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Obtain a position working with animals, in a veterinary clinic, hospital, or animal kennel, as a Veteriary Assistant or Kennel Aide.


I love being around animals, it is a calming effect that can not be explained, this is where my heart is.


Since childhood, I have been an adamant animal lover, owning the basic cat and dog to an exotic lizard and even ferrets. With my passion and deep love for animals, in the next five years I would like to open a doggy daycare/kennel; that  provides a safe, fun, clean and  loving environment for pet owner's while on vacation. My feelings of having an animal epecially a dog, I believe that these creatures are loyal, always waiting and excited to see you; whether your gone an hour or only five minutes makes no difference to them, it is priceless. Having an Associate's Degree in Business Management from Davenport University will give me the knowledge of how to run a small business. In this business environment I will be able to put my whole heart and soul into my work, because this is where I belong. It will be like a piece of the missing puzzle is in its place.


Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown has known me since early childhood. Watching me grow into the compassionate adult who cares for animals today.

My Pet Philosophy

Work experience

Apr 2009Sep 2009

Kennel Aide

Greenhill Kennel
  • Feed, water, groom, bathe or otherwise care for dogs and cats, according to schedules and feeding instructions.
  • Cean organize and disinfect animal quarters such as pens, cages, and yards, and animal equipment.
  • Answer phones and schedule appointments. perform animal grooming duties such as washing, clipping and trimming coats, cutting nails and cleaning ears.
  • Exercise animals to maintain their physical and mental health.
Oct 2002Oct 2004

Veterinarian Assistant

Veterinary Medical Hospital
  • Feed, water, and examine pets for signs of illness, disease, or injury in animal hospitals and clinics.
  • Monitor animals recovering from surgetry and notify veterinarians of any unusual changes or symptoms.
  • Clean, maintain, and sterilize instruments and equipment.
  • Clean and maintain kennels, animal holding areas, examination and operating rooms, and animal loading/unloading facilities.
  • Hold or restrain animals during veterinary procedures.
  • Collect laboratory specimens such as blood, urine and feces for testing.


May 2005Present


Davenport University


Sign Language
Worked in a group home setting with hearing impaired patients.