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Tom Gores, Platinum Equity Chairman and CEO, brings a broad background of acquisitions experience, technological expertise and operational knowledge to his fast-growing, yet strategically focused M&A&O (mergers, acquisitions and operations) organization. From the corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Tom Gores serves as chairman of the board, overseeing strategic development and direction for each of the companies currently in the Platinum portfolio. Platinum typically acquires businesses from leading, Fortune 500 companies.

Since the Company’s founding in 1995, Platinum Equity has been recognized by top business publications as one of the largest and fastest-growing, private companies in the United States, most recently ranking #19 on Forbes’ Largest Private Companies list for 2008.

Prior to establishing Platinum in 1995, Tom Gores was an active investor in startup operations and while doing so, developed a philosophy of “managed entrepreneurship” – a principle critical to his success in creating new value in all Platinum-owned companies. Tom Gores combines his M&A acumen and operational knowledge to execute unique acquisition strategies that have driven the rapid growth of Platinum Equity to a multi-billion-dollar revenue base in just over 14 years.

In that time, Tom Gores has also built up a deep infrastructure of more than 100 M&A&O professionals dedicated to the fulfillment of the transaction process from acquisition through operations. This dynamic staff is part of Platinum’s unique corporate culture, which is guided by Tom Gores’ leadership principles and core values that have charted Platinum’s course to success.

With an estimated current net worth of $2.2 billion dollars, he was ranked in 2009 by Forbes’ as one of the richest Americans and the 334th-richest person in the world.

Tom Gores is also involved in philanthropic activities and currently serves on the board of trustees for LACMA. He has previously served as a member of the board of directors at both St. Joseph’s Hospital and UCLA Medical Center. Tom Gores holds a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University.

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