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Taylor Burke

Dietitian Intern At A Center For Eating Disorders (Aced)

Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Dietetic Tech

A Center for Eating Disorders (ACED)

I completed my Independent Study at ACED. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I worked under the Dietitian helping with menus, assessments, meal time, cooking, and charting the patients progress along the way. This is a very special place and the work they do is unmatched. Working with clients that have eating disorders has become my passion and my goal. At the end of my independent study, I was offered a job that I gladly accepted.

May 2012Aug 2013

Customer Service (Food & Beverage)

Honours Golf

I worked under the Food and Beverage manager of the golf course. I drove a food and beverage cart around the golf course with drinks and snacks for the golfers to purchase. I was in charge of all of the cash, and when the members of the course purchased items I had to be responsible for getting their member ID. I had to keep an inventory of everything I had on the cart at all times. This job required me to be very social and interact with all ages of people.

Aug 2012Dec 2012


Tuscaloosa County Schools

 I worked under the foodservice manager in two different county schools. I learned all of the details of ordering the food to stock the cafeteria, such as when to order what items, how much, when the items will come in, and how to use the computer system to keep track of all of the sales each day and how many students and faculty would eat. That would let me forecast about how many people I would need to prepare food for. I also was able to be hands on in the kitchens and learn to make these foods in such large quantities.

Apr 2010Sep 2010

Waitress/ Wait Staff Manager

Costa's BBQ
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Jul 2007Aug 2009


Costa's BBQ
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May 2009Aug 2009



I was responsible for inputing all of the new and existing client's information into a new computer system. This consisted of putting hundreds of doctors and their patients into the correct category and correct system.



I would say that my main interest is people, I love interacting and meeting new people. I consider myself a helper and a caretaker, if there is ever anything I can do to help anyone I take full advantage of it. I absolutely love learning about nutrition and everything that is healthy for the human body. Our state is one of the most unhealthy states in the country, and if my job can help one person become a healthier version of themselves I will know that I have made a difference.


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Work History 




Community Service

Community Service

I have participated in several community service areas, and I have found each one to be amazing and just as rewarding to myself as the people and animals I have helped.

Volunteer Work:

My major's department is responsible for hosting a homecoming banquet each year for the faculty and alumni of the college. This year I had a four hour shift in which I helped prepare food, greet guests and manage the wine bar. This was a very beneficial experience, it was a great way to network with others in the line of work I hope to do.

 I tutored kindergarteners at Univeristy Place Elementary School two days a week. I would go in at eight in the morning and read with them, do projects with them, and gave a few of them tests. This was truly a rewarding experience, seeing the look of excitement on their faces when they knew we there just for them is something I will never forget.

I also tutored at Hillcrest Middle School two days a week after school. It was in-between an after school care program and a tutoring program. While the kids waited for their parents to pick them up, we would help them with homework, reading, or in some cases just be someone for them to talk to.

One of the best experiences I have had while volunteering is helping with the MS Society Walk 2010, Alabama-Mississippi Chapter. I helped sign people in, organize, and anything else they needed. 

  Out of all the volunteer work I have done the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is probably the closest to my heart. Animals truly are my weakness. When I get the chance to go volunteer, I walk and play with the animals and just give them attention that most of them have never had, and for some that is all the attention they will ever get.  Although it will not pertain to my degree it has always been a dream and a long time goal of mine to open my own animal shelter.


I am efficient in using Imovie and recently completed one to teach people how my major can play a big role in everyone's life.
Microsoft Office Applications
I am confident in my ability to use each of the Microsoft Office Applications. Microsoft Excel challenges me, but with more practice I have no doubt I can master this application as well.