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Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Business Development Manager Southeast

TIMEC Company

Business Development Manager

Responsible for establishing and managing a new territory for the company by targeting new market segments and customers.  Responsible for strategic planning, business development initiatives, new customer acquisition, service strategy and revitalizing existing client relationships.  Recognized as a change agent having championed multiple projects designed to professionalize the organization. 

  • Direct all general management functions for the Southeastern US including business development, territory expansion, sales, marketing and contract management. 
  • Established profitable Mobile, AL operations in just seven months.
  • Implemented new selling and marketing strategies resulting in increases to overall revenue opportunities from $1M to $8M in first year.
  • Champion for selection, implementation and rollout. 
  • Responsible for geographic and market segment expansion in the Southeast region.
  • Valuable contributions include process improvements, new market growth, communication planning, marketing collateral implementations, improved selling techniques and business plan development.
Nov 2006Nov 2008

Vice President

Quincy Compressor

Vice President of Marketing and International Sales

Responsible for leading a domestic focused industrial manufacturing company

that lacked a global presence, a robust brand position, strong customer service and a value

proposition concentration to an expanded global market position, primarily in Latin America

and Pacific Rim. Responsible for strategic planning and business development including

channel expansion, alliance activity, branding and product strategy.

Selected Results & Achievements:

  • Identified alternative selling channels, including Internet, manufacturer’s representatives and dealer networks, increasing sales by $5 million.
  • Introduced and championed brand recognition initiatives resulting in a measurable increase in top of mind of awareness of 42%.
  • Managed international sales staff.Increased international sales by 50%, primarily in Latin America and the Pacific Rim through the expansion of selling channels, brand positioning and new customer acquisition.Increased Latin America market share 200%.
  • Increased aftermarket sales by 20% through customer loyalty and retention programs, aftermarket product bundling, pricing initiatives and cross-selling strategies.
  • IIncreased market share by 10% through pricing programs, new product development, channel development and brand positioning.
  • Implemented Commercial Excellence initiatives, utilizing Lean Manufacturing strategies, resulting in a 25% decrease in spending while increasing throughput of marketing information flows.
  • Characterized as a visionary, strategist and a tactician.
  • Promoted in first six months.
Jun 2000Nov 2006

Vice President Marketing & Strategy

Peerless Pump

Have taken a once-dominant capital equipment manufacturing business that suffered a dramatic decline due to decades of mismanagement, asbestos litigation, industry fragmentation and lack of new investment activity and transformed into a $100 million turnaround success story. P&L responsibility included managing all aspects of complex commercial and operational issues. Champion and actively promote the judicious use of Continuous Improvement tools that include Lean Enterprise (Champion), Six Sigma (Black Belt) and Strategic Procurement to enhance results-focused orientation and employee performance levels.

Promoted 6 times in 5 years.

Selected Results & Achievements:

  • Increased sales by 18% and order totals by 40% in a commoditized marketplace, while increasing margins 5% through the creation of value- added services, marketing focus, operational excellence and continuous improvement programs.
  • Created an online aftermarket presence, resulting in revenue generation of $20 million, while redirecting 80% of the parts business to a seamless Internet-based approach.
  • Introduced 29 new products, increasing total sales by 8%.
  • Grew international sales by 29% and related profitability by 39% (primarily in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East) through focused marketing efforts and consistent new product development.
  • Established a customer-service mindset throughout the company, improving measurable customer service levels by 12%.
  • Led turnaround and business revitalization through product mix reorganization reducing overdue orders by 95% and increasing short cycle business cash flow by 13%.

Vice President and General Manager (LaBour Pump)

Managed all aspects of a $30M industrial division focused on process market segments.

Selected Results & Achievements:

  • Re-energized and re-organized a manufacturer’s representative and distributor based sales channel, increasing sales 20%.
  • Executed a comprehensive Continuous Improvement program focused on Lean Manufacturing/5S and Continuous Improvement principles, improving profitability by 8% and throughput by 20%.

