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Work experience

Oct 2008Feb 2009

Ms.Tamara M. Proctor


I was released frm walmartfr medical reasons. My jobs there were the fitting room, and then  became a deli associate.

Feb 2008Jun 2008

Lee Hi Travel Plaza

I loved my job at lee hi as a waitress, I was i a serious car accident on june 7,2008 and they released me due to the fact Iwas not able to work.


Jun 2003Present

High School Diploma

Jefferson High School


School courses
I also majored in mathemaics, i took multipe math courses in high school including book keeping,algebra and geometry.English Grammar&composition, Foreighn Language> spanish, Business communications,typing,intro to wellness, and many more.I also have a copy of my Transcritps available on request!
Computers are one of my mine intrest.I have taken muiltiple computer classes in school, and have expierience in many differerent computer programs such as microsoft word,powerpoint, web desighn, and many more.


Virginia Kulp


My objective in life is to become a better person for myself and my family and make some kind of change in this world.


As many young adults I have an open variety of intrest,Computers& people are my main two.While in school i studied in many courses for computers and acedemics.Business communications & Cmputer Vocat. were my favorite two.


Hello my name is Tamara M. Proctor, I am 20yrs old and am looking to start a new career.I am a fun energetic person who loves to work with the public.In a new job I am looking for something in wich I can be of help to other people.Nursing is something I hae always been intrested in and would like to learn more about.I have expierence in office work as far as computers,answering phones,taking messages, filling out& taking orders, most f my expierince comes from the family business. Dunn & Son Landscaping & Rockworks Drywall. I am willing to try anything once and follow orders in wich I am given.


I am a very involved outgoing person.I love to work for & with the public.Some may say i am a neat freak because i cannot work in a messy inviroment.If given a deadline I will go beyond myself to meet it and accomplish the goal set for me by others or myself.I am a fast learner whe it comes to starting a new job or task, and am willing to take on anything that is thrown at me.


Computer/Internet desighn

Web/graphical deshign