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Tom Johnson has served as Chief Executive Officer for merchant solutions company Media Communications Corp. (MCC) since 1988. During that time, he has helped numerous online merchants to optimize profitability through the acquisition and retention of customers. Through Media Communications Corp., Tom Johnson has secured and managed more than a million customer relationships on behalf of business-to-consumer clients.To help clients achieve their customer base goals, MCC applies online and mobile marketing strategies as well as communication strategies. With extensive campaign management experience, Tom Johnson’s company offers effective strategies such as product development, order confirmation campaigns, sales, and collections. MCC reaches out to both existing and potential clients, broadening clients’ reach and optimizing their potential for success. Additionally, MCC's affiliate program combines these services with additional opportunities to optimize profitability and increase connections with customers.MCC's affiliate company, Customer Benefit Services, Inc., also adds value through the addition of a variety of back office solutions. Customer Benefit Services offers a full range of customer service processes, as well as web design, accounting, and programming. Combined, the two companies take on crucial responsibilities so that merchant clients can focus on providing the products and services their customers need.Applying his more than 20 years of service experience, Tom Johnson remains committed to helping every client company meet its goals for customer base and revenue, utilizing specialized and proven outreach strategies. He also oversees strategy and planning for Media Communications Corp., a responsibility that makes use of the skills that have brought success to his many clients.

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Media Communications Corporation
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Customer Benefits Services Inc.