Marketing Manager

Directed strategic marketing and planning activity, including creating future “blueprints” for market share, revenue growth and sales channel communication strategies.Managed strategic E-commerce initiatives designed to provide company with alternative sales channels while leading company to industry leading position in E-commerce.Managed the creation and implementation of two new corporate web sites ( and

Selected Results & Achievements:

Managed new product development, introducing new products that utilized outsourced engineering and manufacturing expertise in India.

  • Managed the creation and implementation of two new corporate web sites ( and
  • Implemented internal marketing campaign providing first-ever measurements for morale and relationships between management and employees.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Author and related Certified Internal Auditor.

Aftermarket Manager

Managed all aftermarket initiatives, which included sales, operations, repair and field service activities.

Selected Results & Achievements:

  • Increased Aftermarket Department sales 33% by penetrating mature markets using niche marketing and guerilla marketing techniques.
Dec 1997Jun 2000

Sales Manager

Indianapolis Star

Responsible for customer retention efforts, call center management, direct sales force and payment methods.

Selected Results & Achievements:

  • Managed customer retention initiatives that increased revenue over 500% (from $750K to $4 million).
  • Launched various marketing programs and sales initiatives, increasing overall circulation and customer retention by 15%.Total readership increased proportionately.
  • Significantly increased the number of automated payment accounts through various highly successful marketing initiatives.
Apr 1994Dec 1997

Business Manager

Circle City Firestone

Managed all aspects of marketing, remanufacturing and retail operations.

Selected Results & Achievements:

  • Directed $5 million retail and manufacturing firm in taking business from cradle to buyout, securing a 30% ROI.
Nov 1985Nov 1989

Third Class Petty Officer

United States Navy Damage Control Officer

  • Included serving as a Machinist Mate on the guided-missile destroyer USS Tattnall
  • Honorably discharged



