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Work experience


CMS for authoring
Position: Developer ● Description: and editing documents… ● Features: projects workflow: assigning to authors and editors ● Technologies: mongodb, nodejs, deployd, backbone, jQuery.

System Architect/developer/lead Developer

JavaScript, PayPal API
Position: System architect/Developer/Lead Developer ● Description: Facebook application: Publishing places of interest(such as bars or restaurants) or events(like birthdays) in Facebook, so users can find them and register for events. ● Features: attending events, photo albums; friend invitations; points for money; virtual gifts for points; integration with PayPal; displaying places on map. ● Technologies: Facebook API, Facebook Markup Language(FBML), ASP.NET 4, MSSQL 2008, Project Name: GhostEdit ●

System Architect/lead Developer

Projects: JumboFox Content Manager, JumboFox ● Position: System architect/Lead developer ● Description: Digital content management(mostly electronic books) for education ●

System Architect/lead Developer

MSSQL 2008, Facebook Markup Language(FBML) Project Name: FIRC. Multi-user web chat with special conditions ● Position: System architect/Lead Developer ● Description: Web chat with protected virtual rooms and teams. One chat session with specific users is called“ game”. Users in room are divided into two teams, they can chat in common room for game and in private rooms inside own team. Game can be started and finished by command. Moderators can watch over the room and penalize users for violating specified rules. ●


Project Name: Video chat
Position: Developer ● Description: cars distributor's website ● Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MSSQL Project Name: Video chat(VChat) application for Facebook built on Adobe Flex technology( Facebook account is required to review.“ BETA” suffix in application name is requirement from Adobe for using beta version of Adobe Stratus peer-to-peer server. ●

System Architect/developer

Interlink Ltd., Cherkassy, Ukraine
chronologically) Project Name: SpeedSpark( ● Position: System architect/Developer ● Description: HTTP/FTP files downloader. Automatic resuming broken downloads, downloading files in several simultaneous threads, Internet Explorer integration (link clicks intercept, IE toolbar). ● Technologies: Borland Delphi 7, C++, Sqlite Project Name: TSP( ●

Team Leader/system Architect

TRC WebCatalog
Project Name: ● Position: Team leader/System architect ● Description: Web catalogue of goods stored in Microsoft RMS. Multilanguage interface, administration, advertisement, visual themes and elements layout support. Project has been developed for“ Total Retail Control” company located in Ireland( ● Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0, HTML, MSSQL2000

Lead Developer/system Architect

TRC Loyalty Card
Project Name: ● Position: Lead developer/System architect ● Description: Loyalty program for permanent customers of stores chain using

Lead Developer/system Architect

TRC Order Placement
Project Name: ● Position: Lead developer/System architect ● Description: Books online ordering system from and All orders are saved into Microsoft Retail Management System(RMS) database for further processing. Project has been developed for“ Total Retail Control” company located in Ireland ( ● Technologies: ASP.NET 1.1(C#), ADO.NET, Webservices, MSSQL2000, HTML, FTP

Software Developer/architect

Position: Software Developer/Architect ● Description: The multi-user, web-oriented Version Control System that allows accessing to remote Version Control servers through browser. Websafe™ provides storing sources into its native Websafe™ Storage or into MS Visual SourceSafe database. It consists of: Websafe™ Version Control System engine (server-side), MS Visual SourceSafe wrapper(server-side), front-end for accessing to the remote Version Control servers(client-side), Websafe™ SccAdd-in which implements SccAPI(interface allowing source code controlsystems to be integrated with Microsoft development tools), Websafe™ MS Office Add-in(to integrate MS Office Applications with Websafe™ System). ● Technologies: ASP(VBScript), JScript, COM(C++), XML, HTML. Project Name: Pay-per-click system) ●

Team Leader/lead Developer

Interlink Ltd., Cherkassy, Ukraine
Project Name: TruTeam Tracker ● Position: Team Leader/Lead Developer ● Description: The bug-tracking web-oriented system. Based on Microsoft ASP.NET technology, coded in C#. XML is used as data storage, so server has no need to install any other database servers and applications. Multi-user support, hierarchical data structure, nested items, complex filtration, attached and linked files, comments adding, e-mail notification on changes by personal schedule. ● Technologies: ASP.NET 1.1, XML Project Name: TruTeam Websafe™ ●


Cherkassy Branch of Joint Stock Bank“ Ukrgasbank”
Cherkassy, Ukraine ● Position: Development, System Administration, Support, System administration, Security ● Projects: Banking-oriented applications using Interbase and MSSQL2000 database servers-payments, invoices management.



Cherkassy State University





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