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Thomas A. Loos

W73 N912 Poplar AvenueØCedarburg, Wisconsin53012Ø Telephone: 262.377.5918

Email: [email protected]

Professional Profile

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Operating Officer / Executive VP Strategic Planning/Mergers & Acquisitions/Staff Development/P&L Analytics Worldwide Distribution/Improving Operational Infrastructure/B2B Marketing Campaigns

CEO/President – Wholesale Distribution & Catalog Marketing with more than 20 years of global P&L management experience, recently as CEO of K+K America charged with managing 1,000+ employees for several business services companies operating in the range of $20 million to $250 million in annual revenue.

Career Highlights

ØConducted due diligence and managed cross-functional teams assigned with overseeing the acquisitions of 5companies: Hubert, Conney Safety, Browncor, Dozier, and Direct Safety. Consequently, the 6 acquisitions generated $300 million in new annual revenue.

ØExpanded product offerings into Canada and South America, while managing overseas purchasing, creating additional web sites, and targeting customer acquisition/retention programs. Subsequently, these initiatives drove organic growth in the 2% - 15% range.

ØInitiated a 4-year, $20 million system migration from AS400/Unix to an Oracle based ERP solution that focused on modernizing core business functions. This migration improved services, efficiencies, and processes while reducing overhead operating cost by 10% when fully implemented.

ØRespected and trusted global business leader continuously promoted up through the organization culminating with CEO position at K+K America. Recognized as the first American ever elected to the Board of Directors of TAKKT AG, the German parent K+K America.

Key Areas of Expertise

Converting Corporate Intent Into Action; Creating a Shared Operational Vision; Forming & Leveraging Strategic Alliances; Vendor Management; Instituting Cost Controls & Process Improvements; Contract Negotiations & Deal Structuring; Evaluating & Addressing Financial Exposure; Building a Cohesive, Motivated Sales Force; and Directing Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts.

Consultancy/Professional Experience & Accomplishments

Loos and Associates, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2008 to Present

(Consult on North American business operations and business development for TAKKT AG, a holding company for K+K America, K+K Europe, and Topdeq. Specialty includes strategic market analysis, contract positioning, acquisitions, and business segmenting)

President & CEO – Scope of duties consist of overseeing all aspects of strategic planning, market/competitive analysis, product needs, operational processing and improvements with presidents of the operating entities.

ØLed negotiations for 7 figure contracts throughout tenure that accomplished the following 3 items: 1) Negotiated parcel contract with FedEx and UPS that achieved $1+ million in transportation cost; 2) Managed LTL contracts for regional and national carriers, saving in excess of $3 million annually; and 3) Realized $1+ million in paper and printing contracts.

ØCollaborated with executives and management teams of K+K America with regards to the current competitive climate in the marketplace. Played a key role in the ongoing development of simulation models designed to test new marketing concepts.

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K+K America, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1996 to 2007

(A $550 million B2B mail order holding company, including C&H Distributors, National Business Furniture, and Hubert, with numerous operating companies throughout Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. subsidiaries)

President & CEO (2002-2007) – Charged with collaborating on technology advancement, product expansion efforts, and market/competitive positioning. Worked closely with 5 presidents as part of a global revenue, market growth, and profit improvement initiatives.

ØCreated comprehensive, ongoing marketing campaigns designed to target large strategic customers. Subsequently, these personalized initiatives increased sales revenue 15% annually.

ØStreamlined project management and a wide-array of internal resources by the creation of a shared services department within K+K America, which proved instrumental in realizing overall operational savings by eliminating redundancy estimated at $1.5 million.

ØEstablished quality control groups throughout all operating warehouses. Development of shipment metrics allowed company to identify where specific damages were occurring. As a result, of working with the vendors and carriers, reduced damages by 25% in 12 months.

ØCompleted the application and approval processes for GSA contracts that proved instrumental in expanding the business with the government by 200%.

ØImplemented a CRM system in 2 call centers with innovations such as: pop-up screens, freight estimators, and customer demographics, allowing call times to be trimmed by 30%.

Executive Vice President (1996-2002) – Primary duties focused on presenting sales and strategic business plans after conducting an initial needs analysis of the company’s short/long-term growth strategies.

ØProposed and managed the implementation of a Warehouse Management System, which introduced barcode scanning, cross docking capabilities and other warehouse efficiencies. As a result, increased shipment accuracies and reduced warehouse costs approximately $500,000 per year

ØSlashed operating costs by $3 million by consolidating and re-engineering stocking warehouses from 11 to 4 (63% reduction) while maintaining customer service expectations.

ØImplemented Advanced Purchasing and Procurement software designed to reduce inventory levels while simultaneously providing a complete picture for reporting and analysis purposes. Saved more than $1 million annually by utilizing advanced forward buying techniques

ØServed as VP of Operations and Director of Special Projects with C&H Distributors from 1979 through 1995 before transitioning on EVP role with K+K

Education/Executive Board Positions & Memberships

BS, Management Studies, CardinalStritchCollege, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Managing Board Member, TAKKT AG, Stuttgart, Germany, 2006-2007

Board Chairman, K+K America, 2003-2007

Board Chairman, C+H Distributors LLC, Hubert Company,

National Business Furniture, Conney® Safety Products, Alfax Wholesale Furniture,

DallasMidwest, Furniture Online, BrownCor International, Avenue Industrial (Canada), C+H Products 2003-2007

Counselor, SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business, 2007-Present

Member, CEO Roundtable of Milwaukee, 2005-Present

Member, Association for Corporate Growth, 2003-Present