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Work experience

Jul 2005Jul 2015

Senior SDE

RealNetworks Inc., Seattle
  • Designed and developed a streamlined and efficient installation process for RealPlayer for Windows.

  • Owned the stub installer product and responsible for tracking overall metrics for the product.

  • Developed and integrated MainConcept hardware accelerated codec SDK into RealConverter.

  • Designed and developed automation hooks in RealPlayer. This allowed QA to develop automated testing processes which led to a quicker identification of UI issues.

  • Designed and developed Cleaner, an integrated utility which used audio fingerprinting to identify music tracks.

  • Improved and extended shell extension implementation so that it could perform as the primary UI for viewing the users media library.

  • Continually supported maintenance of legacy codebases, as well as developed sustainable code for new codebases.

  • Quickly dealt with security vulnerabilities and addressed user issues, leading to a greatly improved overall user experience.



RealNetworks adopted the Agile philosophy in 2012. I was elected as scrum master early on, and continued in that role for the rest of my employment.  I was able to keep the team running smoothly and always deliver a quality product.  I was also able to maintain the Agile methods despite an ever changing set of product vision and requirements.


As scrum master, I was always able to make sure team members had all the information they needed to finish their tasks, and that communication between other teams and even other departments was easy and available. I typically served as the intermediary between different groups, including test, development, and management.


RealNetworks has used C/C++ as the primary language for their Windows applications, and I have used it continually through my 10 years at RealNetworks. I have also worked with updating code to support the latest compilers so that the products are always ready for the latest operating system, as well as updating code to support 64bit compilation and operation.


Python was the primary language used in RealNetworks build system. We had to make regular changes to the system to support new operating systems, as well as considerable customization to the builds which required a high level of Python knowledge.


The UX of the stub installer was primarily an embedded browser window. This allowed for rapid development of the UX and easy distribution, the only thing needed to update the UX was to push a new archive with pages. This required a high level of knowledge as the embedded browser required ways to communicate with the stub installer itself, as well as track information between pages and allow for a more interactive UX.

Objective C

As a learning experience, I developed from a scratch a small iOS game which was finished and successfully pushed to the App Store.


Advanced experience with Window application development, including legacy support for Win32, GDI, and DirectDraw, to recent operating system support such as Windows 10.  The stub installer had to support running on Windows 95 through the latest operating systems, even if the application that it was installing didn't support that system, so that we could properly inform the user of such without crashing.  Experience also includes updating legacy applications so that they can still run on newer operating systems without requiring system hacks or constant patches.


Advanced knowledge Direct3D, up to and including Direct3D 11, and advanced work with HLSL. As a side project I have been continually working on a 3D engine, capable of advanced modern rendering techniques.  The main point of the engine is to familiarize myself with the newer versions of Direct3D, but it's also to keep learning advanced 3D techniques, which have always been a primary interest of mine.



Associate of Arts

Highline Community College

Emphasis in Mathematics