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Sep 2010Jun 2014


National Taipei University

Sociology give  me the ability of multi-thoughts and  to discover the very core of thing that we focus on.

Sep 2007Jun 2010

National Pingtung Senior High School

Work Experience

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Housekeeper (Working-travel)

Van Aukens Inn

As a exchange student, this job is part of my Working-travel.  Van Aukens Inn is located in New York state. Being a housekeeper means you have to do everything  related to cleaning. Working in a environment in english takes courage and patience. So I did.

And this job and this whole journey is not just a common tourism. My Working-travel experience not only gave me the real culture shock but also let me be able to deal with every contingency that I encountered independently.

Mar 2011Nov 2011


Harwana Coffee

A waiter must give service to the customer with proper manner. And being humble but still remain confident is the thing I learn.

Extracurricular Activities

I have been exercising since I was a kid.During college, I also join the basketball team and softball team. I believe this habit give me the power to get through every trial.

In my career of a vice-president, using video to create  people's interest is my favorite method. 

I had been learning how to play piano for 7 years.In high school, I join the orchestra. And this ability not only make me a player but also help me to appreciate art. And that is why I can be a Marine Band.

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   Background of growth

    Growing  up  in  open  education,I  got  my  insistence  on  pursuing  and  accomplishing  the  purpose.Moreover,I  also  have  a  enthusiastic  attitude  about  learning. Most of all, a open mind makes me highly sociable which also helps me create different views. My characters  are enthusiasm and action.

    As  a  vice-president  of  the  student  association,I  was  responsible  for  many  activities.  Being  in  charge  of  activities  accompanies  risks  and  criticism.To complete a mission takes many parts of cooperation, which I have  to use mankeep . Based  on  patience  and  responsibility,I  am  able  to  complete  tasks. And that is how I learn about executing. 

    In  2012  summer,I  experienced  my  first  Working -travel  in  New  York  state. Although  there  are  many  culture  shocks  and  risk,I  still  make  it  through  with  courage  all  by  myself. And  being able to deal with every contingency that independently is my greatest fruit.

     The  ability  to  analyze  and  think  Independently  is  the  richest  fruit  I  got  from  Sociology.The  adaptability  to  changes  and  learning  positively  is  my  greatest  gift  that  I  can  give  you.
    Mandatory military service

     I  became  a  marine  after    graduated  from  college.Decided  to  make  some  unique  achievements  in  stead  of  wasting  a  year,I  join  the  Marine  Band.Dealing  with  the  pressure  both  on  physical  and  mental  is  a  harsh  trial.But  only  the  strong    survive.Due  to  my  strong  will,I  successfully  complete  every  mission.And  that  is  what  I  am  proud  of  myself  -  Highly  stress  resistant. And I hope that there will be a chance that I can bring these energy and qualities to your company