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Experienced software engineering executive Tom Dignan has distinguished himself for his ability to develop new technologies, build enterprise-level applications with those technologies, and create viable software products in the process. Tom Dignan began his career working in mobile web applications before transitioning to the burgeoning field of online reputation management.

Tom Dignan’s work in mobile web development has spanned virtually all aspects of the field. In the early 2000s, he worked with [email protected] and EarthLink, Inc., to develop back-end systems supporting mobile web applications on cell phones and personal data assistants (PDAs). This work included mechanisms for content caching and harvesting, service personalization, and secure single sign-in. Tom Dignan also created application programming interfaces (APIs) and user-focused software for mobile phones.

As demand for mobile web applications grew in the mid-2000s, Tom Dignan accepted a senior engineering position with Yahoo! Inc. and then took on an executive role at video game company Hands-On Mobile, Inc. Dr. Dignan’s work at Yahoo! Mobile included porting of popular Yahoo! services to mobile platforms and the development of mobile interfaces for third-party services. At Hands-On Mobile, Tom Dignan oversaw the development of robust back-end systems to support multiplayer mobile games. He also developed the company’s technology roadmap and led the creation of several of the company’s most popular titles.

Tom Dignan moved out of the mobile web industry in 2009, accepting a position with, a privacy-focused technology company based in Redwood City, California. Dr. Dignan served as the Vice President of Engineering and Research for a year before narrowing his focus to encompass only research. Dr. Dignan has made major build or buy decisions for the company, overseen the development of its technologies, and conducted research into cutting-edge aspects of data collection and analysis. Tom Dignan is a graduate of Harvard University, where he completed a PhD in Physics.

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Harvard University


Harvard University


San Francisco State University

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