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P&L experienced, international business leader.  Strong experience with technology, international footprints, and manufacturing has resulted in the ability to take advantage of global technological capabilities to consistently drive revenue and profit growth.  Global experience including assignment in Tokyo and establishment of new Indian and Chinese operations, provide deep skills to leverage for technology development and cost reduction.  Product knowledge spans Automotive Electronics and Telecommunications development and manufacture.  Fundamental capabilities are:

  • Proven track record for growth of new businesses
  • Creation of competitive value propositions through product and manufacturing process development
  • Establishment of new capabilities where required to meet business objectives
  • Cost, quality and productivity improvement techniques to constantly improve results
  • Extensive global experience that brings world class capabilities and partnerships to the business

Work experience

Jan 2005Present

Managing Director, North America


Responsible for growing Sales Revenue and EBIT for telematics and entertainment products to International OEM's in North America to offset decline of GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Also responsible for management of the South America regional business. 

  • 2008 Revenue at $260 million; growing to $350 million in 2011 calendar year.
  • Booked $760 million in new business in 2007 and $300 million in 2008.
  • During 2008/2009 downturn, cut costs by greater than 30% to secure neutral cash flow during period while maintaining out year revenue plan.
  • Re-established #1 market share position in automotive Telematics products by winning Onstar and Toyota Safety Connect business realizing Telematics revenue at $250 million in 2010. Unique supplier technology partnership in communication modules along with 40% engineering work done in India allowed for demonstration of cellular technology leadership, winning price, and superior software execution plan.
  • Utilized previously established India Technical Center and China Technical Center at 40% of total engineering to keep engineering costs low and allow for capacity increases based on demand.
  • Employed superior design reliability and market leading manufacturing quality to establish strong position in mobile asset tracking market with award of Caterpillar Nighthawk business and Orbcomm satellite modem business resulting in $30 million annual revenue.
  • Utilized vertically integrated technologies of plastic molding and finishing, and Bluetooth RF integration to double profitable growth business with Toyota through 2011. Advantages from this strategy resulted in products with superior cost, price, performance, speed of development and flexibility during development due to internal control of technologies deployed on products.
  • Secured supply agreement with Autonet Mobile to introduce Internet connectivity to the car. This will allow Delphi to be first to market with OEM factory installed internet connectivity products with a dominance strategy for both pricing and revenue.
  • Achieved 2008 JD Powers Quality Award for single CD satellite radio receivers for market leading initial quality.
  • Received 2007 PACE Honorable Mention for Orbcomm Satellite Telematics Control Unit for leading edge technology development.
  • Placed Commercial Vehicle receiver manufacturing in Suzhou, China plant to reduce landed cost by 2% and to apply local Chinese supplier cost advantages to the product on an ongoing basis.
  • South America JV shares wholly purchased from minority partner in Q2 of 2008 to allow reconfiguration of the operation without interference. During Q3 and Q4, implemented lean manufacturing principles for 30% reduction in labor content per product, and implemented design and material price reduction strategies to reduce 2009 product material costs by 3%.
Jul 2003Jan 2005

Director of Engineering, Entertainment & Communications

Delphi Corporation

Responsible for worldwide engineering activities for all Navigation, Telematics, Audio, Antenna, and related products for $2.2 billion Wireless business. 

  • Instrumental in the acquisition of Grundig Car Information Systems, A.G. to increase European footprint allowing access to German market and record bookings with Opel, VW and Audi. Strength of this localized footprint has moved Delphi to #4 market share in European market.
  • New engineering footprint along with new product portfolio enabled record $3.3 billion booking year in 2003 followed by an additional $2.7 billion in 2004.
  • Established new product development center in Shanghai, China and staffed to 70 engineers through 2004 to reduce engineering costs by 75% and to access local Chinese market.
  • Developed and introduced new market leading products including AcuraLink communications module for Honda and first traffic based navigation receivers for General Motors and Honda.
  • Implemented product changes and new product introductions to improve OI from 7% to 11%.
  • Budget responsibility of $220 million across fully capable design centers in North America, Mexico, Singapore, China and Germany.
Jul 2001Jan 2003

Chief Engineer


Responsible for global Audio engineering activities from market planning through technology development, platform architecture and design, building block development, customer development programs and production engineering and support.  Products include Audio receivers, amplifier systems, digital receiver systems, vehicle acoustic systems, satellite reception systems, and peripheral vehicle modules resulting in over $1.4 billion in sales. 