Leadership and Personnel Management
Leadership is not acting like a "traditional" supervisor.  Rather it is getting those around you to recognize their full potential and then motivating them to leverage that potential.  It is my belief that people truly are an organization’s most important resources and must be treated as such.  It has been my experience that in many cases, it is the supervisor that has failed the employee when disciplinary action is required.  It has also been my experience that most employees truly want to contribute and perform at a high level but require the motivation to do so.  I have been recognized as a leader who motivates teammates to new heights.  I do this through coaching and developing personnel, preparing them to become future leaders.  My leadership principles are rooted in three basic components:   1.      Actually treating people like they are the most important resource in a company, not just saying it.  2.      Gaining the trust and confidence of employees.  Trust and confidence in top leadership is recognized as the single most reliable predictor of employee satisfaction. 3.      Effective communication by leadership in three critical areas is the key to winning organizational trust and confidence: o        Communicating to employees the company's overall business strategy. o        Ensuring employees understand how they contribute to achieving key business objectives. o        Sharing information with employees on both how the company is doing and how an employee is doing - relative to strategic business objectives.   As a leader, I follow the US Army’s leadership principles: Know yourself and seek self-improvement - In order to know yourself, you have to understand your own personal attributes. Seeking self-improvement means continually strengthening my attributes, which I accomplish through self-study, formal training, reflection, and feedback from others. Be technically proficient - As a leader, you must know your job and have a solid familiarity with your employees' tasks. Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions – I search for ways to guide my team to new heights. I do not blame others when things go wrong.  I analyze the situation, adjust course and move on to the next objective. Make sound and timely decisions – I utilized continuous Improvement problem solving, decision-making and planning tools. Set the example – I work to be a good role model for my employees. Know your people and look out for their well-being – Hall of Fame coach Bobby Knight once said “The biggest opponent is not the other guy but rather human nature.”  One needs to understand human nature and the importance of sincerely caring for your workers. Keep your workers informed – I work diligently to ensure employees and supervisors are informed. Develop a sense of responsibility in your workers – I work to develop good character traits in my team (both personal and professional) that will help them be good employees and citizens. Ensure that tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished - Communication is the key to this responsibility. Train as a team – This is one of my strongest leadership characteristics.  I am a believer in developing departments into teams with a common purpose.  Use the full capabilities of your organization – By developing a team spirit and playing to a person’s strengths (while bolstering their weaknesses) I am able to leverage my department to its fullest.            
Marketing Management Expertise
My marketing approach is based on the Seven P's of marketing (I have added three to the original Four P's).  These consist of the traditional four P's of marketing - price (profitability is a component of price), promotion, place (distribution), product - and an additional three P's - people, process and post sale (aftermarket).  People consist of current customers, potential customers, lost customers and employees.  Process consists of marketing, selling, customer service, complaint, warranty and other processes, which reside in the customer-facing end of a business.  Post sale consists of all activity that occurs following a sale (service, repair, parts sales, customer service surveys, etc.), which often times influences a subsequent sale.    I have successfully expanded sales channels by identifying untapped markets, products that can be utilized by those markets and sales channels required to reach those markets.  I have selectively leveraged various channels such as direct selling, distributors, manufacturer's representatives, OEM accounts, Internet, dealers, catalog houses and retail businesses in order to reach new customer bases.  I have in depth knowledge of these selling channels and their requirements and motivations.  I am adept at establishing relationships with these channels and creating selling material such as point of purchase material, brochures, web sites, in store promotions, monetary bonuses, training programs and more which are directed toward individual channel requirements.  I have experience creating new channels globally as well as domestically.   My product development expertise and successes are rooted in the Lean Sigma Seven Stage Gate Product Development Process.  I have introduced numerous new products (in excess of 35), both redesigns and brand new products.  The new products developed were responsible for 25% of total sales with the latest company I worked for.  My product development philosophy originates with the voice of customer with the customer base being involved in the product defining process and through all seven stage gates.  The customer input is utilized to adjust product attributes in order to ensure a solid fit in the targeted markets.  I have strong product launch experience with launches into new and existing markets.  I have utilized international design teams to lower costs associated with product development.  I also practice post mortem analysis following product releases to ensure sales and profitability targets are met, product attributes are acceptable and to evaluate the process providing intelligence into future process enhancements.      I have identified adjacent markets and complimentary products designed to expand the market space served.  Adjacent markets consisted of markets where current product offerings could be utilized with little or no product alterations.  I have also identified adjacent markets that required new or redesigned products according to customer requirements.  In most cases, adjacent products require new selling channels, which I have also identified and leveraged.  I have added complimentary products to the product portfolio in order to create product bundling, cross selling, up selling and aftermarket selling opportunities - all with resulting increases in revenue and profitability.  These successes are a result of not only identifying opportunities but in creating relationships with complimentary product manufacturers.  These efforts have been focused on revenue, profitability and market share growth as well as on market space expansion.    I have increased my company’s brand awareness and top of mind awareness through branding initiatives.  I have used surveys of non-customers, potential customers and lost customers to identify the company’s current brand position according to those customers.  In all cases, I have utilized the survey results to communicate to the organization the company’s internally perceived brand versus its customer perceived brand, with the result being a plan to enhance the company’s brand position.  In addition, a map for brand growth was identified and deployed resulting in actual and measurable top of mind brand awareness.  Brand enhancements consisted of marketing initiatives including advertising, web sites, product packaging upgrades, promotional endeavors, trade shows, market expansion and more.         I have been responsible for identifying various acquisition candidates designed to increase the market space in which my company participated.  These typically have been service-oriented entities that served highly profitable adjacent markets that were not well served by my company.  I have performed preliminary due diligence on those candidates identified and created relationships and environments suitable for acquisition completion.  