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I am a Junior Web Developer with a varied and diverse employment background looking to get started on an exciting new career in web development.  I enjoy working with complex problems, breaking them down into their simplest components, and reassembling them into functional and efficient code.  I am looking forward to my next opportunity and I am eager to start contributing to the development community. 



- Mobile friendly waitlist management app

- Built using Sinatra, ActiveRecord, and the Google Maps API

- Worked extensively with AJAX

- Built within a five day deadline by a three person team


- 2D player versus player strategy game

- Built using Phaser, Express.js, and

- Worked with complicated back end logic while building the movement, attack, and status and      terrain effects

- Worked as a team to overcome difficulties in getting web sockets to fire only in specific               situations

- Built within a fifteen day deadline by a four person team

Art  Spaces

- Android app which allows a user to take a picture of his/her art, crop it, place it on a static or augmented reality canvas, and have it resize automatically to real world size

- Built with Cordova

- Additionally, users can import photos from their photo gallery and delete photos from the app without affecting the device photo gallery

- Worked with a Senior Developer to deliver MVP with a one month deadline

Work History

July 2016August 2016

Junior Developer

Art Spaces

- Delivered MVP and more within a one month contract

- Interacted with clients in order to ensure that development was proceeding in the right direction

Apr 2015Dec 2015

Apprentice Carpenter

Grizzly Construction Ltd.

- Constructed advanced components of buildings

- Led a team of skilled labourers

- Organized work days based on examination of architectural blueprints


Feb 2016Apr 2016

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

Carpentry Foundations (Year 1 & 2 Apprenticeship)


- Studied advanced building theory

- Built projects both as a group and individually


Don Burks

Senior Developer, Lighthouse Labs