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A seasoned financial analyst whose commentary has been sought by journalists at such media as The Denver Post and, Todd Bernier performs a vital role in vetting financial transactions to ensure they are worthwhile vehicles for investors. Currently an Assistant Vice President for GE Capital, Todd Bernier brings experience and innovation to the Structuring and Syndications Division of the company’s Capital Markets Group. Having served for many years as an analyst of the financial instruments issued by technology companies, Todd Bernier possesses a keen understanding about the tools that large companies can use to leverage their financial positions. Moreover, his experience and analytic skills enable him to determine the investment potential of such deals for a wide range of investors. During the technology boom, Todd Bernier commented regularly in the media on the fiscal position of such companies as Motorola, Nokia, and AT&T. Today, Todd Bernier works with a team that draws together groups of investors, including banks, to underwrite corporate loans worth as much as $500 million. These transactions require vast amounts of financial modeling, due diligence, and marketing pitches, as well as maintaining a close eye on the ever-changing financial climate for conditions that might affect the deal. To develop a syndicate to underwrite a deal, Todd Bernier’s team creates marketing materials ranging from ratings agency presentations to informational memoranda. Todd Bernier ensures clients can access the information relevant to a deal during marketing calls. Todd Bernier also assists with such crucial tasks as the negotiation of loan documents and internal approval. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts, and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where he completed a Master of Business Administration, Todd Bernier also holds Series 7 and Series 63 financial licenses. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, Todd Bernier retains membership in the CFA Institute, a global association of investment professionals.

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