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Aug 2008Dec 2012

Nutrition- Dietetics Concentration

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Medical Records

Heritage Valley Health Systems



The purpose of this portfolio is to find a job in the nutrition field that is related to the counseling aspect of nutrition. This portfolio is designed to accentuate my skills and to show my work ethics in a way that is appealing to different job seekers. 

Work Philosophy

  • The client always comes first
  • Confidentiality must be made clear to all clients
  • The client is the most important "tool" in a road to recovery 
  • I want to be part of a team that is life changing 

Professional Goals (5 years)

  • To be a head nutritionist at a local nursing home
  • To be a Registered Dietitian 
  • To look into pursing my masters degree
  • To have my own summer camp for children that are considered obese and need one on one help


Theresa Sellers is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). She is working toward a bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition following a Dietetics Track. She is expected to graduate in December 2008. She is a dedicated student and has worked hard to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. She has made the Dean's List two out of eight semesters since she has been at IUP. Theresa was also recognized for her academic achievements through Phi Eta Sigma, an honors fraternity located at IUP, in which she was asked to join her Spring semester of 2009. 

Theresa is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Theresa is currently employed at Sewickley Valley Hospital, where she has held a medical records position for the last five years. She has worked during every break from school eight or more hours a day aiding patients in different gastrointestinal diseases. Theresa is respected by her co-workers and has been held responsible for filing lab results into charts, checking patients in for the appointment, answering phones, and was trained for the front desk in which we use a variety of different computer programs including Nextgen. Theresa has learned a lot from her medical records job. She believes that the time she has spent working with patients has helped her prepare for her future. She has learned a lot and looks forward to continue learning after she receives her undergraduate degree. 

After graduation, Theresa is hoping to find a job that is related to nutrition counseling. She would also like to eventually work with obese children. 

Professional Goals (2 years)

  • To volunteer as a nutrition counselor for children
  • To apply my creativity and make menus for children that contain appealing and age related foods
  • To take my DTR test to become a Dietetic Technician Registered
  • To volunteer at a nursing home to help elderly get active 

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is important in any field. Being able to relay the information that you want to when trying to counsel someone is very important. I provided a transcription from a simulated not an actual client. I asked permission before including this in my portfolio as to not breach any confidentiality even though it was simulated and not an actual counseling session. As my "client" asked me about different ways to help her improve her diet, I provided information related to hydration and different snack foods that she could bring on campus. I think that it is important to possess this skill because being able to tell someone what they need to do is essential. In order to evaluate this skill, I asked my simulated client how she felt the "counseling" session went and she did provide accurate feedback.


The evidence that I included relates directly to research because during Experimental Foods Lab I collected data directly related to the aftertaste, color, and moistness of the Strawberry Shortcake when different sugar substitutes were used. Each student in the class measured the aftertaste, color and moistness on a 1-10 scale by consuming a small amount of each cake made with the different sugar substitutes. After the data was collected, I put the data into an SPSS computer program to get a table of means for these sensory evaluations. This is directly related to my research skill in the aspect that a substantial amount of research was included in the finding of the mean, standard deviation, and p-significance during this process. However, this skill is not totally mastered yet because I did have trouble with the SPSS computer program, and did make mistakes throughout the research project.  I think that this example is a great way to show my research skill area because this was a process that was a time length of a semester, and shows that multiple steps were in play in order to find the results of the different sugar substitutes on the cake. 

Plan and Organize

The document that I provided to portray my Planning and Organizing skill was my lesson plan for my methods of teaching class. For this particular class I chose to teach a class of kindergartners at the North Hills Elementary School. I chose to teach them about the different food groups, my plate, and different foods that make up the food groups. I think that this accurately provides proof of my planning and organizing skills because it is necessary to plan a lesson plan weeks before it takes place. I edited things on my lesson plan multiple times in order to make it child friendly and easy for them to understand at such a young age. I think it is important to provide knowledge about nutrition with young children because eating right starts with them at a young age. If someone does not eat right at a young age, they may continue to not eat right and may pass on not eating right to the children that they may have. In order to teach kindergartners, it is important to be organized because if you are not, then it will be easy to go off topic. Being organized and the ability to plan is essential in being a nutritionist and working with children. A great way to evaluate this will be being able to see how the children react to my lesson that is taking place on November 20. 

Menu Formulation

The document that I provided in order to show the Menu Formulation skill is a sample menu that I have used in my simulated counseling sessions with clients provided by FDNT 463. My client asked for a sample menu as to what would be appropriate to eat as a well balanced meal for each meal times in the day. I provided an example, based on the foods that she was interested in trying or already knew she liked. The menu is based on a 2000 calorie diet and I do believe that my client will use this sample menu to base other meals that she could also make. This menu contains general foods and what is in each food for each meal. The menu consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. 

I have been working on mastering this skill for the past four years while being in the nutrition program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I have produced a various amount of menu's for different diseases, including renal disease, a diabetic, and a general menu for a 2000 calorie diet. I think that this menu accurately portrays my menu formulation skill because it shows that I can come up with different foods and replace them what a client does not like a certain food or when a client has a specific disease that does not permit them to consume certain foods.