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Chinese, American, Israel, European


I like playing tenniis and golf,  I also like outdoor sport such as climbing mountain, swimming


-Twelve years factory management experience covering purchasing, procurement/sourcing, logistics and supply chain, material/production planning and supplier quality control etc.

-High-level,  strategic business attitude and strategy analytical thinker, adept at quick problem identification and solution, efficiently handling multitude of projects and complete them on schedule

-Familiar with the raw material/parts--- Plastic Die/Tooling, Plastic Injection Parts, Plastic resin/pigment, Metal part (structure part), Mechanical parts, Die casting part, Steel/cooper, Small stamping/punching parts, Electronic components/parts, compressor, motor, , packaging/printing, Productive equipment and its accessories, consumables, powder coating, electric plating, steel cutting/bending, water transfer printing ... etc

-Good business sense, sound engineering background and technical aptitude,  very familiar with SAP and Oracle system

-Strong resources and supplier integration ability

-Many good thinkings on value engineering, inventory control (Lowest

inventory management system and VMI) and Lean manufacturing to

realize cost reduction

-Abundant working experience in multinational companies, adept at

commercial negotiation and bidding and the application of purchase


-Rich experience in material sourcing, supplier selection and supplier


-Excelling in cost analyzing and controlling

-Good interpersonal and inter-functional communication skills, good

negotiation skill, good presentation skill, fluent English.


Purchasing/Sourcing/Procurement/Supply Chain Manager or Director, 

Factory Operation Manager or Director,  Senior Commodity/Project Manager


Work experience

May 2002Dec 2008

Senior Purchasing & Supply Manager

Concord Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  • Concord is a one of leading U.S manufacturer specializing in the design, production and sales of digital camera with a wholly owned factory in China (Shenzhen) with 8500 workers,we are the key business partner of Polaroid.


-Report to Managing Director, responsible for day-to-day material management of the plant, i.e. Purchasing, Procurement/Sourcing, PMC, SQE, Warehouse, Logistic/Shipping etc., closely liaise with inter-departments, resolve cross departmental problems, overcome most critical challenges in various functions of China factory for ensuring manufacturing processes in efficiency; -Establish Operational objectives and assignments including Purchasing, SQE, Warehouse and Shipping.-Define and execute operational programs in line with strategic plans and annual operating objectives.

-Establish and oversee the implementation of operation systems, policies and processes

-Meet with Executive Leadership at least monthly to review and evaluate KPI's - New vendor searching and developing, quotation analysis and comparison, locate, evaluate, identify and qualify the Right supplier.

-Categorize different type of material and part into different rating and conduct the corresponding purchasing strategy and policy for the key material & main parts, contract these categorized material/parts with supplier in the most favorable interests of our company.

-Negotiate the best price and other transaction terms (payment term, shipment term, delivery term, and quality assuring term, penalty etc.) with supplier. If necessary, organize bidding (reverse auction) for some parts and select the most favorable suppliers to cooperate with us after bidding (Normally we collect and invite 3 qualified suppliers join our bidding);

-Optimize supply chain, lead and implement VMI system, closely monitor supplier’s production schedule and inventory.

-Responsible for order fulfillment, lead the team to keep close tracking for each PO delivery, and make sure supplier could deliver material on schedule.

-Keep close watch on PPV report, and keep supplier not increasing price unreasonably, and work with supplier for cost down program for some of our long term or big-purchasing-volume material.

-Handle order and forecast, run material requisition in ERP, make production schedule, monitor material preparation and production execution till punctual shipment is implemented

-Routine management to SQE, set up SOPs for SQE operations, establish supplier evaluation/identification/qualifying/disqualifying criteria and supplier quality assurance system.

-Summarize Quality performance for each supplier according to IQC report, and request supplier to improve quality by powerful push.

