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Work experience



Technology Consultant

VB SCRIPTING: Wrote enterprise level server snapshot comparison VB Script. This extensive script, around 7,000 lines, takes a detailed snapshot of the state of a Wintel server, including items as such as network configuration, BIOS, manufacturer, disk and raid configuration, anti-virus protection and numerous other OS and hardware features. If any serious issues are found, such as missing or outdated anti-virus, failed RAID or hard drives, extremely low disk space, etc, an immediate warning will be issued. This same script can then be run again, presumably after changes have been made to the server, to generate a report of any changes that have been made to the server.

Wrote numerous VB scripts to download and process user account data and server data for inclusion in the Midranges Services Automation Page.

Maintained SQL database of Security Access Controls for the Midranges Services Automation Page.

Wrote VB script to extract user information from Active Directory to provide various reports for HR.

PYTHON SCRIPTING: Designed solution to extract job run data from HPSA database using a Python script. The script searches through the HPSA database for any new script jobs that had been run in the HPSA database, and extract the job run data from the HPSA system. This data is then be sent to the Midrange Services Automation Page where users could see the results of their runs.

Northrop Grumman


Computer Systems Analyst

SERVER ADMIN: Apply security checklist to new servers, configure production servers according to Northrop Grumman IT standards, apply all relevant security patches and ensure anti-virus protection is properly installed (Norton SAV). Monitor server performance and event logs. Configure server hardware, RAID / SAN systems, rack mount servers, and connect cables and KVM switch hardware. Submit change management requests when necessary for server maintenance.

ACTIVE DIRECTORY ADMIN: Administration of user accounts and groups, account terminations, create / modify user groups using ADUC and ADSI Edit. Use of AD filters and LDAP scripts (LDIFDE, DSMOD, etc) to modify specific user account attributes (e.g. clearing Exchange delivery restrictions on all users, using input list to set user mailbox and org code info, etc).   Relocate and remove user accounts. Home folder creation and deletion.

II, Litton Systems


System Administrator

Performed desktop support, fixing all types of users' problems with their desktop computers


California State University

Jan 1990May 1992



California State University

Jan 1985May 1989


Business Administration


VB Scripting

Write Scripts / Program in Visual Basic

Python Scripting

Write Python scripts to pull user job data

Wintel Server Admin

Configure and maintain Enterprise servers


Write web pages in HTLM