  • Developed initial and subsequent products for XM and Sirius satellite radio customers resulting in a new business reaching $200 million in sales per year.
  • Developed new custom products for new customers (Ford, Hyundai, Daimler, Audi, Porsche) resulting in 30% increase in product volume and 15% increase in revenue.
  • Corrected major product development execution issues with by moving Engineering/Sales from an unsustainable low of 4.3% to a competitive 5.7% rate.
Jan 1999Jul 2001

Director of Engineering, Asia Pacific

Delphi Automotive Systems

Resident in Tokyo, Japan and responsible for customer application support engineering in Japan, Korea, China, Australia and Taiwan and design centers in Singapore and India. 

  • Developed engineering capability and capacity to a workforce of 80 applications engineers to support customer programs with Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Hyundai, Daewoo and various Chinese and Taiwanese automotive manufacturers.
  • Various vehicle electronics programs supported including engine management electronics and sensors, security systems, advanced entertainment and communications systems and safety electronics.
  • Activities supported growth of the Asian electronics business to over $350 million per year.
  • Grew Engineering Design center in Singapore from 160 to 190 design engineering personnel to localize work and provide full design capability for Asian customer programs.
  • Established a new Technical Center in Bangalore, India with concentration on product software development and math based tools with over 300 engineers to address software engineering shortage with highly competent and competitive talent.
  • Also responsible for manufacturing engineering support for Singapore and China manufacturing facilities.
  • Total engineering workforce in Asia consisted of over 560 engineers with annual budget of $40 million.
Jan 1997Jan 1999

Product Line Manager - Powertrain

Delco Electronics

Established the Diesel Electronics product line for Delphi. Introduced next generation Gas Controller products to re-establish competitiveness and win new business.

  • Development and implementation of several new technologies in conjunction with two new major product introductions resulting in size reductions of 70% and cost reductions of 30% achieved through the use of advanced circuit board and integrated circuit packaging technologies.
  • Diesel Product Line development includes initiatives to grow Diesel controller business from $10 million to over $170 million in annual sales within the four years.
  • Scope of activities covered the entire product life cycle including management of global teams for product and market planning, design technology development, manufacturing technology development and deployment, and program teams for individual product design and introduction.
Jul 1995Jan 1997

Manager, Manufacturing Technology

Responsible for manufacturing process and equipment development activities for all Powertrain Electronics current and future products and circuit board fabrication technologies.  Also responsible for manufacturing operations support and continuous improvement activities for all Powertrain Global Operations including circuit board fabrication operations and all Engine and Powertrain Control Module assembly operations in North America, Europe and Asia.  Volumes produced in excess of 7.5 million units annually.  Employment of over 150 engineers and managers in four regional sites included in the above responsibilities. 

  • 25% engineering productivity improvement
  • 50% reduction in process development cycle time
  • 100% attainment of business plan metrics for five major technology introductions.
  • Development was initiated in 15 supporting manufacturing technologies that enabled design of next generation products with 70% reduction in size and 30% reduction in product cost.
Feb 2004Jul 1995

Product Team Manager

Responsible for radio program development, design and introduction for all Chevrolet/GMC radio products of the audio systems radio business segment.  Activities included product concept, design, and development and production introduction.  Directly responsible for meeting total factory cost product targets, profit margin requirements, warranty performance, and meeting customer requirements for performance, quality and vehicle interface.  Product volume encompassed over 50 models across 3.5 million units annually.  Revenues for this segment were $700 million per year. 

  • Accomplishments included over $35 million in cost savings
  • factory return reductions of 67%

Design and development of new radio models in less than three months

Feb 1988Feb 1994

Operations Manager

Managed and directed all operations involved in radio manufacture and final assembly of 1.6 million premium radio receivers annually.  Staff functions included Manufacturing, Engineering, Maintenance, Material Control and Quality Engineering.  Responsibilities included customer contact and support for 20 GM vehicle assembly plants, on time delivery performance, warranty and quality improvements, and operation to annual budget in excess of $45 million.  This operation employed 700 salary and hourly personnel.

  • Completed over $31 million in cost savings projects,
  • 65% reduction in warranty claims and achievement of world class quality levels on radio receivers
  • Operation budget improvements of 10-15% per year.
  • Product cost reduction of over 25% achieved during last two years.
  • Relocation of Mexico assembly operations to Kokomo achieved at over 400% productivity improvement.
Jul 1981Feb 1988

Manufacturing Engineering - Various Assignment

Developed a variety of manufacturing processes and manufacturing systems for high volume, electronics assembly.  Multimillion dollar capital investment projects implemented to add capacity and product new products in manufacturing sites in Kokomo, In, Mexico and Singapore.  Assignments spanned direct engineering assignments through supervisory assignments.

May 1980Jul 1981

Project Engineer

TEREX Division, General Motors

Responsible for initiating and completing programs to eliminate product deficiencies, meet product cost reduction goals and implement overall component design.  Work centered around design and development of hydraulic systems and structural cabs on large earthmoving equipment




University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business