Catherine Dale

Catherine Dale

Screenwriting, Production, & Post-Production


2008 - 2010

Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting 

University of Texas at Austin, Moody College of Communications

Warren Skaaren Endowed Presidential Scholarship 2009-2010

James A. Michener Fellowship 2008-2010, Writing Workshops: David Mamet, Steven Dietz, Beau Thorne, Stuart Kelban, Richard Lewis, M.F.A. Thesis: HORSE LATITUDES: The Melding of Fact and Fiction

Professional Work

Work History
Aug 2015 - Present


University of Colorado - Denver

FITV 1000 - Intro to Visual Culture, FITV 1040 - Lighting, Grip, and Sound, FITV 1550 - Scriptwriting 1 - Fiction, FITV 2040 - Intro to Digital Effects

Television & Film Productions

2015 - THE THINGS THAT KEEP US UP AT NIGHT (Director/Shooter/Editor, Documentary Short, In-Progress)                    

2014 - BACKCOUNTRY.COM & XSORIES BRAND VIDEO (Writer/Director/Producer, Doc Short, Completed) 

2014 - DEFACE (Director/Editor, Narrative Short, Completed) 

2013 - TLC CYBERSTALKERS (Graphic Artist, Reality Television, Completed)                                                                                 

2011 - TRUFFLE FALLOUT (Writer/Director/Producer, Animated Short, In-Production)                                              

2011 - LESSONS IN SCULPTURE (Writer, Narrative Short, Completed)                                                                           

2011 - CONSUMED (Production Designer, Narrative Short, Completed)                                                                           

2008 - THE SOUND COLLECTOR (Writer, Narrative Short, Completed)                                                                                


I HAD A LITTLE BIRD – A 120-page feature based on the true story of human Influenza experiments conducted on deserters in the 1918 outbreak. 

1000 RUPEES – A 120-page feature following the spread of AIDS in India through the truck driving network. From city brothel to rural countryside, we follow three interconnected stories: an Indian prostitute, a trucker driver, and the truck driver’s wife. 

PULASKI 1910 – A 90-page feature about the largest forest fire in American history. In a time when the forest service served as lawmen, one man living in the outskirts of Mullan, ID must rally the town together to fight the fire.

HORSE LATITUDES – A 90-page semi-autobiographical feature about a young woman working at a spam agency. She creates spam email, ads, and responses, filling the world with junk. Her health slowly decays as she drifts further from her dreams of becoming an artist. 

WHEN YOU MARRY – A 60-minute original pilot based on a 1946 women’s college textbook called When You Marry. The script follows two soldiers returning from WWII, a young wife, and a female factory worker who loses her job when the men return.