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Born in Czechoslovakia, horse trainer and riding instructor Tom Valter started performing as an equestrian when he was only five years old. Active with horses throughout his entire life, Valter moved to the United States in the 1970s and remained connected to the animals. During his first years in the U.S., he finished all levels of California riding championships with his horse Helios. Throughout the 1980s, Tom Valter continued to excel in this realm by acquiring numerous medals from the United States Dressage Foundation (USDF), as well as Horse of the Year from the organization; serving as the United States Representative to the World Championship in Toronto; and becoming a United States Equestrian Team Foundation Grand Prix Champion. During the following decade, Valter garnered a silver medal at the Pan American Games in Cuba and a bronze medal at the USDF Grand Prix Vintage Cup. The 2000s saw him achieving high rankings in contests held by the Fédération Equestre Internationale, the USDF, the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association, and the Dressage Association of Southern California. Tom Valter still competes in state, national, and international events with a Lusitano gelding and a Swedish warmblood. In addition to winning these honors, Tom Valter teaches others about proper horse training, riding, and dressage, and some of his students have obtained championships themselves. One way in which Tom Valter enlightens people is through clinics. Although he is located in California, he conducts these relaxed sessions across the country in Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Nevada. At these classes, Tom Valter answers questions and discusses his career for both amateur and advanced riders.

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