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Work experience

Jun 2014Jul 2014

Worker in the fields

Hunsballe farm

Picking strawberries and onions in the fields of Denmark. Operating heavy machinery such as tractor. Making sure that tons of picked onions arrive safely to the farm which was more than 12kilometres away. Providing assistance to other lithuanians regarding english translation. 

Sep 2013Mar 2014

Swimming pool lifeguard

Kauno Mastaičių Baseinas

Looking after clients. Taking care of their needs, such as helping them out in learning how to swim, taking care of their children while they have their own private time. Providing them with any equipments that they require. Cleaning the swimming pool and looking after it's equipment.


Sep 2012Present

University student

Lithuanian Sports University

Students in sports science.

Sep 2009Jun 2012

Highschool graduate

Kauno Santaros Gimnazija

Graduated my school in top 5 . Exams included subjects like history, lithuanian language, english language, biology.


quick learner

My job in Denmark required skills that I did not have before, and I had only a few days to get them. I managed it perfectly, not only that, I got additional skills which led me to an easier and more better payed job (onion picking and taking care of their transportation safety) in just two weeks. 


I have been traveling alone more than to a few countries, to countries where I did not speak a word in native language. And yet I managed to easily find everything I was looking for, to quickly find my way around the cities and to find people that could help me. These countries include  France, Belgium, Holland,  Germany, Italy.


This particular skill has served me well in my life.  Many times I convinced people to do what they did not want to, even though most of the times I used it for my own good I am proud to have it.


I had many opportunities to improve multitasking skills, in my studies, in the jobs that I have worked and especially in erasmus studies, where I have one of the main role in organising events and managing erasmus students (even though I am one of them).

Fluent in english language

I have been studying english language since first grade in school, this is why I have no problem communicating in it.