Major Achievements:

1Developed and executed Just-In-Time Purchasing and Production system in support of the Lean Manufacturing and Warehousing

2Under the tough marketing circumstances, realized cost reduction -- USD 2.7 Million for in 2005, and 1.6 Million in 2006, 1.1 Million in 2007

3Supplier base was greatly optimized, some more professional & competitive suppliers entered our AVL

4Started off the System for periodical supplier rotation and buyer job rotation

5Lead Time is reduced from 9-25 days to 3-12 days for domestic purchase

Reference:Mr. Peter ChanTitle: Managing DirectorTel: 00852 – 93393390 (HK)

The other written reference document will be provided upon request.

Jun 2002May 2004

Purchasing Manager

Electra Air-conditioning (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Electra is one of global leading air-conditioner manufacturer with its own brand from Israel, it is the subsidiary plant of Israel Elco Group, there are 2300 workers in Shenzhen plant.


-Ensure that all purchasing operation (sourcing & purchasing team) to be running in good condition within the whole structure

-Optimize supplier base by developing and sourcing for qualified and competitive potential supplier for cost reduction and saving, day-to-day cross price comparison by constantly collecting marketing information, which keeps us standing at beneficial position while facing to any supplier

-Keep good OTD (On-Time-Delivery) and JIT (Just-In-Time) performance by close delivery tracking and internal inventory observation (Inventory Report).

-Make purchasing contract or frame agreement with supplier for different categories of material/part

-Review and renegotiate price with supplier on a quarterly base, keep close watch on PPV (Purchase Price Variance) report

-Periodically visit supplier to monitor their production, delivery and quality situation

-Make detailed quarterly Job Goal and Yearl Departmental Job Objective, and present it to Boss for review

-Review KPI with the subordinates on a half year’s base.

-Take the responsibility for NPI, support new program from sourcing side, and close cooperation with R&D department in handling new program

-Coach buyer on their working skill and career ethic.

Major Achievenment:

1.Work out sourcing and purchasing strategy for each category of material – such as tooling/plastic, passive electronic component, mechanical/metal parts etc.

2.Make the supply chain & supplier base obviously optimized

3.Basically realized Just-In-Time for the main material, and improve the percentage of punctual delivery from 81% to 97%.

Reference: Mr. Roger WangTitle: HR/Adm. DirectorTel: +86 - 139 0 2313240

The other written reference document will be provided upon request.

Nov 1997Jun 2002

Purchasing Supervisor

IDT Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

IDT is HK listed company specializing the production of walkie-talkie and EMS for computer and communication products , there are over 15000 workers in Shenzhen Factory.

Position: Purchasing officer /Purchasing Supervisor (Got promoted in May 1999)Report to: Purchasing Manager


-Mainly lead my subordinates to handle the purchase on oversea material

-Handle product accessories and electronic components and Handle the productive equipment

New responsibility after promotion:

-Mainly accountable for analyzing & evaluating the purchasing cost

-Supervising & controlling the purchase processing

-Cross-comparing & checking all the ongoing purchasing prices & varieties of quotations;

-Developing new vendors & localizing the oversea material/parts, optimizing supply chain management, vendor management

-Dividing the material/parts into different categories with accordance to its value and proportion of the purchasing amount as well as its chemical & physical character;

-Make the corresponding purchasing strategy upon actual marketing situations,

-Being responsible for the purchasing for some trading items – finished goods purchase for some specific customer,

-Participating in the approval procedure for the relevant quotations and all the POs simultaneously

-Improve the relevant working procedure and standardized them accordingly.

All the referee document information will be provided upon request.


Purchasing/Sourcing/Supply Chain Management
I have undertaken the related job on purchasing, sourcing, supply chain, logistics and quality management for 12 years,  and got the sound achievement in the past
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
I have undertaken the relevant job on purchasing, sourcing, supply chain, quality management for 12 years
Electromechanical,  Mechanical, Eletronics, Industrial Structure Engineering and Value engineering


Dec 1997Apr 2008

Professional Training & Ceritficates

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