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Objectives/ Career Goals 

My career goal is to come back to Freeman in year 11 and 12 so I can complete my high school certificate (HSC) so i can make it into university and from ill start my future career. 

Education 2015

Primary School:

John the Baptist primary school:

I started kindergarten in 2005 and finished my primary schooling in year 6 with a graduation in 2011

High School:

Freeman catholic college:

Year 10 Subjects:

  • English 
  • Mathematics (Pathway 2)
  • Science 
  • History / Geography 
  • Information and software technology 
  • Graphics
  • Religion 

Employment History

  • I have volunteered to help out in marathons (The Sydney morning herald half marathon 2015)  

Employment Related Skills


  • I am fairly confident at talking in front of an audience or just my classmates  
  • I am able to understand and speak vietnamese
  • My 5 years of playing soccer has increase my confidents of speaking to my friends on and off the field


  • I have had experience with team work very well because i have had experience at soccer on and off the field, this also refers to in class with a partner or group work  
  • I have been a member of soccer for 5 years (freeman soccer club) 


  • I am interested with Mathematics and Technology 


  • I am able to use the following software programs:
  1. Microsoft Programs (Word, powerpoint)
  2. Excel
  3. Adobe Programs (photoshop, dreamweaver etc)
  4. Virtual Box
  5. Google Sketch Up

Special Achievements And Awards

2011-2015 Making it in the Athletics Team and Representing my school 

2014-2015 I have been in the relay for my house (Mackillop) 


Hobbies And Interests

Mathematics, Drawing, Soccer, Running, Technology and I'm very Adventurous 


Mr F Lui


Green Valley 

Phone: 0403461621