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Seeking a challenging position as a Business Developer .


BSc. of Commerce ; Management Information Systems (MIS) Major ; July 2015 Overall-grade : Very Good.

Department of Information Systems and Computers

Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University.


  • Database Course, online course.
  • My SQL Server.
  • IBM Object Oriented Analysis and Design book.
  • Systems Analysis and Design Kedall & Kendall book.
  • Database Analysis and Design using ERD.
  • Java Fundamentals course, online course.
  • Advanced java course, online course.
  • OOP Concepts.
  • Java ee Cource,online course.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Integration Information System "ERP"
  • Artifitial Intelligence.
  • E-Commerce .
  • Web Design (Html, css ) ,  online course.
  • IT Infrastructure.
  • Quantitative Analysis.
  • Decision Support Systems.
  • C++ Programming Language.
  • Accounting.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Internal and external Auditing.
  • ICDL(Microsoft Office 2010).


  • International  Computer Driving Licence (Syllabus Version 5, Oct 2013) 


  • TIEC Capacity Building Program For Universities.(this certificate is from Technology Innovation and entrepreneurship Center,  September 2014) (certified).
  • Intel Ideation Workshop “from Intel Company” (September 2014) (certified).

Graduation Project

An Information System for the International Relations Office, Alexandria University.

  • A web application that allows easy method for data entry and provision of statistics and reports needed was developed.
  • The application allow the university administration in:

  Tracking its internationalization activities,

  Making better decisions about proposed agreements in light of the reports and statistics provided by the  system. 


  • Arabic : Native.
  • English : Good.