Legal departments performed the full due diligence.    I have created selling, product and service training tool kits designed to ensure a cohesive and singular message is delivered to the consumer.  These have included paid in house and remote training seminars, such as field service training, inside sales training and new salesperson training, as well as technical selling tool kits.  The selling tool kits included product information, PowerPoint presentations, competitive data, “How to Sell X Product” information, value propositions, features and benefits.  The training was designed to be portable and could be delivered via the Internet, both of which assisted in ensuring greater coverage.      I have extensive knowledge of the Internet, search engine optimization and e-commerce selling models.  I have revised and updated three websites for my previous two employers, moving these sites from purely an information site to a truly e-commerce site, resulting in measured increases in website traffic.  I have conducted studies showing that the majority of capital equipment buyers are now utilizing the Internet for research and comparison purposes.  I have deployed an e-commerce site providing an online trading space for aftermarket related purchases.  I have increased traffic via search engine optimization techniques, which also resulted in very high placement on              I have led companies to expanded market share positions via the above mentioned initiatives – both with organic growth and new market growth.   
Sales Management Expertise
My sales management expertise lies in growing top line revenue while increasing profitability by moving selling channels toward products that carrying higher profit margins and posse niche positions in the product portfolio.  I have managed direct sales forces, distributors, manufacturer's representatives, dealers, catalog houses, Internet selling partners and national tool houses such as Northern Tool, Tractor Supply and others.  In addition, I have experience selling to engineering firms such as Fluor Daniels, Bechtel, KBR, Haliburton and others.  I have also identified, established and managed sales into contracted national accounts such as Eli Lilly, ADM and others.        I have international and domestic sales and sales management experience with the majority of the international sales directed toward Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.  I have opened new international markets and selling channels using direct sales teams and distributors to gain a foothold with an increase in the number of different channel members following market entrance.      The markets I have served consist of general industrial, oil and gas, nuclear, government, municipal, automotive aftermarket, steel, general construction, commercial, building trades, agriculture, institutions, OEM's and others.  I have experience with bid and specification selling models; I have sold at the C-level as well as to general maintenance personnel.      The products I have sold consist of both engineered products and pre-configured products, as well as the related parts, accessories and services.  The engineered products are based on customer specific requirements and typically fit into niche applications.      I am adept at developing new business and increasing existing business.  I believe in developing strong relationships with customers to ensure longevity of the relationship.  I am a firm believer in exceeding customer requirements, while being a guardian of company interests.  I work diligently to resolve issues with accounts including cost, delivery, quality and other issues.  My customer relationship approach is based on customer retention efforts.    My selling techniques are based on a process approach.  I am a believer in utilizing customer management tools, when applicable, to track the results of selling efforts.  There exists a tremendous amount of waste in most sales and marketing departments thus I have utilized continuous improvement techniques (Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma) to reduce cycle time and waste while increasing the quality of quotes, orders, sales material, customer service and response times in the selling and marketing process. 
Strategic Planning
During my tenure at Peerless Pump and Quincy Compressor, I was responsible for creating, deploying and communicating the enterprise strategic plan.  These plans were one and five-year plans, detailing core values, growth opportunities, metrics and more.  The goals of the plans were as follows:   Serve as a framework for decisions. Provide company direction and drive innovation. Provide a basis for more detailed planning. Explain the business to others in order to inform, motivate & involve.  Assist with benchmarking & performance monitoring. Stimulate change and become building block for next plan.   These plans were developed utilizing a multistage process described below:   Data – Gathering company, industry and macro economic data which provide a future picture Direction - Establishing a clearly defined strategic direction across functional areas Collaboration – Ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and engaged Process - Agreeing on a planning process and definitions Values - Establishing and implementing a consistent set of values Relevance - Ensuring the plan addresses specific business-related issues Growth - Identifying strategies for growth Priorities - Determining priorities for focus and investment Resources - Ensuring funding and other resources will be made available Action - Making sure the plan is actionable Alignment - Aligning the organization with the priorities of the plan Results - Setting specific, measurable outcomes Communication – Disseminating the plan information to stakeholders Execution – Deploying the plan Post Mortem – Analyzing the results and adjusting the plan as necessary    My approach is to democratize the process by including cross-functional teams of line and staff managers.  These teams include junior staffers, handpicked for their ability to think creatively, and near-retirement employees willing to tell it like it is.  In order to keep the planning process aligned with the realities of markets, I try to include interaction with key customers and suppliers when applicable.  Dissemination of the plan is then integral to plan deployment in order to ensure the entire organization is aligned with the plan targets.  This process has gone against the grain in some cases creating the need for the implementation of change management techniques.               
Continuous Improvement
I have experience in the implementation and management of continuous improvement tools, both in the manufacturing side of the business as well as the administrative side.  My experience is that the administrative side of the business (sales, marketing, finance, human resources) contains more opportunity to reduce waste and enhance cycle times than does the manufacturing side.  I utilized Lean Manufacturing principles, 5S and Six Sigma tools to effectively reduce quote and order cycle times, enhance customer response times, reduce training periods and project cycle times.  In addition, I have utilized these tools to reduce costs associated with the front end of the business and increased business sales levels due to enhanced response times.
Profit and Loss Management
As a General Manager, I was responsible for the profit and loss of a $30 million division.  These duties included sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing and business development.  This division manufacturered chemical processing pumps made of alloys such as nickle, titanium, stainless steel, Monel, etc.  These pumps served high end, niche chemical applictions such as pumping liquid mercury, pumping sulfuric acid and the destruction of chemical nerve agents.  The selling process included sales to engineering firms and to chemical firms via manufacturer's representatives.    During my time as the General Manager, I implemented continuous improvement tools into the operation with the purpose of enhancing material flow, order flow and reducing cycle times.  Lean Manufacturing and 5S techniques were implemented in the manufacturing and adminstrative processes.        I was Responsible for 40 employees locted in a remote facility. 


