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As a strategic marketing executive and entrepreneur with expertise in high technology product development and management, marketing strategy, and business development, I have identified, developed, and evangelized innovative solutions to real world customer problems. I have over twenty years in wireless data and digital home industry experience. I am confident you will find my qualifications of interest.

I know that the customer experience defines a company's perception in the marketplace. Today's changing market requirements demand marketing align closely with sales, PR, IR, and R&D. I have direct experience in leading all of these areas. At Techniku, an international OEM engineering company, I drove both sales and operations while working closely with Fortune 500 client companies' product development and marketing teams.

I am ready to engage with a company and a team that is aggressive, excited, and working together to succeed. I am energized by marketing and business development initiatives that are focused on the customer, fueled by market-based analysis, and result in creative product development. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my potential contributions with you


Highly personable, top-producing business development and operations executive who can visualize opportunities, pinpoint markets, assemble high performance teams, optimize operations, and accomplish breakthrough business objectives. A hands-on decisive leader with a history of delivering results in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments. Core competencies in the development of products for global markets.

Understands the customer experience defines a company's value in the marketplace beyond any brand/messaging and the most effective way to rise above competitors is to deliver excellence and products that exceed expectations.

Tools and Ideas!

Work experience




Formed BSG to launch a long-held vision of a highly secure, private, social networking and communication tool/service, Heart Circles (healthcare) and SMDOCS (project management. These online SaaS tools facilitated communication and project management capabilities between geographically dispersed teams team in a variety of D2C and B2B markets including medical, corporate governance, and youth social networking.

  • Achieved 10,000 users within 6 months.
  • Sold the source code and service in 2007. It is now used as the backbone of services for Board of Directors and private support groups.

BSG, as a long established consultancy helps emerging and growing high-tech companies refine their product strategies, develop operational infrastructure, set up sales channels, and position products for market recognition and share gain. Advised clients on business development, channel alignment, installation processes, and ROI management tools. Client case studies can be found at


CEO / President


Hired by the Chairman to streamline and reorganize this holding company and global OEM engineering firm manufacturing custom electromechanical control systems for Fortune 500 window covering, inkjet printers, and automotive companies. Within 3 years reversed financial performance from –30% to +25%. Led the US division serving the window covering automation market. Managed 8 direct and 19 indirect global reports.

  • Examined multiple product lines (companies) for product position/profitability/viability, partnership requirements, and strength of talent.
  • Returned company to profitability and growth within 18 months. Redefined and re-branded the company as an automation company, moving it from a contract engineering shop to a product company with a broader market focus, thus elevating the brand and opening up new automation markets. Eliminated non-performing assets and products, saving about $2M annually.
  • Eliminated losses from channel conflict. Initiated and led best-in-class and continuous improvement manufacturing processes to beat manufacturing cost goals by 10% for 3 consecutive years.
  • Relocated headquarters from Amsterdam to Colorado, consolidating operations, eliminating redundancies, and unified cultural differences.
  • Re-engineered aging motorized systems into cost-effective, installable retrofits that were extendable to other markets. Lowered (MTBF) mean time between failure stats from above 25% to below 3%.
  • Transformed existing products into 5 new products launched in 8 months and an additional 5 products in the subsequent 10 months, effectively doubled gross revenues and successfully changing the company's image.
  • Championed the re-engineering of platform architecture and methodologies, revamping of manufacturing processes, and created a product roadmap that led to the rapid deployment and introduction of 30 new SKUs in 3 years.
  • Elected Secretary of the Window Covers Manufacturers Association (WCMA) based on technical knowledge and industry contributions.

Director Product Management


Recruited to this provider of 9-1-1 operations support systems to direct the 2-year Phase 2 (concept through deployment) development efforts of the industry's first true location solution for 9-1-1 emergency calls from wireless subscribers.Led a team of 6 direct and 12 indirect reports to develop and productize software, services, and systems. Directed business development efforts and supporting professional services business unit for these mission-critical products.

  • Recruited and built a cohesive team of wireless telecom and data systems experts that worked in close collaboration with public safety agencies, location technology companies, and carriers to produce the industry's first FCC compliant 9-1-1 wireless location service capable of locating a person within feet.
  • Created supporting professional services offering. Defined, structured, and priced service products and implemented delivery mechanism. Launched 6 new services to support the new products, generating 38% increase in new and renewed business.
  • Projected a 60+% revenue increase over 3 years through carrier, technology, and services sales.
  • Catapulted Intrado into an industry leadership role with this solution capable of finding and routing a call in less than 2 seconds and relaying/displaying the information to Public Safety personnel


Recruited to Xilinx, a programmable logic device (IC) company, to transform an enabling software product often given away by the sales organization to win future chip sales, into a profitable revenue generator. Managed a team of 10 outbound product marketers supporting and servicing 3 unique business groups.

  • Reconfigured 3 flagship product families to align with marketing trends, optimize delivery, and reduce manufacturing overhead. Developed 6 product bundles for the 3 chip families targeting business needs to be offered through resellers and over the Internet.
  • Managed critical OEM partner relationships, formulating a technology roadmap for product integration and joint marketing programs.
  • Led corporate-wide initiative to automate and integrate software sales tracking (through e-commerce) to key business processes.
  • Refocused original expectations from independent revenue generation to leveraged hardware revenues.



Challenged to lead the marketing management team in the company's first formal marketing effort to brand and re-launch a product suite of toolsets targeting researchers and scientists. Previous marketing efforts were aimed at highly specialized researchers, rather than broad markets.

  • Performed market analysis and product management for 5 product lines. Successful vertical positioning elevated the sales process from selling cube to cube to an enterprise sale targeting directors and executive management, generating an 11% increase in sales.
  • Instituted a corporate brand management process; increased lead generation and quality by 3X.
  • Created a successful online community and forum for customers to supply feedback and requirements, report defects, request enhancements, and share best practices.


As Marketing Manager National Sales and Operations for U.S. West created online applications for top Yellow Pages national accounts. Applications enabled advertisers to easily place ads across 400 directories. Trained major ad agencies on company products and systems.

Served as Advanced Technologies Marketing and Business Development for Bell Atlantic Mobile. Performed data product development and sales for the Mid-Atlantic region. Sold first wireless monitoring and encrypted calling solutions. Achieved 125+% of plan for 3 years.

Started and evolved a small design and photography business serving advertising agencies and fulfillment houses into a full-service marketing/advertising/PR agency specializing in B2B communications. Annual Gross billing $8m.



Business Masters

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