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About: I'm a hardworking and dedicated person, love to explore, always hungry for new knowledges. I love to inspire other people around me and get inspired by them. Optimist for life 

Hobbies: Guitar, Photography, Rowing, Reading, Algorithmic trading, Contributing to open source projects

Objectives: Applying for Software Developer  

Work History


Senior Software Developer

MentorMate Bulgaria

Real Appeal Achieve: I'm currently working on this HealthCare project as full-stack developer using Scala, and Lagom framework (Akka, Play, Event Sourcing + CQRS), Kafka, Elastic Search (ELK stack) for Backend and Angular 5 for  Frontend. This is a weight loss program, we help to generate their member's achievements  through data processing.

May 2017OCT 2018

Software Developer

Scoutr AI

I've worked as a contractor on this Real Estate startup as a full-stack developer, worked with several technologies like Scrapy (on Python) - web scraping framework, NodeJS (Express) and Angular 5. As well as Docker and Kubernetes on the DevOps side 

May 2015MAY 2018

Software Developer

MentorMate Bulgaria

I've worked on few internal projects of Mentormate using: Android, JavaEE (RestEasy), Front-end (AngularJS). 

And also a few client's project:

TSI: I've worked from the beginning of this project. This is  a mobile project using Android and Android Bluetooth API to control and analyze the data from the client's hardware, which measures and collects data of the building ventilation systems. 

You can find the app here:

Sensei: I've worked as a front-end developer using AngularJS. a client project in the HealthCare industry.

NMDP Be The Match: I've worked on this project as a web full-stack developer using Java/Spring - building microservices, AngularJS 1. We were creating a system for finding the match between marrow donors and patients.

Aug 2013Feb 2014

Software Developer

4:30 PM Ltd.

I've been working with IBM WebSphere Message Broker, it works as an Integration Engine between different hospitals in U.K., my job was to develop the interfaces, needed for manipulating the exchanged messages between all the applications from the hospitals.

Oct 2012Jul 2013

Junior Java Developer

Bouygues Construction IT Center in Vietnam

I've been working on two projects during this time. Using JavaEE and Web Front end technologies like: Java Servlet, JSP, Struts 2, JQuery, JQuery UI. I was working on the backend and frontend parts of the projects, but mostly the backend part. I was the project lead in one of the projects.


Java/JavaEE Technologies

5 years professional skill, working on various technology frameworks and knowledges about programming concepts like:

- OOP Principles

- Design Patterns


- DataStructures and Algorithms

- Spring

- Unit/Integration Testing 


8 months professional experience with Scala and Scala related: Lagom Framework (Akka, Event Sourcing, SQRS)


1 year professional experience with Python and Scrapy (Framework for scraping websites)

Node.js and Node related technologies

Worked professionally with NodeJS for 2 different startups GrowBacon and Scoutr.AI

Web FrontEnd Development

I have mixed professional and study experience on Web FrontEnd Development, and have decent knowledge on:


- CSS - SASS, Compass, LESS

- Bootstrap


JavaScript and JavaScript Technologies

I have mixed professional and study experience on JavaScript, overall concepts and technologies:

- JavaScript OOP

- JQuery

- AngularJS

- UnderscoreJS

- RequireJS


mobile Development

Worked as Android professionally in MentorMate since May 2015

Study experience at Telerik Academy with Android, IOS and Hybrid mobile development and Windows Universal

3 months dedication for Android Development study at MentorMate Academy

C# and .NET Technologies

1 year study experience with C# and .NET Technologies at TelerikAcademy in various courses:

- C# 1/2

- C# OOP

- High-Quality Code

- Databases - .NET Entity Framework

- Data Structure and Algorithms

- WebServices And Cloud - ASP.NET Web API


Worked with different kind of Dbs through my carrier

- SQL - Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres

- NoSQL - MongoDB

Non-Related Programming Languages and Technical Skills

- Raspberry PI, Arduino, ESP8266 tinkering

- Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes


Oct 2013Nov 2014



Telerik One Year Training Program for Software Engineering


Buddies Radar:

Location Social Network based app for Android. Keep tracking your friends and family locations.

This is our final project for MentorMate Academy

Project Github

App APK for Demo


PI Admin:

Monitoring and Managing your Raspberry PI on the web - Using NodeJS, Express, Socket IO, Bootstrap as underlying technologies

This personal project was my first steps to the Node world

Project Github

Installation Tutorial


Mentor Toilet:

Bench time IoT project for checking the toilet statuses in our office. Using ESP8266, C, vanilla JS + Electron (for desktop app) And Firebase for real time database 

 Project Github


Fragment Creator:

Little library for demonstrating the ability of code generation using Annotation Processing in Android. The idea of the project is to minimize the boilerplate code, used for working with Android Fragments

Project Github



- Minesweeper: (Javascript)

Our Implementation of the Minesweeper game for our Javascript Teamwork at TelerikAcademy

Project Github

Game Demo

- SkipTheLine: (Hybrid Mobile)

Our TelerikAcademy 1 week Hybrid Mobile Development teamwork project: The prototype idea is to help you skip the waiting line at the coffees, fast food restaurants..., you just have to order and pay for it before you arrive, take a selfie for identification :D

Project Github

And many more at my GitHub page