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Two Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to a Home

Major home renovations can improve the quality of life of the people living there and increase the home's value. Minor projects and updates can have the same effect at a lower cost and with less effort. Two simple ways to add value to a home or residential property include: Painting  interior walls: Freshly painted walls can make a house seem cleaner and newer. Adding a fresh coat of paint to interior walls is inexpensive and not very difficult. However, choosing the wrong color can devalue a home instead of adding to its value. It's generally recommended to paint walls in soft, neutral colors. Landscaping: Planting flowers, trimming hedges and shrubbery, and keeping lawns neat can make the outside of a home more visually appealing. In fact, larger trees in gardens and yards can add anywhere from three percent to 15 percent to the value of a home. A licensed real-estate agent and broker with a B.S. in finance and an MBA in marketing, Todd Beardsley has more than 20 years of experience in residential real estate. Todd Beardsley is currently managing broker and owner of Menlo Atherton Realty in Northern California.


Prospective homeowners often take a proactive role in hunting for a house, as real estate agent and broker Todd Beardsley well knows. The company he owns, Menlo Atherton Realty at 1010 El Camino in Menlo Park, California, knows it too. Clients of the firm have the opportunity to earn up to a 2 percent rebate on the purchase price of their new home when they utilize the brokerage services of Todd Beardsley. In this way, Mr. Beardsley rewards clients who have done some of their own research, whether on foot or on the Internet.

Todd Beardsley has much to contribute outside of just the rebate, though. He has lived and worked as a real estate agent in the San Jose, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park areas for more than two decades. Before opening Menlo Atherton Realty in 2006, he served at Fireside Realty, headquartered in Palo Alto, for almost 14 years. Todd Beardsley also spent time with a global real estate brokerage, Sotheby’s International Realty, associated with the famous British auction house and affiliated with more than 550 offices in 40 nations. Todd Beardsley has the experience as a real estate broker and agent as well as a superior understanding of his territory.

Todd Beardsley maintains two informative blogs on issues relating to his expertise, Palo Alto Real Estate and Bumps in the Road. Palo Alto Real Estate has addressed sanitation issues in the city and Menlo Park City Council’s downtown development plans. More specifically devoted to problems during closing of escrow, Bumps in the Road has discussed options when faced with multiple offers for a house or substandard ethical behavior by real estate agents. Call Todd Beardsley at (650) 630-3313, or send an e-mail or a text message to learn more.


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Winning a Real Estate Bidding War

Todd Beardsley, owner and broker at Menlo Atherton Realty, is rooted in the communities of the South Bay and Peninsula areas of California. This gives Todd Beardsley in-depth knowledge of real estate markets that benefits buyers and sellers alike.Beardsley has been involved in many multiple house offer situations in his 20 years as a Realtor. There is more to a bidding war than simply offering the highest price. It is necessary to tend to other aspects of dealing with buyers in this situation. Here are a few tips to help you through this tough process.- Offer as large a down payment as possible. This will reassure the listing agent regarding your chances of getting a loan.- Be prepared to make a non-contingency offer. Having no conditions in a contract, such as a home inspection, makes an offer more attractive to sellers.- Write a friendly letter to the sellers, mentioning any things you have in common if you get to speak to them. A good broker will also do this.- Remember that, all other things being equal, the highest-priced offer will usually win.

Todd Beardsley-The Art of Negotiation

As owner and managing broker at Menlo Atherton Realty, Todd Beardsley has established a solid reputation in the Peninsula area of California, servicing cities such as Atherton, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Palo Alto. Prior to founding Menlo Atherton Realty in 2007, Todd Beardsley served as a broker for Sotheby’s International Realty and as an agent for Fireside Realty. Throughout his career, Mr. Beardsley has had to utilize his negotiation skills in order to successfully close transactions with buyers and sellers. Below are a few tips on how to negotiate successfully.Customize the approach – A one-size-fits-all approach often fails when negotiating, as everyone has varying needs and wants. Taking the time to evaluate each situation and gather all pertinent information are key factors for successful negotiations.Do the research – Prior to beginning negotiations, it is important to gather as much relevant information as possible regarding the other party. This includes evaluating their needs, options, and current situation. A solid understanding of the other party allows for more informed decisions throughout the negotiation process.Learn to listen – The most successful negotiators are those who are able to elicit the information they want or need by asking probing questions, and then knowing when to stop talking and start listening. Successful negotiators understand that most people will volunteer information if they are allowed to speak. It is critical to achieve the delicate balance between speaking and listening.