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Meet the Professional Me

I am a seasoned sales and marketing professional that is seeking a change from a very successful career in automotive retail. I am looking for a sales or marketing position with a technology company that rewards talent and performance with fair compensation and advancement. A little fun would be appreciated too.

During my vast and tenured experience, I have been able to develop many skills that would benefit Nice/inContact. Perhaps, more importantly than my skills, is the positive and tenacious attitude that's developed by chasing numbers month after month. Its a grind and I wear it well. 

Proficient in leveraging online media channels for maximum profits. Consultative seller with an eye and ear for detail. I lead from the trenches and its the only management style I know.  

My most important attributes include a brilliant analytical mind, endless creativity, resourcefulness and a sense of humor because it means nothing if we can't have a laugh right? 

Collective Relevant Experience

Automotive Sales: 10 years experience. Always top 3 sales performer as a consultant. 

Automotive Management: 5 years Sales Management. 1 year Finance & Insurance

Automotive Marketing: 5 years managing vendors and online media 

Automotive BDC: 5 years CRM administration, process and management 

Retail Management: 10 years of collective store management as a general manager

Account Management: 3 years of account management. Wholesale & advertising 

Technical Marketing: 4 collective years technical SEO, 6 months PPC management 

Self Employment: 3 years  as a small business owner

Human Management: 10 plus years of managing people in a work environment.

Remote Selling: 10 plus years of selling over the phone. Be it an order or a appointment. I have sold $60k plus used cars (risky!) over the phone by using video and other tools to build prospect/customer/people's confidence. 

My Daily Right Now

Responsible for turning form leads into revenue and happy customers for our Kia franchise. I do this through a process that I have developed for my team that includes calls, emails and text messaging along with other activities. The process includes a cycle of contact methods that populate as tasks into our CRM. Content of emails and scripts change depending on the source. I also manage our online marketing spend and ROI. My role is dynamic and I have the ability to change it up depending on results, trends or other factors that determine the win. 



Google PPC Training

Google Plex, Mountain Green, CA

Trained by Google at Google in PPC management 


Certificate in Search Engine Marketing

Web CEO University

Online course that studies aspects of SEO, PPC, Social Media and affiliate Marketing

Jan 1988Nov 1991

High School 

Fiordland College, Te Anau New Zealand


Passed the GED Tests 

GED diploma. Requirement for POST Academy