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Sep 2006Jun 2008

High School Diploma

Bishop Kearney High School

In High School, I focused most of my time on education and getting the most I could out of it. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and also graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma.


Knowledge of the Italian language
I took two years of studying the Italian language. In my first year, I learned the basics of the language, and in my second year I was placed in an Honors course, in which the teacher got into a more advanced level of teaching the language.
Knowledge Of Microsoft Office
I am significantly proficient in the Microsoft Office software. I have been using this program since I was in elementary school. I can type at a significantly fast speed. I have used it throughout my time in High School, as well as my first year in college, I had to use it multiple times to complete projects, make presentations, as well as organize charts.
Throughout my Senior year in High School, I did some work within the school aiding the guidance counselor with things. I helped her retrieve students from their classes, and I also set up their folders, and organize them into the proper order they needed to be placed into in the file cabinets.
Receptionist Skills
In my third year of my High School career, I volunteered to participate in a school Phon-a-thon. It was a community-service based project, in which I had to call alumni students from the year 1973 to current. We were to call them to ask/persuade them into a school dinner dedicated to the honor of our alumni classes.
Proficiency In Mathematics
I excel significantly in the Mathematics field. Throughout my High School career, I was chosen by faculty to partake and become part of the school Junior Varisty math team for my Junior year, and the Varisty Math team for my Senior year. We focused on improving our math skills, and learning new ways and more efficient ways to solve problems, as well as learning new mathematical skills at a faster pace than the average student. We competed against different high schools within the Brooklyn borough to test our skills against them. I was also placed into an Honors Calculus course, which was a very selective course based on a rigorous process in which very few students were chosen to be placed into the class. In college, I took two Mathematics courses, Math 140 and Math 141 (both classes dealing with Calculus), in which only a very few amount of students were placed into the course. I am very fast and proficient when it comes to problem solving, equation solving, algebraic equations, etc.