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Software/Command Script
-Can operate Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel expertly
Specialized Instrumental Skills:
Operate precisely the following Instruments: HPLC, NMR, plate readers, electrophoresis, photospectrometer(UV-Vis), MALDI, and general lab equipment

Work experience

Operation Scientist


-Produced sterile collagen for a human clinical trial in a GLP manner, exponentially increased shelf life of the collagen product

-Preformed routinely aseptic techniques: autoclaving reagents, sterile filtering, use of laminar flow hood(biological hood), maintain clean work environment

-Wrote SOPs for the operation of the GLP laboratory

-Preformed and Developed biochemical assays and production protocols: developed a plate reader-based fibrilogenesis assay, advised on the production of stable collagen, dialysis, and precipitation.

Biochemistry Research Assistant

University of Missouri

-Published the first chemical structure of Matrix Metalloproteinase-12(MMP-12) bound to a triple helical peptide(THP) collagen mimic and published on other MMP-12 properties, such as dynamics, inhibitor binding, and micelle binding

-Synthesized and Crystallized a novel amadori sugar(Sorbosamine) Applied Skills: -Preformed routinely microbiological techniques: aseptic techniques, media preparation, autoclaving, minimum media growth, protein expression, positive and negative selection techniques

-Devised, analyzed and presented the resulting data of in-vitro pharmaceutical enzymological applications(standard and novel): Michaelis-Menten, single-progress curves, inhibition analysis, and thermodynamic stability assays

-Produced superior protein and small molecule purification yields through these techniques: Chromatography(HPLC, Ion exchange, size exclusion, and silica columns), SDS-PAGE

Science Tutor

University of Missouri

-Taught students using my extensive knowledge of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Course Coordinator

Community High School of Vermont: Chemistry

-Designed and taught for a specialized general chemistry course



Castleton State College


University of Missouri