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I am a capable professional in many areas of work! I have a diverse background in personal, service oriented jobs involving fitness, education, and moving services. My goals for this year are to declare my marketing major at SDSU and hold a 3.5+ GPA, keep myself busy with a satisfying occupation, and expand my network of friends and colleagues through various work-related and social outlets.


To acquire a position in 2010 demanding a high level of performance, integrity, and creativity, in a field which will parallel my educational experiences and goals.


Sep 2007Present


San Diego State University

I am a third year student at San Diego State University.  I'm a finance major in the huge Business College, declaring next semester and working towards my Bachelor's degree.  I hope to pursue education after SDSU, either to acquire a Law degree or Master's in business or some other field.


Darryl Dadon

Darryl has been a writing client of mine for two years.  With my guidance, Darryl has improved his writing and research skills in several of his classes, leading to plus points on his GPA. 



Web Searching and Networking Skills
Part of what makes the Internet so amazing is that almost all the information we could ever need is online.  But, sometimes finding the information one needs can be tricky.  Therefore, it's important to have mastery of search engines and be able to comb the web for bits of useful info.  I consider myself an expert Google searcher, and my access to academic databases via SDSU and my high school allows me more options than the standard webcrawler.  I have extensive experience with LinkedIn and Facebook, and I try to stay on top of the game in terms of new web applications and experiences. 
Personal Training and Nutrition
Towards the end of high school, I started to put a lot of effort into eating as best I could to support my active body.  These efforts have resulted in a complete dedication to fitness and nutrition, educating myself through extensive research about the biology and science of working out and eating.  At the beginning of the year I plan to submit applications to local nutrition and fitness stores.
Academic Writing
Writing has been my strong point for years--I scored a 720 on the SAT writing section.  My editing and revising skills are top-notch, and for the past three years, I've been a writing tutor and assistant to both lower and upper division SDSU students.  My clients come from all different classes with their writing woes, from English 220 to Anthropology 402.  Last year, I helped two older friends of mine both pass RWS280 with A's after performing miserably in 100, 200, and on the WPA.
Microsoft Office
I have about 10 years of experience with Microsoft Office, mainly Word, Power Point, and Excel.  I have some experience with Access.

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Academic Writing Specialist


Here at SDSU, I manage a client base of usually about 5-10 students per semester, working with them on various writing projects that they need help with.  Through collaborative research, drafting and editing, my clients and I masterfully construct essays and reports that simply outshine what other students can create. 

Dec 2008Present

Moving assistant

Best Way Moving Helpers

Best Way Movers provide excellent performance, speed, and care when servicing all of your moving needs. 

Jun 2006Aug 2009

Swim Instructor

Little Fish Swim School

Instructed swimmers from age 1 to adult in groups and individual formats.  Provided specialized care for multiple handicapped children with Autism and Down's Syndrome.  Organization is unique in accepting all children, regardless of physical or mental disability. 

May 2005Aug 2007

Assistant Coach

Almaden Gators Swim Team

Coached a cabana swim team of over 150 swimmers.  Collaborated with a team of coaches in planning practices and meets with specialized software, organized team events and activities, coordinated production of team newsletter and swimmer stat sheets.