  • tax requirements
  • financial analysis, business analysis, planning, budgeting and plan execution
  • process optimization, great understanding of the business environment, stratigic planing skills and business development process. 
  • ERP Implementation
  • Microsoft trainings
  • Scrum methodology
  • Government grants

Computer skills and competencies 

Microsoft office

Microsoft AX


Other skills and competencies

B category driving licence 

"Art of living" workshops

Creative, optimistic, positive

Charity work