MS Heavy Industry Contractors License


AL Heavy Industry Licensed Contractor


Lean Manufacturing Champion

Sterling Fluid Systems

Six Sigma Black Belt

American Society of Quality


My objective is obtain a management position with a growing company that understands and values the sales and marketing functions and where my experiences and expertise can be leveraged to its fullest. 

Personal Characteristics and Fit

During my career, I have taken many personality tests such as the Myers Briggs, DISC, AVA and I have also participated in 360-degree evaluations.The information garnered from the tests varied but three results were common across testing platforms:

1.How to better communicate with teammates and my personal communication style.

2.Personality strengths

3.Personality related areas of improvement and awareness

In June of 2009, I was assessed using an AVA (Activity Vector Analysis - test.The results were as follows:

Kip tends to be described as:

·Team oriented



·Thick skinned






·Matter of fact






·Risk taker


·Strong minded





·Results oriented

Behavior expected of Kip:

·Collaborative, cooperative and team oriented

·Effective working alone on planning and thinking tasks

·Takes a scientific, methodical approach to problems

·Prefers work requiring analytical ability, painstaking care, concentration and  persistence

·Leaves no stone unturned to do a thorough job

·Prefers defined responsibilities and will seek advice on unfamiliar matters

·Takes pains to critically review and plan activities

·Analyzes facts, figures, systems and methods and makes effective decisions

·Prefers to look at the “big” picture” rather than getting involved in details

·Goes after things rather than waiting; willing to “stick neck out”

·Instantiates action and takes risks to attain goals

·Pursues difficult situations, makes decisions and renders judgment boldly

·Persists in getting things done despite failures and obstacles

·Enjoys competition

·Eager for new experiences, adventures or pioneering opportunities

·Wants and seeks out responsibility and authority

·Withstands discomforts and pressures in the work situation well

The results of the AVA are available upon request.


Senior Sales and Marketing Executive successful at establishing the vision and strategies necessary to grow a company.  Talented business devleopment, product and brand management professional with broad industrial product experience in the U.S. and international markets.  Expert at creating and leveraging selling channels, networks and business connections, while negotiating and managing joint ventures and strategic partnerships with multi-billion dollar companies.  Diverse, “big picture” skill sets include maximizing new marketing opportunities, leveraging business development initiatives, driving innovation, channel expansion and managing cultural shifts to achieve ambitious profitability goals. Excel at partnering with all core business operations to significantly increase the company’s footprint, expand market share, and generate sustainable revenue and profitability gains.  A team builder with strong P&L and general management skills.MBA and BS from Indiana University.

Open to relocation


·Board Member – Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI)

·Vistage Alumni

·American Marketing Association

·Chief Executive Network

·Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG)

·Association of Manufacturing Excellence Chief Spokesperson – Save Our Schools

·Vice President – Sheridan Indiana City Planning Commission

·Youth Coach for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Softball

·Cub Scout Den Leader


Dynamic Vice President with Business Development, Sales and Marketing expertise.  MBA from top university.  P&L responsibility with Lean and Six Sigma certifications.