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Work experience


Home working internet program and helping clients and friends 

Getting hired for adjusting photos,creating photo's with professional camera,making quite good blogs,assistance in making new idea's and plans to make a good job!



Tehnician for Eye Optics

Obrtnička Škola Split

Tehnician for Eye Optics is a way as You already know for making lenses and making people sight more brighter and cleaner! We are learning here how to make lenses for different eyeglass frames by a hand on drilling machines and making them fits perfectly to every patient. 


IT Student 

OŠ Majstora Radovana

Learning new abilities on internet,making progress in groups and creating confidence in every view in the future making us ready to get in best hand's in present/future jobs! 


Facebook Promoter

Making easy way to promote companies and trying to land a job in fastest time and in highest quality and in a time make You one step further!  

More personal for creating even friendship!

Hi! As you see my name is Tomislav and I'm from Croatia from a small town Trogir. I'm an amateur in trying to make some small income so I can afford some day a little house just because  I wan't to be alone without my parent always looking after me what I'm doing. As You can see I'm making these and I'm trying to give my best in every sight of jobs and willing to learn new activities in future. There is a lot of space for me and of course for You! Try me and see what I am capable of! I am ready to help You in every problem and make   positive feedback which is most important anywhere you look! 

You have my facebook profile linked in right corner of this page. Just send me a message or you can send and email! Enjoy your time making more friends and let your job spread Worldwide! See You