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Work experience

Oct 2008Dec 2009

Interim Specialist Center for Learning Excellence

South Texas College
Mar 2002Aug 2007

Customer Service Manager

Walmart Stores, Inc
Jun 1995Jun 2000

Owner operator

Tammy's Daycare


Apr 2012Sep 2013

Bachelors degree

Ashford University
Sep 2008May 2012

Associate degree

South Texas College


Office management
·          Regular office responsibilities- phone skills, office equipment, fed-ex, UPS, USPS, ·          Strong customer services practices-service with a smile, “six foot rule” ·          Able to delegate, and guide staff to work needing done. ·          Able to prioritize and always have a careful eye on deadlines.  ·          Collaboratively able to work with Full-time staff and faculty in planning of workshops and trainings on a regular basis, supervised over 75 staff ·          Scheduling and Staffing ·          Outgoing and friendly face to connect with customers and peers and retain respect of my staff and peers  ·          Monthly data reports on productivity, ·          Collaborate w/faculty and staff for the benefit of the students ·          Networking with students groups, faculty, staff and administration for implementation of new idea,     policies, and other necessary changes to ensure the success of students and department ·          Personable professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce in multicultural settings. ·          Energetic performer consistently cited for unbridled passion for work, sunny disposition, and upbeat, positive attitude. ·          Planning and organizing events on large and small scale- from planning stages through the final follow up.   
event planning logistics
I have worked with   vendors, hotels, airlines, retailers, Community organizations, law enforcement, schools, first responders, regional programs    In my work with these organizations and many others    ü  Assisted in the planning, organizing, and development of several conferences on a variety of scales   ü  Negotiated prices   ü  Negotiated funding/donations   ü  Collaborated with staff to get the most efficient outcome without the extra expense   ü  Organizaed college clubs to sponsor the local head start for christmas   ü  Arranged travel-domestic and international-for conference attendees   ü  Negotiated with vendors to get the best possible rates   ü  Networked with law enforcement to provide necessary trainings in targeted areas   ü  Dedicated and technically skilled business professional with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an office manager, secretary, administrative assistant and office clerk.     ü  Excel in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.          


Jennifer Clark

Ms. Clark was the conference Coordinator for the womens studies committee, she also teaches political science at the college level

Jennifer Knecht

Not only was Mrs. knecht my superior we also worked together on the womens studies conferences and planning trainings and organizing speakers

Matea Vazquez

Ms. Vasquez and I started out as faculty and student when I first started college. We have worked together providing workshops for final reviews, proctoring, and networking with other faculty and staff

Pete Luna

Michelle Crawford

Gary Poulton

Mr. Poulton and I worked together on many projects and trainings together. We have presented at conferences regarding the benefits of making a learning environment truely accessible to all students.

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Some events I have coordinated


Conferences I have organized




I have recently relocated to Amherst New York, and as you'll see on the enclosed resume, the depth of my experience is varied. It offers you the opportunity to hire a real self-starter who needs little or no training and who is comfortable and successful in helping other for a living. My diverse work experience and education should not be taken lightly as it has helped me become the valued employee I have become. I am confident that my previous supervisory experience and owning my own businesses has more than prepared me for your position. I have the creativity and background to think outside the box, an ability to dispel confrontations before they start, the unique ability to connect with people, finding unused resources, and network with those around me. My previous positions have given me an opportunity to work with a diverse population both culturally and economically.

I am in my final semester in my Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management to further support my management experience. I hope to be able to merge my street smarts and my academics into a career. I have demonstrated my adaptability several times over during the past several years and have exemplary references upon your request. While planning Tutor Training Day, assisting in the development and the planning of Supplemental Instruction training day, and other student success workshops, I have learned how to approach a project with little or no guidance, just the basic concept and the necessary desired outcome. I have taken those experiences and expanded even more outside my comfort zone promoting, gathering donations, and gaining participation from the student organizations at the local colleges and retailers in the adoption of the local head start program for Christmas. In addition to this, six years ago I was asked to assist with the annual Women's Studies Human Trafficking Conference and I have built relationships with the numerous presenters, speakers, attendees, and students. I have used the skills developed in planning staff trainings on a much larger scale. With over two hundred participants in the beginning year and the continual success of the conference, I have been able to organize, plan, negotiate, and execute all aspects of conference planning; I have become an asset to the conference and the coordinator alike. My diversity has served me well in this venture. The experience I have gained from community involvements has been eye opening in so many ways. It has given me the opportunity to see that I have the respect and confidence of everyone that I work with; either directly or indirectly.

My diversity and reinforced skills allows me to offer you an unusual range of knowledge and talent, and why I believe I am the best candidate for several different types of positions. I look forward to speaking you and answering any additional questions you may have.